Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean


The Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Program (MCCP) at DRCLAS is committed to deepening engagement with the region through an active program of events and activities, academic and internship opportunities for students, and support for faculty research.

The Mexico Office was established in 2012 in Mexico City serving Mexico and Central America. There are three main goals for the Office: to increase Harvard faculty involvement in the region, to help Harvard students connect with relevant academic and professional opportunities, and facilitate Harvard´s collaboration with public and private institutions, as well as other organizations in the region.


2015-2016 Activities:

The Mexico and Central America Program hosted and co‐sponsored 15 events during the 2015‐2016 academic year. While all events were well‐attended and thought‐provoking, a few were highly distinguished. Among those were a seminar detailing recent excavations of Teotihuacán’s ancient underground tunnels, an address by Guatemalan judge Claudia Escobar‐Mejía regarding justice in Central America, an address by Mexican Supreme Court Justice Alfredo Gutiérrez Ortiz Mena, and a discussion between professors Davíd Carrasco and Brian Farrell about evolution and migration.