Elisa Bonilla-Rius

Elisa Bonilla-Rius

Madero Visiting Scholar
Elisa Bonilla-Rius

Elisa Bonilla-Rius is a Mexican educator, and Director-General for Curriculum Development at the Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP) through 2018. Key actor of the recent Mexican Educational Reform, she led the development of a new National Curriculum (0-3 & K-9), serving 26 million students and 1.2 million teachers nationwide. She has held various other posts in SEP and in the publishing industry. Among her relevant publications are: a chapter co-authored with Harvard Professor Fernando Reimers and others on the Mexican Literacy Program (Reimers, ed. Aprender más y mejor, FCE, 2006); a book on school libraries (Bonilla, Goldin & Salaberria, eds. Bibliotecas escolares: retos y posibilidades en la sociedad del conocimiento, Océano, 2008); and a biography of Bertrand Russel aimed at young readers (El prisionero de la verdad, Pangea-CONACULTA, 1992). She holds an MPhil in Mathematics Education from Cambridge University (UK) and a BSc in Mathematics from UNAM (Mexico).

Research Project: Aims and Barriers of Educating Mexican Children for the 21st Century: An Insider's Viewpoint

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