Juniors and Seniors preferred

    Founded in August of 2008 and based in San Francisco, California, Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique travel experiences around the world. Whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month, Airbnb allows people to Belong Anywhere through unique travel experiences at any price point, in more than 81,000 cities and over 191 countries. We promote a culture of curiosity, humanity, and creativity through our product, brand, and, most importantly,...

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    América Solidaria

    América Solidaria aims to be a link between international organizations in developed countries and Latin American countries with lower rates of quality of life. The main objective of this organization is to promote a common instance of regional and multilateral aid to support actions and initiatives between the different countries of the continent. They aim to accomplish this through the volunteer work of young professionals with a sense of social awareness that work to promote social integration and solidarity in the country they have been placed.

    For more information, please...

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    Capsus is an organization that specializes in providing consulting to national and international organizations, public, private, and social entitites in the field of sustainable urban development. They contribute to transforming cities into spaces with better environmental, economic, and social performance. They also design, program, and update specialized software to facilitate management processes, decision making, evaluation, and communication of processes, practices, and sustainability policies. 

    Internship Description

    Interns will be...

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    AtentaMente is a nonprofit organization that focuses on cultivating social emotional skills through initiatives in education, government, stand-alone workshops, and professional development. Based in Mexico City, the organization has offices in four Mexican states, though through its collaboration with the Secretary of Education, the United Nations Development Programme, and several other foundations and private enterprises, AtentaMente's impact can be seen throughout the country. True to its mission statement "cambio yo, cambia todo," AtentaMente focuses on developing rigorous,...

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    México, ¿Cómo Vamos?

    México, ¿Cómo Vamos? is an independent, non-profit organization made up by a diverse group of academics and specialists in the fields of economics and public policy whose objective is to generate research to aid in the evaluation of the country's performance. The idea is to monitor the progress of certain key macroeconomic indicators to understand the way our economy is moving in regard to a set of goals determined by our group of experts. Its objective is to promote our country's sustainable and accelerated economic growth. Futhermore, the organization seeks to communicate economic...

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    Undergraduate and Graduate Student Opportunity 

    UNODC is a global leader in the fight against illicit drugs and international crime. Established in 1997 through a merger between the United Nations Drug Control Programme and the Centre for International Crime Prevention, UNODC operates in all regions of the world through an extensive network of field offices.

    Internship Description

    This UNODC's internship programme offers eligible students from bachelor's or master's degrees the opportunity to contribute to...

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    Undergraduate and Graduate Student Opportunity

    Worldfund is a nongovernmental organization whose vision is for every child in Latin America to benefit from exceptional educators who inspire them to learn the skills necessary for dignified work and life. Our mission is to deliver world-class training and ongoing support to teachers and principals from underserved schools in Latin America, fundamentally impacting...

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    Ceneval is a Mexican organization with over 25 years of experience in designing and administering instruments to evaluate knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies in the education field, as well as in analyzing and transmitting their results. All our processes are standardized and follow international norms in assessment.

    Internship Description

    The intern will support the analysis of data from different evaluation instruments (for example, questionnaires, admission or graduation tests) to gather information in order to generate reports that...

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    Educación para Compartir

    Educación para Compartir is an international organization with 13 years of experience working with more than 1 million people in seven countries across the Americas (United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Panama, and Argentina). Their mission is to form better global citizens by teaching civic education through the use of games and sports. 

    Internship Descriptions

    Project 1: Global Expansion

    Conceptualize the roadmap for Educación para Compartir's transition from a local nonprofit to...

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    Hal SmartIA

    Hal SmartIA is a boutique firm that identifies solutions through the intersection of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the context of the global data revolution. The firm focuses on the development of tailored and state-to-the-art scientific products and services for real-world and complex institutional challenges.

    Internship Description

    The summer intern(s) will work in one or more of the following projects:

    • Fintech

    The intern will develop a low risk trading strategy using...

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    Mexicanos Primero

    Mexicanos Primero is a citizen organization that defends and promotes the right to learn from children and young people through the impact on educational policy. They believe that education is the means to guide Mexico towards inclusion and justice.

    Internship Description

    The interns would be working with the research team, who have developed expertise on education policy on both the national and state levels as well as a deep understanding of the complexities of the Mexican education system. The interns would be in charge of conducting...

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    Ministry of the Economy

    Undergraduate Senior and Graduate Student Opportunity

    The Ministry of Economy is responsible for formulating, conducting, regulating and controlling the general policies of industry, foreign and domestic trade, supply and prices of the country; with the exception of the prices of goods and services of the Federal Public Administration.

    Internship Description

    Interns will develop their skills in a Global Economic Intelligence Unit project. Interns must carry out research work on economic matters, specifically on...

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    Center of Politics and Economics of the Public Sector

    Center of Politics and Economics of the Public Sector (CEPESP/FGV) was created in 2006. CEPESP gathers professors, students, and researchers from both the Business and Economics Schools at FGV. The primary research question is the role performed by political and economic variables on explaining public policies. In other words, the researchers aim at appraising the influence exerted by institutions (in a broad sense) on public policies' decision-making. The work carried out by CEPESP is...

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    Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade - Fundação Getúlio Vargas

    The Center for Sustainability Studies (FGVces) of the Business Administration School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV EAESP) bases its activities in formulating and following-up public policies, building tools for self-regulation, and the development of strategies for business management towards sustainability, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. This action takes place through:

    • formal and informal education

    • applied research and publications

    • workshops, debates, mobilizations, and public...

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    Grupo Cornélio Brennand

    With 100 years of history, the Cornélio Brennand Group has as its guideline the continuous expansion of its activities driven by its values: Dynamism, Excellence, Integrity and Innovation. Today it operates in the renewable energy generation sector, flat glass production and real estate development. Since 1917, the force of entrepreneurship drives the group, their business and their way of acting and thinking. Thus, the Cornélio Brennand Group is a competitive group that seeks to generate and promote development in every sense of the word.

    Portuguese Level...

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    Inova Lab MPRJ

    Inova MPRJ is the government innovation lab of the Rio de Janeiro's Public Prosecutor's Office. Our purpose is to explore daring ideas and experiment with new practices to build an organization ahead of its time. To address sustainable public solutions, we work mixing different and complementary tools, such as data science, design thinking, storytelling and evidence-based public policies.

    Portuguese Level

    No Portuguese necessary

    Internship Description

    We have opportunities to work with public policy research,...

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    Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada

    The Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) is a public research institution that provides technical support to the federal government with regard to public policies: fiscal, social and economic. The division offering the position is responsible for studying Science, technology and innovation as well as several public policies on this matter.

    Portuguese Level

    No Portuguese necessary


    ASSET Administradora General de Fondos is an entity regulated by the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros de Chile, with a vast track record managing capital for institutional and private investors, both local and foreign, since 2011.

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    The Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLA) -the Spanish acronym is CEPAL- was established by Economic and Social Council resolution 106(VI) of 25 February 1948 and began to function that same year. The scope of the Commission's work was later broadened to include the countries of the Caribbean, and by resolution 1984/67 of 27 July 1984, the Economic Council decided to change its name to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC); the Spanish...

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    CIEPLAN es un centro de estudios de reconocida influencia en la discusión y generación de conocimiento económico y en el diseño de políticas públicas en Chile y América Latina. Funciona como una organización privada sin fines de lucro con expertos del más alto nivel y una red de investigadores a nivel nacional e internacional.

    Sus áreas de investigación se organizan principalmente en torno al...

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