Central America and the Caribbean

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DRCLAS is committed to deepening engagement with the Central American and Caribbean regions through an active program of events and activities in Cambridge, experiential learning opportunities for students, and support for faculty research. In fall 2018, activities will include a film series featuring Central American and Caribbean films, and an photography exhibition at 1730 Cambridge St. 

To view events related to the Caribbean and/or Central America, please see the DRCLAS Calendar. 

For more information, please contact:

Paola Ibarra, Assistant Director of Programs (Cambridge)


Also, DRCLAS has an active Cuba Studies Program, and an ongoing collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico the annual Puerto Rico Winter Institute.

Central America & the Caribbean Faculty Committee

jocelyn viterna

Jocelyn Viterna

Professor of Sociology
Faculty Project: Remobilization, Demobilization, and Incarceration: Women and Abortion in Post-war El Salvador
Chair, DRCLAS Central America & the Caribbean Faculty Committee

Laura Alfaro

Warren Alpert Professor of Business Administration
William  L Fash, Jr.

William L Fash, Jr.

Charles P. Bowditch Professor of Central American and Mexican Archaeology and Ethnology
Former DRCLAS Executive Committee member
Faculty Project: Archaeological Investigations and Heritage Conservation at a Gateway Site in the Copan Valley, Honduras

Lorgia García Peña

Roy G. Clouse Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and of History and Literature

Kirsten Weld

John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences