Alfredo Rehren

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Associate Professor, Instituto de Ciencia Política, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile

Project: Politics and Corruption in Chilean Democracy

Gonzalo de la Maza Escobar

Ford Foundation Visiting Scholar

Program Director, National Foundation for Overcoming Poverty, Chile
Project: Cooperation Between Civil Society and State in Chile

Hernán Cortés Douglas

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Professor of Economics, Catholic University of Chile 
Project: Business Cycles and Growth: The Chilean Economy and International Context

Beatriz Palma

Luksic Visiting Fellow

Universidad de Las Américas, Chile

Project: Research on the Nolana Plant in the Atacama Desert

María Sara Rodríguez-Pinto

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Universidad de los Andes, Chile

Project: The Law of Conflicts of Interest, Self-Dealing, and Undue Influences in Contract

Arturo Navarro

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho/Universidad de Chile

Project: Cultural Administration and the Creation of New Cultural Audiences

Hector Jorquera

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Project: Urban Air Quality in Latin America: Are We Moving Towards Sustainable Development?