Alexandre Antonelli

Alexandre Antonelli

Cisneros Visiting Scholar
alexandre antonelli

Project: The Origins of Latin American Biodiversity

Alexandre Antonelli was born in Brazil, where he initiated his studies in biology at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). He is now Professor of Biodiversity and Systematics at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Scientific Curator at Gothenburg Botanical Garden, and Director of the Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre. His work focuses on understanding why Latin America is the world's most biologically diverse region, and how each ecosystem - such as rainforests and mountain habitats - developed through time and in response to climatic and landscape changes. He has done fieldwork in most Latin American countries and collaborates extensively across the continent. He also took the initiative to create the Network for Neotropical Biogeography, linking scientists and students across several disciplines and countries. For more information on his group's research and outreach please visit and


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