HLS Program on Negotiation / Andes Initiative: A Perspective on the Colombian Peace Process


Friday, December 5, 2014, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Milstein East, Wasserstein Hall, Harvard Law School

After fifty years of armed conflict, peace talks are being conducted in Havana, Cuba, between the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Dr. Ordóñez, an advocate of including victims in the peace process, will speak about the current status of these negotiations, and his role as Inspector General in the Colombian peace process.

Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado, Inspector General of Colombia (Procurador General). The office of the Inspector General is an independent and autonomous body of the Government of the Republic of Colombia. Currently Dr. Ordóñez Maldonado is serving his second term (2013-2016). He has a Doctor in Law and Political Sciences degree from Saint Thomas University, with a specialization in Administrative Law from the same alma mater. He holds a Master Honoris Causa degree in Political and Social Sciences of Communication from the University of Salermo in Italy.

Dr. Ordóñez Maldonado is a university professor, author, and researcher of several books related to philosophy and law, contracts, and administrative law. Formerly, he served as president and justice of the Colombian State Council, and as president and justice of Bucaramanga’s Administrative Tribunal. He is a member of the Election Observation Mission of the Organization of American States O.A.S.

He has been recognized as the best Colombian State Council Justice, and the best Magistrate of Bucaramanga’s Administrative Tribunal and was awarded the Jose Ignacio de Marquez Medal. He was elected as vice president of the International Association of High Contentious Administrative Jurisdictions in Budapest, Hungary.

Contact: ​ mhamlen@law.harvard.edu

Free and open to the publicDr. Ordóñez will speak in Spanish, with simultaneous translation provided.