Area Programs and Initiatives




The ARTS@DRCLAS Program seeks to foster and develop the scope of Latin American visual and performing arts at Harvard University through exhibits, conferences, concerts, and performances hosted by the David Rockefeller Center Cambridge and overseas offices.






Andes & Southern Cone

The Andes and Southern Cone Program and the DRCLAS Regional Office in Santiago, Chile work to increase the visibility of the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela at Harvard University through diverse academic programmatic activities and in collaboration with student organizations.The DRCLAS Regional Office in Santiago, Chile, offers extensive programming and support for Harvard professors and students to work and study within Latin America. The Office serves to disseminate regional knowledge and develop innovative academic practices in collaboration with local institutions, thus acting as an intellectual lab in the Region.






The Brazil Studies Program and Brazil Office expand research and teaching opportunities for Harvard faculty and students across the University. We provide guidance and support to professors and students who have never stepped foot in the country as well as to those who have strong roots in Brazil but can benefit from support and local networks to accelerate and deepen their work.





DRCLAS seeks to continue, consolidate, and extend its program of scientific and scholarly exchanges with Cuba. The Cuba Studies Program departs from the basic premises that restoring and enhancing cooperation between the U.S. and Cuban academic communities can play a significant role in promoting peaceful changes within and between our two countries; and, strengthening and establishing institutional ties promotes interaction and collaboration among current and future intellectual and opinion leaders and thus catalyzes positive changes in Cuban and U.S. perspectives and government policies. 




Central America and the Caribbean

DRCLAS is committed to deepening engagement with the Central American and Caribbean regions through an active program of events and activities in Cambridge, experiential learning opportunities for students, and support for faculty research.




The Mexico Program and Office at DRCLAS are committed to deepening engagement with the region through an active program of events and activities, academic and internship opportunities for students, and support for faculty research.