Grant Recipient Reporting Guidelines

We are thrilled to support your travel to and/or learning about Latin America and the Caribbean with a DRCLAS grant! DRCLAS grants are made possible through individuals and organizations who have created specific funds for student travel. Banco Santander has also provided a grant to support some of our students in their internships. Students receiving a grant are required to submit a report on their experience, which may be shared with donors, DRCLAS advisors, faculty affiliates, and/or staff. 

All grant recipients in structured programs (Winternships, Healthcare & Education, HSI, SIP, COLMEX, etc.) and independent research (Summer Research Travel Grants) will complete a grant report about their experience, while also considering the personal experience of living and working in Latin America. Please find more information and important dates regarding these reports within each drop-down tab.

Guidelines for Structured Programs Participants (January & Summer 2019)

Please note: This section is intended for students who are a part of a structured DRCLAS program (January Winternships, Rural Healthcare & Education, HSI, SIP, COLMEX, etc.). January 2019 funding has been dispersed for those who have completed the proper steps (see Admitted Students' Page). 

Students will submit a 500-750 word document, along with at least one photo, describing their travel and work experience by February 9, 2019 (January 2019 programs). Please note the following guidelines when submitting:


  • The report must include a cover page, listing the student's name, school, year of graduation, and concentration/program.
  • The report must include specific details on the internship organization / program placement.
  • The report should explain professional and personal goals, objectives of project undertaken, deliverables, and lessons learned from both the experience of living and working in Latin America.
  • The report should include the connection and/or impact that the experience has/will have on the student's studies and/or future career.
  • The report must include at least one photo, with a caption, that may be seen as representative of the experience. We highly encourage including more than one photo! 
  • Students are encouraged to personalize their report by submitting other items relating to their DRCLAS experience abroad as supplementary content (personal blog posts, photos, vlogs, etc.).
  • Reports should be submitted as a PDF file and sent directly to Rachel Murray-Crawford by February 9, 2019 (for January 2019 programs).

Guidelines for Independent Research Grant Recipients

Please note: This section is intended for students who are conducting independent research through a Summer Travel Research Grant.

Students have two report submission options. Students will either submit a 500-750 word document describing their travel and work experience, or submit content for ReVista. Please note the following guidelines when submitting:

Option 1: Grant Report Submission Details:

  • The report must include a cover page, listing the student's name, year of graduation, concentration/school, and applicable research project title.
  • The report must explain specific details on the location (country/pueblo) and research topic chosen. 
  • The report should broadly explain personal and research goals, desired and/or actual findings, and lessons learned from the experience.
  • The report should include the student's thoughts on the possible impact the research/experience may have on future pursuits and studies.
  • Students are encouraged to submit any additional details that were found to be interesting or important during their time abroad as supplementary content (personal blog posts, vlog, photos, etc.).
  • Reports should be submitted as a PDF file and sent directly to Lorena González  by September 6, 2018.

Option 2: ReVista Content Submission Details:

Students may choose to submit an article or a photography project for publication in ReVista based on research or work experience in Latin America, which may be accepted in lieu of a grant report. Please note, the most suitable articles will appear in print; the rest will be posted on the ReVista website in a section called “Student Views” or maintained as part of the ReVista archives. Please note the following details regarding submission:

  • The reports are due on September 6, 2018, unless otherwise noted.
  • Students should send their report directly to June Carolyn Erlick, with copy to Lorena González.
  • Please use Dropbox for any photo sharing.

2018 Publishing Priorities:

  1. Submit a photoessay on Chinatowns (or Japanese communities), Asian supermarkets, community centers, cemeteries. You should get the photos and text to me while you are still abroad, by July 20.
  2. Complete a profile or photoessay of a person you have gotten to know who is above the age of 75. This person can be a professor, a shaman, a poor person, a politician. If you want to do a profile, write me and I can give you some tips. The article draft is due the same day as your draft report, but we will have time to work on it after you turn in the draft. Up to 1,500 words or a minimum of ten photos.
  3. Write about some aspect of getting older in your host country. This can range from pension systems to challenges faced by older people in rural areas to urban design for senior citizens. The article draft is due the same day as your draft report, but we will have time to work on it after you turn in the draft. Up to 1,500 words.
  4. Building Bridges: 500-600 words personal essay showing how you and Harvard are building bridges in Latin America. This assignment is oriented towards those who are working in internships, but research that builds bridges is welcome also. The "bridges" can be between Harvard and Latin America, between disciplines, between countries. This section is a feature in every ReVista issue. Please provide at least one photo for your article.

If your subject is outside of the above areas/themes, you may still submit to ReVista in the following two categories:

  1. Article Proposal: A 500-700 word proposal for a longer article to be published in a future ReVista.
  2. Photoessays: Submit a minimum of 10 high-quality and high-resolution photos, with at least 250 words text and accompanying IDs.
    1. Please note, we are not interested in personal photos (like your friends at the beach) or general landscape photos. However, we would also love to build up our files with images from middle and upper class communities: malls, sporting events, a day at McDonald’s, birthday and other celebrations, office life and home life, including gated communities.
    2. ReVista Digital Image Requirements
    3. 300 dpi
    4. 8.5" wide x 11" high, minimum of 3.5" wide
    5. Save as grayscale jpeg if you are submitting in black and white
    6. Please send the highest resolution available to allow for maximum usage in the publication.
    7. Either color or black & white is acceptable.