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New Voices in Cuba Studies: Graduate Student Symposium


Cuba Studies Program, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies

Harvard University
Friday, November 15th, 2019


We invite graduate students in the humanities and social sciences to submit proposals for a symposium exploring new directions in Cuba studies. Students in the disciplines of History, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Romance Languages/Comparative Literature, Art History, Ethnomusicology, and Performance Studies are encouraged to apply. Interdisciplinary, transnational, and multi-epochal approaches are welcome.


Accepted papers will be grouped on four-person panels organized thematically, with one faculty commentator per panel. Participation in this symposium provides an opportunity to engage in lively discussion with faculty and an emerging cohort of doctoral candidates engaged in Cuba studies from universities around the northeast.


Themes of the symposium include (but are not limited to):

  • race, class, gender, and sexuality from the colonial period to the present
  • Cuban-US relations; or, Cuba’s international relations both historically and today
  • mobility, migration, exchange
  • religion and spirituality
  • intellectual and cultural history/production
  • political economy, politics, state formation, political science


Submission Guidelines

Interested graduate students should submit a 200-word abstract and one-page CV (in either Word or PDF format) to

Proposals must be received by August 1, 2019.

All participants will be notified of participation by September 1, 2019.


For more information please contact:

Brandon Mancilla, PhD. Student in History, Harvard University