Undergraduate and Graduate Student Opportunity 

    VICE is a youth media company and digital content creation studio operating in 36 countries. During the past few years, VICE has expanded from print building out a network of international digital channels, a TV and feature film production studio, record label, magazine, and a book-publishing division. 

    Vice Media consists of divisions including the magazine as well as a website, broadcast news unit, a film production company, and a publishing imprint, and VIRTUE is the agency born...

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    Grupo Taller Capital

    Grupo Taller Capital is an architecture, urban design and research firm founded in 2010 by José Pablo Ambrosi and Loreta Castro Reguera. Their work includes projects such as a publicly accessible water retention and treatment complex and a "water pavillion," both of which have won multiple architecture awards in Mexico City. Their research focuses on the architecture of water in urban spaces. 

    Internship Description

    The intern will provide support for research projects developed by the studio related to the Architecture of Water. ...

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    Instituto Banese

    Founded in 2009, the Banese Institute is an association with the purpose of acting as a social transformation agent to society. Seeking to be recognized as a source of knowledge, inspiration and promoter of artistic and cultural expressions, the Banese Institute continues to establish itself in the segment in which it operates, based on transparency and commitment to the interests of Sergipe society. The Institute develops socio-cultural events and initiatives, either through its own projects, and as well as financially supporting projects of institutions aimed at social assistance,...

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    Museu de Arte de São Paulo

    Museu de Arte de São Paulo a diverse, inclusive and plural museum, has the mission of establishing, in a critical and creative way, dialogues between past and present, cultures and territories, from the perspective of the visual arts. The Museum must expand, preserve, research and disseminate its collection, as well as promote the encounter between public and art through transformative and welcoming experiences. Founded in 1947 by businessman Assis Chateaubriand, MASP is a self-governed, non-profit, private institution devoted to the arts. Located in the heart of São Paulo, at...

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    Museu da Gente Sergipana

    Founded in 2011, the Museu da Gente Sergipana (Museum of the People from Sergipe) is a modern, technological and interactive museum, which celebrates the culture and history of the state of Sergipe and its people. This Museum is recognized as one of the top 10 museums in Brazil regarding its infrastructure and number of visitors.

    Portuguese Level

    Intermediary Portuguese preferred

    Nexo Jornal

    Nexo is a digital-only news outlet in Brazil, based in São Paulo, launched in November 2015. We produce news that provide accurate explanations and balanced interpretations of the main facts of Brazil and the world. Nexo is committed to bringing journalism substantiated by rigor, accurate information and data, with plural perspectives and sources to its audience. We explore all the possibilities of the digital platform with a unique approach, using a diversity of formats such as infographics, interactive material, videos and podcasts, putting the user experience at the center of our...

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    Paço do Frevo

    Paço do Frevo is a cultural space dedicated to preserve, disseminate and strengthen “Frevo” culture, a dance and musical style recognized as Brazilian Intangible Cultural, in 2007, by Iphan, and Intangible Cultural Heritage, in 2012, by Unesco. As one of the most representative cultural expressions in the world, Frevo was born in the late nineteenth century and became one of the most typical and exuberant Carnival expressions in Brazil. In this sense, Paço do Frevo, was designed to be the "House of Frevo", and offers a series of courses, artistic concerts and cultural exchange activities...

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    Pointer is the most modern and most sustainable ceramic tile factory in Brazil. Its main goal is to allow people to build and renovate by accessing high quality products. The products are created with the latest technology innovation, in a lean and wastefree operation, thus applying natural resources into living spaces, without neglecting the concern for the environment. These characteristics allowed the brand to consolidate and to be innovative.

    Portuguese Level

    Intermediary Portuguese preferred

    Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente

    Ciudadanía Inteligente an inclusive, feminist organization that fights for social justice and the transformation of democracies in Latin America. With 10 years of experience in 14 countries, we research about the obstacles that impede citizen empowerment and apply our findings creating technological tools that keep authorities accountable, bring communities closer to their governments, fight against corruption, strengthen the work of activists, and boost impact in public policies.


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    Fundación Mar Adentro

    Fundación Mar Adentro develop initiatives in art, education, and nature that encourage a change with respect to the value that is placed upon our natural and cultural heritage. Our strengths are in collaborative work and content generation.

    We believe in collaborative work between public and private organizations and develop our projects with multidisciplinary teams, enriching our work with different viewpoints, to contribute in areas that are not being primarily addressed...

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    Arquitectura 911

    Arquitectura 911 is an independent practice based in Mexico City founded in 2002 by Saidee Springall and Jose Castillo committed to architecture, urban design, and planning projects. 

    Internship Description

    The work includes research, cultural, institutional, housing, and mobility projects and mixed-use master plans in various cities in Mexico. The office is currently developing several projects in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Jalisco. The candidate will work on either the design or...

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