Religion and Spirituality: ReVista Launch


Thursday, April 1, 2021, 1:00pm to 2:30pm

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Speakers: Fernanda Abreu, Brazilian filmmaker; Marjorie Agosín, Wellesley College; Ruth Behar, University of Michigan; Ana María Bidegain, Florida International University; Octavio Carrasco, historian of religion; Jessica Christie, East Carolina University; Juliana Cohen, Harvard University; Evgenia Fotiou, Kent State University; Rachelle Grossman, Harvard University; Emilio Adrian Hernández, Harvard University; Ryan Christopher Jones, photographer; Nadia Milad Issa, Harvard University; Roberto Mata, Santa Clara University; Mary Jo McConahay, Journalist and Author; Rebecca Mendoza Nunziato, Harvard University; Ronnie Perelis, Yeshiva University; Gene Palumbo, journalist; Abby Rehard, Florida State University; Amy Erica Smith, Iowa State University; Vincent Stanzione, Philologist and historian of religion; Christopher D. Tirres, DePaul University; Dalia Wassner, Brandeis University
Moderated by: David Carrasco, Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of the Study of Latin America, Harvard University

Religion and spirituality is the theme of the new ReVista, with its formal launch April 1. Covering a wide range of themes from a changing Catholicism to Evangelical political power to Afro-Latino Religions and indigenous religions in the contact zones, ReVista authors will discuss the issues in a forum and take questions from the public.

David Carrasco is an historian of religions working on the sacred ceremonial centers of pre-Hispanic Mexico and the cultural improvisations of the Mexico/U.S. Borderlands. He is the Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of the Study of Latin America at Harvard, with a joint appointment with the Harvard Divinity School and the Department of Anthropology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He is the recipient of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle.

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