Sound Cities: Community Music Ecosystems Series


Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 1:00pm

This event is virtual and will be held in Spanish with simultaneous English translation. To register, click here.

Speakers: Sonia Nuñez, Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Frutillar; José Feuereisen, PLADES; Cecilia Bravo, Teatro del Lago; Sebastián Errazuriz, Universidad San Sebastián
Moderated by: Marcela Rentería, DRCLAS Chile Regional Office, Harvard

Across the world, different cities are working to position music as a strategic vehicle of both economic growth and social development. As shared practices among these cities drive innovative approaches for increasing the value of music within city ecosystems, a panel of leading cultural institutions from UNESCO-nominated Creative City of Music, Frutillar (Chile), reflects on the impact that art is having on the development of their city.

Presented as a part of the Global Leaders Program