Cuban Visiting Scholars

Since its founding in December 1994, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies has assigned a high priority to overcoming the many obstacles that impede scholarly collaboration and exchange between individuals and institutions in Cuba and the United States. Guiding these efforts has been the conviction that restoring and enhancing cooperation between the U.S. and Cuban academic communities can play a significant role in promoting peaceful changes within and between our two countries. In the past ten years, the Center has played host to over 90 Cuban visiting scholars for extended periods of work and collaboration in fields archival preservation and indexing, botany, economics, history, medicine, microbiology, organismic and evolutionary biology, political science, public administration and urban planning.

Cuban Visiting Scholars

Giraldo Alayon Garcia

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Summer 2002

Project: Biodiversity and biogeography of Spiders

Betsy Anaya Cruz

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2012

Project: Productive Chains and Clusters in Cuban Agricultural and Food Exports

Carlos Aragones

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2009

Project: HAART and Quality of Life of AIDS patients in Cuba 

Gisela Arandia Covarrubias

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2000

Project: Comparative Study of Race in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

Miguel Barnet

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2011

Project: Black in Latin America Conference

Enrique Beldarrain Chaple

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2002

Project: Historical Evolution of Epidemic Diseases in the Americas: 1492 – 2000

Luciano Castillo

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2010

Project: El cine como historia, la historia como cine- “Páginas de una historia olvidada: La Cuba Sono Film.”

Mauricio de Miranda

Cuban Visiting Scholar
Project: Reform and Reinsertion of the Cuban Economy in the 90's

Raúl Díaz

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2004

Project: Comparison of two PCR-based DNA fingerprinting methods for typing Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Rosendo Díaz

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2000

Project: Comparative Study of Science and Technology Policy in Latin America

Luis Manuel Diaz Beltran

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2009

Project: Anolis Symposium-Cuba: an anole lizard’s paradise

Elaine Diaz Rodriguez

Cuban Visiting Scholar, 2014-15
Nieman Foundation/ Nieman Fellow

Project: Social Media and Internet in Cuba

Haroldo Dilla

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 1998, Fall 2004

Project: Cuba Today: Civil Society, Political Economy, and International Relations; The United States, Latin America, and Europe: Analysis of the New Agenda...

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Mayra Espina Prieto

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2003

Project: Poverty and Social Policy in Cuba: Addressing the Challenges of  Social and Economic Change

Angela Ferriol

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2003

Project: Poverty and Social Policy in Cuba: Addressing the Challenges of  Social and Economic Change

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