Andrew Nevins

Andrew Nevins

Faculty Project:Semantics of Under-represented Languages of the Americas

Semantics of Under-represented Languages of the Americas

Lead Faculty: Andrew Nevins, Associate Professor of Linguistics, and Gennaro Chierchia, Chair of the Linguistics Department (FAS)

This conference fostered research on formal semantics of North, Central, and South American under-represented languages. The languages under consideration included indigenous languages of North America and Latin America, and Atlantic Creoles. The conference addressed the current state of language endangerment and language loss world-wide, as well as the need to balance the researchers’ tendency to give most of their attention to major Indo-European languages, particularly in semantics. Conference participants included graduate students from Harvard and from the MIT Linguistics departments. The panels were led by young upcoming researchers, and senior scholars served as commentators on their papers. Speakers included: Imelda Perley (Wolastoqewiyik Nation), Seth Cable (specialty: Tlingit/Alaska), Amy Rose Deal (specialty: Nez Perce/Idaho), Enoch Aboh (speciality: Haitian Creole), and Luciana Storto (specialty: Karitiana/Brazil). Papers submitted were from researchers working on the indigenous languages of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

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