Alejandro Poire

Alejandro Poire

Robert F. Kennedy Visiting Professor 2005-2006, Kennedy School of Government
Fundacion Mexico en Harvard-Antonio Madero Visiting Scholar, 2006-2007

Alejandro Poiré has been a professor and department chair at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in Mexico City. A leading scholar on the Mexican electoral process, he has published several academic pieces analyzing public opinion, political culture, campaign dynamics and voting behavior in Mexico. He has also been Senior Researcher of the Mexico 2000 and 2006 panel studies and principal co-investigator
of the 2002 Mexico Panel. As a political analyst, he conducted a radio commentary weekly for three years in Mexico City and his opinions and editorials have appeared in Letras Libres, Nexos, Hoja por Hoja, Cambio, Reforma, El Norte, Milenio and Milenio Semanal, among other periodicals. More recently, he served as a senior official in Mexico’s Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE), the independent agency that has cleaned up Mexico’s elections and made a peaceful democratic transition possible. Professor Poiré’s specific job was to enforce the laws on political parties, which include assuring parties’ access to publicly provided television and radio, oversight of party compliance with legal code and their internal statutes in their candidate and leadership selection, and the disbursement and auditing of their public finance. While at Harvard, Professor Poiré taught a course at the Kennedy School of Government entitled The Problem of Money in Electoral Politics. 


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