ARIES - Recife's Agency for Innovation and Strategy - aims to contribute to the promotion of the economic and social development of the city of Recife, through collaboration, articulation and cooperation with the public sector, private initiative and organized civil society, by concentrating its work on long-term strategic planning and anticipation of solutions by running full-scale functional prototypes. Seeking to achieve this goal, ARIES raises and executes projects aligned with the strategy defined in the “Recife 500 Years Plan”, such as projects focused on early childhood and...

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    Ashoka Brasil

    Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society. We do so by recognizing and supporting social entrepreneurs.

    Portuguese Level

    Fluent Portuguese preferred

    Preferred Student Field of Study

    Communication, Social Sciences, International Relations, Administration

    For more information, please visit their...

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    Capsus is an organization that specializes in providing consulting to national and international organizations, public, private, and social entitites in the field of sustainable urban development. They contribute to transforming cities into spaces with better environmental, economic, and social performance. They also design, program, and update specialized software to facilitate management processes, decision making, evaluation, and communication of processes, practices, and sustainability policies. 

    Internship Description

    Interns will be...

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    MakeSense - We are an international organization that designs collective impact programs which foster collaboration between citizens, social enterprises, universities, NGOs, public institutions and private companies to face social and environmental challenges. 

    Internship Description

    The intern will be helping us in the design and organization of events around the social and environmental issues of Mexico City aimed at involving citizens, social entrepreneurs and organizations in innovative solutions to solve them. 


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    Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade - Fundação Getúlio Vargas

    The Center for Sustainability Studies (FGVces) of the Business Administration School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV EAESP) bases its activities in formulating and following-up public policies, building tools for self-regulation, and the development of strategies for business management towards sustainability, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. This action takes place through:

    • formal and informal education

    • applied research and publications

    • workshops, debates, mobilizations, and public...

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    Grupo Cornélio Brennand

    With 100 years of history, the Cornélio Brennand Group has as its guideline the continuous expansion of its activities driven by its values: Dynamism, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation. Today it operates in the renewable energy generation sector, flat glass production and real estate development. Since 1917, the force of entrepreneurship drives the group, their business and their way of acting and thinking. Thus, the Cornélio Brennand Group is a competitive group that seeks to generate and promote development in every sense of the word.

    Portuguese Level...

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    Instituto Igarapé

    The Igarapé Institute is an independent think and do tank devoted to evidence-based policy and action on complex security, justice and development challenges in Brazil, Latin America, and Africa. The Institute’s goal is to stimulate debate, foster connections and trigger action. Based in the South, the Igarapé Institute undertakes diagnostics, generates awareness, and co-designs solutions with public and private partners, often with the use of new technologies.
    Key areas of focus include:

    • Weather and safety (focus on the Amazon Forest...

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    Sinal do Vale

    Sinal do Vale is a center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and individuals. We inspire relationships and learning experiences through our projects, hospitality services, and educational programs. Our campus is located 50 km from downtown Rio de Janeiro in the buffer zone between the urban sprawl of Rio and some of the last remaining protected areas of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica).

    We prototype solutions to regenerate food systems, forests, soil, and communities. We also host events, conferences, and retreats for organizations who...

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    Usina Coruripe

    Usina Coruripe is one of the largest producers of sugar, alcohol and energy in Brazil. In 2016, the company received the title of TCH (Ton of Sugar Cane per Hectare) productivity twice, when it overcame 14 million tons of ground cane. The company aims to produce its goods safely and sustainably while ensuring product quality through advanced processes.

    Portuguese Level

    Intermediary Portuguese preferred

    Fundación Mar Adentro

    Fundación Mar Adentro develop initiatives in art, education, and nature that encourage a change with respect to the value that is placed upon our natural and cultural heritage. Our strengths are in collaborative work and content generation.

    We believe in collaborative work between public and private organizations and develop our projects with multidisciplinary teams, enriching our work with different viewpoints, to contribute in areas that are not being primarily addressed...

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    PROMESA is an environmental company focused on educating and engaging millions of people in bettering the environment. The Promesa curriculum is built into the regular school day at member schools throughout Mexico, and links education about environmental issues to a student-led process of transforming their own school environment.

    Internship Description

    Interns will develop and activate environmental programs to engage different high schools and universities students (...

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