Ashoka Brasil

    Ashoka builds and cultivates a community of change leaders who see that the world now requires everyone to be a changemaker. Together, we collaborate to transform institutions and cultures worldwide so they support changemaking for the good of society. We do so by recognizing and supporting social entrepreneurs.

    Portuguese Level

    Fluent Portuguese preferred

    Preferred Student Field of Study

    Communication, Social Sciences, International Relations, Administration

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    La Huerta de Elisa

    Undergraduate and Graduate Student Opportunity

    La Huerta de Elisa is Mexico's 1st cold-pressured baby food company using native ingredients that are marketed aborad as "superfoods" (i.e. avocado, cactus, mamey). Our mission is to provide Mexico's children with the nutrients they need for their early development. Our products are sold via our online platform, where we offer weekly and bi-weekly packages that are delivered directly to busy parent's homes. 

    Intern Description

    Public Health Intern...

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    Cloudia is a Brazilian startup located in São Paulo which builds an AI-powered chatbot focused on automating communications between patients and healthcare establishments/institutions. Cloudia helps patients schedule consultations, replies to the patients' doubts, sends reminders of their consultations, and performs other communication tasks. Cloudia is currently a startup with consistent traction and was accelerated in the past by "Estação Hack" (Hack Station in a free...

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    Copra Alimentos

    Copra Alimentos is a food industry that has over 300 employees and it is specialized in the processing of dry coconut. It was set up 19 years ago in Maceió, Alagoas, where currently it maintains its headquarters, in an area of 12,000 m². It was the first industry in Brazil to produce the Extra Virgin Coconut oil, which took the Copra brand to another level of acknowledgement by the consumer, who now recognizes it as the reference brand in the market....

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    Cuidas is a health tech startup that wants to improve healthcare access and delivery in Brazil. We are focused on primary care, connecting primary care physicians with patients at companies. Our care is holistic, customized, and long-term oriented. We leverage technology to offer the best patient-doctor experience.

    Portuguese Level

    No Portuguese necessary, but basic Portuguese preferred

    Sinal do Vale

    Sinal do Vale is a center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and individuals. We inspire relationships and learning experiences through our projects, hospitality services, and educational programs. Our campus is located 50 km from downtown Rio de Janeiro in the buffer zone between the urban sprawl of Rio and some of the last remaining protected areas of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica).

    We prototype solutions to regenerate food systems, forests, soil, and communities. We also host events, conferences, and retreats for organizations who...

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    TNH Health

    We are a VC-backed digital health company focused on educating and monitoring under-served populations in Brazil using AI-powered virtual health assistants. While we've previously worked in the areas of maternity and chronic diseases, we are now focusing almost exclusively on our new product for Mental Health called Vitalk. Vitalk consists of a virtual health assistant that converses with users on a variety of topics, such as depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, relationships and other issues. Vitalk also counts on a team of psychotherapists who provide chat-based therapy to users. The...

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    Fundación Tzedaká

    La misión de la Fundación Tzedaká es proteger a los miembros más necesitados de la Comunidad apoyando, promoviendo y desarrollando iniciativas sociales y educacionales.


    The National Health Fund is the public body in charge of granting protection and health coverage to its contributors and to all those who lack resources, together with their respective charges. 
    Its main functions are: to collect, manage and distribute the financial resources of the health sector, to finance the health benefits granted to its users, to characterize the people benefited by Fonasa, to manage the health contributions and the resources...

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    Fundación Amulen


    En Amulén buscamos el desarrollo de comunidades vulnerables por medio del acceso al agua, mejorando su calidad de vida desde el acceso, uso, manejo y reuso a este recurso básico. Tenemos un modelo de desarrollo de proyectos sustentable en el tiempo, que genera un alto impacto social y que busca mejorar cada día.


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    Fundación Nuestros Hijos

    Fundación Nuestros Hijos es una institución consolidada que fue creada en 1991, con el objetivo de asistir a niños oncológicos que ven amenazada sus vidas por el cáncer y están en desventaja debido a el nivel socioeconómico al que pertenecen.

    Fundación Nuestros Hijos nace por la iniciativa de un grupo de padres que vivieron la experiencia de tener o perder un hijo enfermo de cáncer. Los Fundadores buscaron replicar el modelo de asistencia que recibieron en el Hospital St...

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