Los Ojos del Camino / The Eyes of the Journey


Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 12:00pm to 2:00pm


CGIS South, Belfer Cases Study Room (S-020), 1730 Cambridge Street

Speaker: Rodrigo Otero Heraud, director of the film The Eyes of the Journey and Hipolito Peralta Ccama, protagonist in The Eyes of the Journey

Moderators: Paola Uccelli, Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education and Ann Braude, Harvard Divinity School

Screening of the feature documentary film The Eyes of the Journey / Los Ojos del Camino spoken in Quechua with English subtitles. The event will count with the presence of the director of the film Rodrigo Otero Heraud and the protagonist Hipolito Peralta Ccama, who will engage in a conversation with the audience after the screening.

Rodrigo Otero Heraud, director of the film The Eyes of the Journey, was born in Lima, Peru in 1978. He is a filmmaker, a facilitator in participatory video, and for some years he also dedicated to the study and practice of Chinese acupuncture. As a filmmaker, he has worked in projects of reaffirmation of Andean culture making several short documentaries that explore Andean ways of relating to life and nature. Through his film and video productions, he has also explored other forms of spirituality and consciousness such as the Tao and Vishnuism. All these explorations in film follow his belief that art and communication can heal people, especially in a divided and complex country like Peru, where there is such a need for people to understand their reality, to unite and identify themselves with their roots. The Eyes of the Journey is his most recent film, a feature documentary made with a special energy and intention to reach the hearts and souls of people everywhere, a tribute to Andean world that can be watched from numerous angles, as it portrays different levels of reality.

Hipolito Peralta Ccama, protagonist in The Eyes of the Journey, was born 1959 in Paruro province, Cusco region, Peru. Being Quechua his native language he constantly dealt with discrimination. He studied pedagogy and has a master degree and PhD studies and worked as a specialist in Intercultural Bilingual Education. He collaborated with Paul Heggarty, Liliana Sanchez, Sue Kalt, Carlos Molina and others in several linguistic researches. With Paul Heggarty and Euro Talk they developed an interactive program to teach Quechua for beginners. His voice in Quechua is included in a collection of native spoken speeches at the “Musée de l´Homme” in Paris, France. He has given lectures about “Andean Cosmogony” and other subjects related to Andean culture in several local, national and international events. He is the founder of the Hatun Aylllu Qurikancha, a spiritual community which aims to strengthen the spiritual and ritual space of the peoples of Cusco. As the protagonist of the film The Eyes of the Journey, he shares the way of thinking and feeling of the Andean culture. This documentary has awakened the interest of people from different cultures.