Cuba Studies Program Advisory Group

    The Cuba Studies Program Advisory Group currently consists of ten members, including alumni and friends, deeply committed to the study of Cuba in a new era of US-Cuba relations.

    Teresita Alvarez-Bjelland, Co-Chair
    David Pérez, Co-Chair
    José Avalos Raz Guzmán
    Mario Baeza
    Jay Brickman
    Cristina Rubio Suarez
    Carlos Saladrigas
    Carlos Manuel Valdés
    Rachel Weingeist
    Carlos Zumpano

    Brazil Advisory Group

    The Brazil Advisory Group is comprised of senior leaders from across disciplines and sectors with a demonstrated commitment to education. 

    Claudio Haddad, Chair
    Ana Paula Martinez
    Elisa Pereira Reis
    Flavia Buarque de Almeida
    Guilherme Leal
    João Fernando Gomes de Oliveira
    João José Reis
    Jorge Paulo Lemann
    José Olympio da Veiga Pereira
    Martín E. Escobari
    Paula Louzano
    Philip Yang
    Wolff Klabin

    Andes & Southern Cone Advisory Group

    The Regional Office Advisory Group is comprised of senior leaders from across disciplines and sectors with a demonstrated commitment to education. They are stewards of increasingly strong ties between Harvard and the region and provide vision, advice and support to the Regional Office and its initiatives.


    Judith Palfrey, Faculty Chair

    Fernando Campero...

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    Robert F. Kennedy Visiting Professorship

    The Robert F. Kennedy Visiting Professorship in Latin American Studies was created at Harvard University in 1986 through a generous gift from Edmond Safra and the Republic of New York Corporation. The endowment enables Harvard to regularly invite eminent Latin Americans from any field, a composer one year, an historian the next, an architect, physiologist, legal scholar, banker, novelist, poet, economist, sociologist, anthropologist, to teach at the University for one semester. Each year, the Center invites faculty members to nominate eminent scholars or practitioners for the Robert F....

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    Advisory Committee

    Tony Custer, Chair
    José Antonio Alonso Espinosa
    Arturo Álvarez Demalde
    Ernest Bachrach
    Arturo Brillembourg
    Fernando Campero Prudencio
    John Coatsworth
    John Davies
    Diego de la Torre
    Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena
    Peggy Dulany
    Felipe Edwards
    Samuel Elia
    Juan Enríquez
    Ernesto Fernández-Holmann
    Dionisio Garza Sada
    Jaime & Raquel Gilinski
    Gustavo Herrero
    Marlene Hess
    Peter Johnson
    Wolff Klabin
    Peter Lehner
    Jorge Paulo Lemann

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    Juniors and Seniors preferred

    Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique travel experiences around the world. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb allows people to Belong Anywhere through unique travel experiences at any price point, in more than 81,000 cities and over 191 countries. We promote a culture of curiosity, humanity, and creativity through our product, brand, and, most importantly,...

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    ARIES - Recife's Agency for Innovation and Strategy - aims to contribute to the promotion of the economic and social development of the city of Recife, through collaboration, articulation and cooperation with the public sector, private initiative and organized civil society, by concentrating its work on long-term strategic planning and anticipation of solutions by running full-scale functional prototypes. Seeking to achieve this goal, ARIES raises and executes projects aligned with the strategy defined in the “Recife 500 Years Plan”, such as projects focused on early childhood and...

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    Ashoka Brasil

    Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society. We do so by recognizing and supporting social entrepreneurs.

    Portuguese Level

    Fluent Portuguese preferred

    Preferred Student Field of Study

    Communication, Social Sciences, International Relations, Administration

    For more information, please visit their...

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