“Desire Machine - 60 years of Teatro Oficina”: Film Screening and Discussion Panel

    Brazil's Handling of the Pandemic: A Conversation with Senator Randolfe Rodrigues on the Covid-19 Congressional Inquiry

    COVID-19 in Brazil: Population Health at Crossroads

    Globalizing Patient Capital: The Political Economy of Chinese Finance in the Americas

    The Gendered Division of Governing Labor: How Activism Thrives in Rio de Janeiro’s Gang Territories

    Impact of Venezuela Migration on Latin America

    Are the Military a Threat to Brazilian Democracy Today?

    The Volatility Curse

    Film Screening: “Marighella” - Conversation with Maria Marighella

    Protest and Repression in Latin America

    Why Biodiversity Matters: Plants and Animals Across Natural Systems in Brazil

    The Population Census in Brazil and the US: Importance, Challenges, and Confidentiality

    Technocracy vs Politics

    “We know and walk together”: Contemporary Indigenous Art in Brazil

    Populism and the Courts in Latin America

    Why Biodiversity Matters: Science and Society in Brazil

    ALARI Seminar Series with Nohora Arrieta: Poéticas amargas: estéticas y políticas de la plantación de azúcar en Brasil y el Caribe (1990-2018)

    Language Endangerment And Language Vitality In The Brazilian Amazon: The Experience Of The Tuparí And Other Native Peoples Of The Rio Branco Indigenous Territory

    Why Biodiversity Matters: Discovering and Describing Novel Species in Brazil

    Disruptions to Educational Opportunity in Latin America: Primary and Secondary Education During Covid-19