The 18th Annual Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History (Con-IH)


Thursday, March 22, 2018, 9:00am to 5:00pm


Lower Level Conference Room, Adolphus Busch Hall

The 18th annual Harvard Graduate Student Conference on International History (Con-IH) will bring together scholars from around the world to discuss the theme of "The Pacific in the World." This is a two-day conference organized by Harvard graduate students.


The Pacific Ocean has been the site of unique ecological and environmental patterns, protracted political contestations, grand imperial dreams and diverse movements of resistance. It has facilitated the movement of labor and goods so foundational to contemporary international orders. Additionally, the Pacific World has been central to forging modern constructs of race, gender, and sexuality. Con-IH 18 will provide a forum for the discussion of cutting-edge studies that examine the multifaceted histories of the Pacific, and in the process, push the boundaries of international and global history, in terms of both content and methodology.

Please contact Georgia Whitaker or click here for more information. Agenda attached. 


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