Antonio Battro

Antonio Battro

Robert F. Kennedy Visiting Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Antonio Battro is a leading scholar in the fields of educational tech- nology, cognitive and developmental psychology, and neuroscience. Inducted into the Pontifical Academy of Sciences by Pope John Paul II in September 2002, he is the recipient of numerous awards, includ- ing the Guggenheim, Fulbright, and Eisenhower Fellowships, and Argentina’s National Award in Psychology and Education. He received his medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires and a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Paris. Professor Battro has worked as a member of the International Center of Genetic Epistemology at the University of Geneva with Jean Piaget, and at the Laboratory of Experimental and Comparative Psychology at the University of Paris with Paul Fraisse. He is a pioneer in the field of computers in educa- tion in Argentina and Brazil, and is active in the use of digital tech- nologies in the development of neurocognitive potential. He taught a GSE course entitled The Educated Brain: Studies in Neuroeducation. 


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