Conservation Innovation

This initiative responds to growing interest and urgency in the conservation of public and private landscapes in Chile and around the world, including Ruta de Los Parques in Chilean Patagonia. International participants come together in Chile to share the history, challenges, and opportunities regarding their respective landscapes with an emphasis on peer learning to achieve their objectives.

Conservation Innovation, as the name suggests, is about bringing about Innovation in Conservation Efforts and responding to growing interest and urgency in the conservation of large landscapes in Chile and the United States. The initiative, in collaboration with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy brings together practitioners from both countries to leverage collective learning and expertise in advancing initiatives in landscapes ranging from the Golden Gate Biosphere Reserve around San Francisco, California, to the Ruta de Los Parques in Chilean Patagonia.

Conservation Innovation: 2019

The Regional Office supported and hosted a panel discussion as part of the "Peer Learning Exchange for Large Landscape Conservation", organized by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the International Land Conservation Network. The panel was hosted by James N. Levitt, manager of Land Conservation Programs at the Lincoln Institute and Director of Conservation Innovation at the Harvard Forest, Harvard University. 

Panelists shared the history, challenges, and opportunities in their respective landscapes and emphasised the importance of peer learning in achieving their objectives.

Conservation Innovation: 2018

Rand Wentworth, Louis Bacon Senior Fellow in Environmental Leadership and Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, was the keynote speaker at the first Environmental Philanthropy workshop in Chile, "Filantropía en Acción: hacia una cultura de protección de nuestro patrimonio natural". Other notable speakers included Carolina Schmidt, Chilean Minister of Environment; Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, President of Tompkins Conservation; and Macarena Soler, member of the Directive team at Amigos de los Parques. During the seminar, speakers presented on national and international experiences and challenges in environmental philanthropy. Specifically, Tompkins highlighted the 4.2 million hectars donated to the Chilean government for use as national parks, and Wentworth offered suggestions for improving Chilean laws regarding philanthropical donations, based on his experience with public policy and conservation. The seminar was held at Centro de Estudios Públicos (CEP), in collaboration with Amigos de los Parques and the DRCLAS RO.