Landscape Design in Latin America: Unpacking Theory, Practice, and Agency


Friday, April 14, 2017, 9:30am to 4:30pm


Piper Auditorium, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 48 Quincy Street

Women in Design (WiD) and Latin GSD, in collaboration with the Landscape Architecture
department, present “Landscape Design in Latin America: Unpacking Theory, Practice, and
Agency.” This symposium will provide an opportunity to debate the current and future state of
landscape design in Latin America.
Latin America is formed by a diverse set of territories, offering both challenges and opportunities
to the landscape discipline. This symposium brings together professionals from several countries
to discuss the complex social, political, and environmental realities engaged in their work. From
the creation of ecological corridors in Bogota to urbanization in the Galapagos Islands, these
designers interpret landscape through a range of lenses that include urbanism, architecture,
ecology, and social engagement.
Speaking to the many interdisciplinary interests at the GSD, panelists will frame conversations
around theory and practice, established firms and emerging voices, and the role of equity in
design. What is the intersection of research and built work? How is the discipline taught and
regulated? How does landscape translate to academia and public policy? By presenting the
current state of landscape design in Latin America this symposium will provide a space for
imagining its future possibilities.



Schedule of Events:
Friday, April 14, 2017
9:30am : Opening Remarks with Anita Berrizbeitia.
10:00am : Panel on Theory and Practice with Ana María Durán, Diana Wiesner, Jeannette Sordi,
and Teresa Moller. Moderated by Gareth Doherty.
12:00pm : Lunch Break
1:30pm : Panel on Academia and Policy with Fabiola López Durán, Elena Tudela, Loreta Castro,
and Martha Fajardo. Moderated by Sonja Dümpelmann.
3:00pm : Coffee Break
3:30pm : Round Table discussion with all speakers, moderated by Anita Berrizbeitia.
4:30pm : Final Closing Remarks with Anita Berrizbeitia.

 This event is co-hosted by, Women in Design and LatinGSD. Special thanks to the Landscape
Architecture Department, DRCLAS, the DDI, and Student Forum for their support.