Jetty is small startup with a grand goal: Creating financially viable, high-quality transit alternatives to the automobile in fiscally constrained megacities across the world. We build such alternatives from pre-existing, quasi-informal systems. Instead of displacing incumbent jitney operators, we learn what they are doing right, and change incentives so they improve their service. We introduce the pre-existing transit industry (passengers, drivers and vehicle owners) to the advantages of modern technologies. We improve their governance and administration, optimize and standardize...

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    Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente

    Ciudadanía Inteligente an inclusive, feminist organization that fights for social justice and the transformation of democracies in Latin America. With 10 years of experience in 14 countries, we research about the obstacles that impede citizen empowerment and apply our findings creating technological tools that keep authorities accountable, bring communities closer to their governments, fight against corruption, strengthen the work of activists, and boost impact in public policies.


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