A Better Use of Our Courts: a Brazilian Experience in Dispute System Design for the Public Sector


Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 12:15pm to 1:45pm


WCC 2009 Classroom, Harvard Law School 1563 Massachusetts Avenue

Speaker: Justice, José Antônio Dias Toffoli, Brazilian Supreme Court


Justice José Antônio Dias Toffoli was named to the Brazilian Supreme Court by former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva: one of the youngest justices to ever serve on on Brazil's highest court. Justice Dias Toffoli studied at the prestigious law faculty of the University of São Paulo. Before being appointed to the Court, Justice Dias Toffoli served as Federal Solicitor General and General Counsel of the Workers' Party.   Justice Dias Toffoli headed Brazil's Superior Electoral Tribunal from 2014 until earlier this year. The Tribunal supervises elections at every level througout Brazil. In September 2018, Justice Dias Toffoli will become President of the Supreme Court, a position which rotates among the justices of the Court.