2015 Apr 15

Juarez & Beyond: Saving Young Lives in Latin America



Weil Town Hall, Belfer Center, HKS
Speaker: Enrique Betancourt, Director, Violence/Crime Prevention, Chemonics Int’l
What do we know about urban violence in Latin America? How can we prevent it? Enrique Betancourt, former head of Mexico’s National Center for Crime Prevention, discusses his successful efforts to reduce youth violence in Ciudad Juarez – resulting in a 57% decline in homicides –and his work to replicate the effort through Latin America.
Lunch will be provided.
Sponsored by the HKS Program in...
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2013 Jun 08

ARTS@DRCLAS/ C-41: Artist Residency

10:00am to 8:00pm


C-41, Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo stand on the meeting of two eternities, the past and future, which is precisely the present moment is an artist residency where a group of artists has been invited to produce small interventions in the space of Concepcion41 in relation to the idea of art as a form of knowledge and its relationship with other fields of knowledge, particularly the sciences.  Through the support of DRCLAS,Prof. Jimena Canales (Dept. of History of Science, FAS, Harvard), will be attending the residency to...

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Oscar Pelaez-Almengor

Central American Visiting Scholar

Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala

Project: The Central American Entrepreneurial Elite