Juniors and Seniors preferred

    Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique travel experiences around the world. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb allows people to Belong Anywhere through unique travel experiences at any price point, in more than 81,000 cities and over 191 countries. We promote a culture of curiosity, humanity, and creativity through our product, brand, and, most importantly,...

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    Ashoka Brasil

    Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society. We do so by recognizing and supporting social entrepreneurs.

    Portuguese Level

    Fluent Portuguese preferred

    Preferred Student Field of Study

    Communication, Social Sciences, International Relations, Administration

    For more information, please visit their...

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    Undergraduate & Graduate Student Opportunity

    Bitso is connecting the world's financial institutions with the latest innovations in Digital Currencies, like Bitcoin and Ripple. Our goals are to eliminate friction in cross-border payments and transactions. Bitso is offering internships in three different departments:

    Marketing Internship

    You will be working directly with our Head of Product designing and executing on a marketing strategy for us to acquire customers. You will be given a real budget to work with...

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    C Minds

    C Minds is a tech4impact agency that seeks to contribute to Mexico’s and Latin America’s social and economic development via the use of disruptive technologies. During its 10 years of experience in impact innovation, the agency has been working with all levels of government, NGOs, civil society and the industry at an international level to promote and lead the creation of new public policies, design and implement pilot projects and contribute to a general cultural shift. Our aim is to ensure an inclusive...

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    Undergraduate and Graduate Student Opportunity 

    VICE is a youth media company and digital content creation studio operating in 36 countries. During the past few years, VICE has expanded from print building out a network of international digital channels, a TV and feature film production studio, record label, magazine, and a book-publishing division. 

    Vice Media consists of divisions including the magazine as well as a website, broadcast news unit, a film production company, and a publishing imprint, and VIRTUE is the agency born...

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    Zubale is an online marketplace for brands to crowdsource insights from consumers in emerging markets. Think "Task Rabbit for Brand Managers". We provide a faster, better way for Brands to engage the middle class via their smartphone. We are a HBS founded startup backed by top tier VCs with deep consumer expertise at Walmart/P&G. We currently have over 2,000+ users, and launched our MVP (app) this summer in Mexico. 

    Internship Description

    Product/Engineering Team


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    Covive is a startup that started a coliving operation in Mexico City on November 2018. They believe sharing is the future for making more sustainable and efficient cities. Their vision is making it so that sharing a house can be simple, fun and with no hassles. Right now, they offer furnished rooms for long-term rent with shared common areas (kitchen, dining, living and laundry room) in dwellings smartly operated for community life. One-monthly fee. Everything included.

    Internship Description

    They are currently preparing the company to go from 16...

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    Fondeadora is the fastest-growing challenger bank in Mexico. They aim to disrupt the traditional banking sector, give access to a larger share of the population to financial services through technology, and reinvent how people think and interact with their money.

    Internship Description

    The intern will work in the Data Analysis team, where we will be segmenting our customers and analyzing consumer behavior for different purposes: creating a pipeline of potential customers for other financial services (credit or investment products); business...

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    Hal SmartIA

    Hal SmartIA is a boutique firm that identifies solutions through the intersection of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the context of the global data revolution. The firm focuses on the development of tailored and state-to-the-art scientific products and services for real-world and complex institutional challenges.

    Internship Description

    The summer intern(s) will work in one or more of the following projects:

    • Fintech

    The intern will develop a low risk trading strategy using...

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    National Electoral Institute

    The National Electoral Institute (NEI) is the autonomous public institution responsible for organizing democratic elections, guaranteeing the exercise of the political-electoral rights of citizens and promoting democratic development in Mexico.

    Intern Responsibilities

    • Organize elections

      • A strategic objective is to comply with one of the main purposes of the new electoral system: standardize the standards with which electoral processes are organized and thus guaranteeing the exercise of the political...

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    Cloudia is a Brazilian startup located in São Paulo which builds an AI-powered chatbot focused on automating communications between patients and healthcare establishments/institutions. Cloudia helps patients schedule consultations, replies to the patients' doubts, sends reminders of their consultations, and performs other communication tasks. Cloudia is currently a startup with consistent traction and was accelerated in the past by "Estação Hack" (Hack Station in a free...

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    Yalo Chat

    Senior and Graduate Student Opportunity

    Yalo Chat helps companies build strong customer relationships through the world's most popular messaging apps. At Yalo, we aspire to help major global brands delight more than a billion people each day through the power of instant messaging. We’re focused on emerging markets like Latin America, India and Southeast Asia -- markets in which mobile consumers spend 85% of their time on messaging apps. Now, we’re marrying the omnipresence...

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    Cuidas is a health tech startup that wants to improve healthcare access and delivery in Brazil. We are focused on primary care, connecting primary care physicians with patients at companies. Our care is holistic, customized, and long-term oriented. We leverage technology to offer the best patient-doctor experience.

    Portuguese Level

    No Portuguese necessary, but basic Portuguese preferred


    Our entity works with Public Policies for the inclusion of black and other impoverished youth in universities and the job market. It is regarded as one of the most combative entities in this purpose.

    Portuguese Level

    Advanced Portuguese preferred, Intermediary Portuguese possible

    Internship Description

    We are currently launching a new program for which we want to pay special attention to and would welcome Harvard candidates who are engaged in a purpose like ours:
    EDUCAFROtech - a project that consists of...

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    Emcasa is a tech company that operates in the Real Estate space in Brazil as a residential broker. We use technology, data analytics and design to provide buyers and sellers a superior customer experience & to provide agents a platform that increases their efficiency by 12x.

    Portuguese Level

    Intermediary Portuguese preferred

    Internship Description

    Interns will work on 8-week projects, which will consist of approving the project scope (1st week), diving into the problems to be solved (2nd and 3rd weeks...

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    Escola Eleva

    Escola Eleva is the flagship pre K-12 school brand of the Eleva Educacao educational group that currently operates 10 K-12 brands in 6 states in Brazil. Escola Eleva is a bilingual school offering the IB diploma and offers an education based on pillars of global citizenship, academic excellence and emotional intelligence.

    Portuguese Level

    Intermediary Portuguese preferred


    Grupo Cornélio Brennand

    With 100 years of history, the Cornélio Brennand Group has as its guideline the continuous expansion of its activities driven by its values: Dynamism, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation. Today it operates in the renewable energy generation sector, flat glass production and real estate development. Since 1917, the force of entrepreneurship drives the group, their business and their way of acting and thinking. Thus, the Cornélio Brennand Group is a competitive group that seeks to generate and promote development in every sense of the word.

    Portuguese Level...

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    Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada

    The Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) is a public research institution that provides technical support to the federal government with regard to public policies: fiscal, social and economic. The division offering the position is responsible for studying Science, technology and innovation as well as several public policies on this matter.

    Portuguese Level

    No Portuguese necessary

    Nexo Jornal

    Nexo is a digital-only news outlet in Brazil, based in São Paulo, launched in November 2015. We produce news that provide accurate explanations and balanced interpretations of the main facts of Brazil and the world. Nexo is committed to bringing journalism substantiated by rigor, accurate information and data, with plural perspectives and sources to its audience. We explore all the possibilities of the digital platform with a unique approach, using a diversity of formats such as infographics, interactive material, videos and podcasts, putting the user experience at the center of our...

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    Pointer is the most modern and most sustainable ceramic tile factory in Brazil. Its main goal is to allow people to build and renovate by accessing high quality products. The products are created with the latest technology innovation, in a lean and wastefree operation, thus applying natural resources into living spaces, without neglecting the concern for the environment. These characteristics allowed the brand to consolidate and to be innovative.

    Portuguese Level

    Intermediary Portuguese preferred