Capsus is an organization that specializes in providing consulting to national and international organizations, public, private, and social entitites in the field of sustainable urban development. They contribute to transforming cities into spaces with better environmental, economic, and social performance. They also design, program, and update specialized software to facilitate management processes, decision making, evaluation, and communication of processes, practices, and sustainability policies. 

Internship Description

Interns will be working on developing sustainable urban planning projects in Indonesia, Mexico or Mongolia, including sustainable development data analysis and policy making. 

Intern Responsibilities

  • Data analysis

  • Calculations of potential social, economic, and/or environmental impacts of city projects or public policies

  • Use of Geographical Information Systems to analyze the "sustainable performance" of a city

  • Public Policy Design 

Intern Qualifications

  • Full proficiency in Spanish required

  • Preferred majors: Urban Planning, Economics, Sociology, Environmental Science

  • Strong mathematical skills

A stipend of $150 USD will be provided.