Charles Waldheim

Charles Waldheim

Faculty Project: Neonatures: Buenos Aires Reserve

Neonatures: Buenos Aires Reserve

The Neonatures Design Studio focus on the Ecological Reserve in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, located in a key controvertial site located right in front of the city center, and adjacent to one of its fastest growing areas: Puerto Madero. The project explores the potentials of this extraordinarily large urban typology at a time when mutual dependence between urbanism and nature has become both a fragile and unstable condition, and a powerful and unprecedented opportunity. A field trip enabled Harvard students to survey its urban condition and the direct experience of its ecological composition. Also students engaged in a number of meetings with the local administration and maintenance authorities, and with practitioners and academicians who have been involved in the thinking of the future of the area. The project closed with a workshop with young architects and advanced students from Argentina to debate on a larger scale, and with Harvard institutional support, about significant but unresolved urban and ecological issues.

Participating Harvard Faculty: Ciro Najle, Design Critic in Landscape Architecture (Spring 2010), Harvard School of Design, with the support of: Charles Waldheim, Professor and Chair, department of Landscape Architecture, Harvard School of Design; Alex Krieger, Professor and Chair, department of Urban Planning and Design, Harvard School of Design

Collaborating Institutions:  Departments of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning and Design, HGSD, Centro de Estudios de Arquitectura Contemporánea, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.


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