Democratic Innovation: The Role of Direct Democracy / Innovaciones democráticas: el rol de la democracia directa


Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 9:00am

9:00 am EDT / 10:00 am Chile

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Welcoming Remarks: Steve Levitsky, Director, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS); Professor of Government, Harvard University; Co-author, How Democracies Die
Keynote Speakers: David Altman, Professor of Political Science, Universidad Católica de Chile; DRCLAS Luksic Visiting Scholar; Author, Citizenship and Contemporary Direct Democracy; Yanina Welp, Research Fellow, Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy (Graduate Institute, Geneva) and Editorial Coordinator at Agenda Publica; Co- editor, The Devil is in the Details
Commentator: Patricio Zapata, Professor of Constitutional Law, Universidad Católica de Chile; Harvard LL.M. (Master of Laws), Former Candidate to the Constitutional Convention
Moderated by: Claudia Heiss, Professor at Institute of Public Affairs (Instituto de Asuntos Públicos, INAP) Universidad de Chile; Author, Why do We Need a New Constitution?

The massive protests that rocked Chile beginning in 2019 made it clear that levels of public alienation from the political system had grown dangerously high. A profound gap has emerged between Chilean society and the political elite, as citizens have come to view the political process as elitist and disconnected from social reality. ¿Can mechanisms of direct democracy--such as referenda--help to reduce this gap? As Chileans rewrite their constitution, what kinds of democratic innovation might bring political and policy decision-making closer to citizens? What are the prospects and pitfalls of direct democracy.

This event is part of the Academic Forum for the New Constitution in Chile, organized by DRCLAS Chile Regional Office & Andes & Southern Cone Program.

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Instituto de Ciencia Política, Facultad de Historia, Geografía y Ciencia Política, Pontificia Universidad Católica
Harvard Association of Chilean Students

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