The Mexico Conference 2.0: Same Challenges, Different Expectations


Fri - Sat, Feb 1 to Feb 2, 2:00pm - 8:00pm


Day One (1pm-8pm) Askwith Auditorium, Graduate School of Education; Day Two (9am-6:30pm): Littauer Building, Harvard Kennedy School

Mexico Conference 2.0The MX Conference is a student initiative that seeks to bring Mexico to the forefront. It provides a forum for the learning and debate of Mexico’s challenges and opportunities given its recent transition of power; and in addition; highlight the Harvard community and campus to external attendees. The Conference’s steering committee includes members from ten of Harvard’s academic institutions, and is focused on diversity topics and representation. Furthermore, these students will also participate as moderators, leading and enhancing the discussion of each panel. For more information and to register, visit


Diego Luna - Actor, director, producer and activist

Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz - President and General Secretary of MORENA

Javier Corral - Governor of Chihuahua

Jesus Silva Herzog Márquez - Analyst and Writer

Gerardo Laveaga - General Director of the National Institute of Penal Sciences (INCP)

Ana Laura Magaloni- Director of Legal Studies at CIDE

Santiago Nieto Castillo - Former Head of FEPADE / Head of Financial Intelligence Unit of the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)

Jesusa Rodríguez - Senator and activist

Norma Romero - Founder and Coordinator of "Las Patronas"

Rosa María Castro Salinas - Representative of AMCO, afro Mexican activist for women’s rights

Alejandra Palacios- President of COFECE (Federal Economic Competition Commission)

Gerardo Esquivel - Economist and Professor at the Colegio de México

Fernando Aportella - General Director of Altor Finanzas e Infrastructura / Former under-secretary of Finance

Sylvia Schmelkes - Board member of the National Institute for Educational Evaluation (INEE)

Daniel Alonzo Rodriguez - Human Rights Activist

Andrés Roemer - UNESCO Goodwill ambassador

Adolfo Cano Co-Founder "Cultura Colectiva

Javier Sánchez - Architect and developer

Deborah Dana - Partner at KL Studios, Investor and Entrepreneur

Luis Garza - Founder & CEO at Kinedu


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