Jorge Tarziján

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Universidad Católica de Chile

Project: Business Models in Latin America 


Alfredo Prieto

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Project: Fuego Patagonian Ethnography and Archaeology 

Ricardo Hausmann

Harvard Kennedy School
Faculty Project: 2009 Summit of the Americas and What it Means for U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America
Faculty Project: Chile: el país que viene

Chile: el país que viene

A long weekend series of dialogues organized by Kennedy School of Government Professor Andrés Velasco and supported by...

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Thomas  Bossert

Thomas Bossert

Lecturer on Global Health Policy; Director, International Health Systems Program, Department of Global Health and Population

Analysis of Current Chilean Health System Reform

Chile has acted as a leader in the processes of health reform since the 1950’s, when it created the...

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Kit Parker

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Faculty Project: Working Group on the Role of Air Pollutants and Vasopasm (Chile)

Working Group on the Role of Air Pollutants and Vasopasm (Chile)

The city of Santiago, Chile, ranks as one of the most polluted cities in the world...

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