Previous Visiting Scholars

2015-16 Visiting Scholars

Danny González Lucena

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2016
Film Project: Harvard Summer School for Cuban Teachers

Marta Rosa Muñoz Campos

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2015

Project: Community Participation and Environmental Factors in Local Sustainable Development in Cuba

2013-14 Visiting Scholars

Maria Eliana Lanio Ruiz

Cuban Visiting Scholar, 2013-14

Project: Evaluating the Immune-modulating Properties of Pore-forming Toxins (sticholysins)

Belkis Romeu Alvarez

Cuban Visiting Scholar, 2013-14

Project: Calcium Cations in the Mechanism of Immune System Activation

Saira Pons Pérez

Cuban Visiting Scholar, 2013-14

Project: Redimensioning the Cuban State: Implications for the Fiscal Policy

Mauricio José Romero

Mauricio José Romero

Santo Domingo Visiting Scholar

Project: Democracy and Variation in Regional Elite's Relationships with the Paramilitary in Colombia

Mauricio Romero is an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá (Colombia).

1997-1998 Visiting Scholars

1994-1995 Visiting Scholars

1991-1992 Visiting Scholars

1987-1988 Visiting Scholars