Xchange: Educational Lessons for Latin America


Saturday, April 14, 2018, 9:00am to 6:00pm

The Latin America Education Forum Conference is an annual initiative of the Latin American Education Forum, a Harvard Graduate School of Education student organization that aims to foster dialogue surrounding current educational issues in Latin America. Since its inception, LAEF has brought together hundreds of students, educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the purpose of engaging in vibrant dialogue about the challenges, innovations, and opportunities in pursuit of educational equity throughout Latin America. LAEF is dedicated to shifting the deficit-based narrative which typically portrays Latin America as ‘developing’ or ‘marginalized.’ The LAEF Conference will unite Latin America’s most influential and trailblazing educational leaders and show the world all that we have to learn from their efforts. The 2018 Latin America Education Forum Conference, Xchange: Educational Lessons from Latin America, will showcase the success stories of change-makers and innovators from Latin America. Join us as we bring together members of the education community across Latin America to engage in a vibrant conversation about education.

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