Felton Earls

Felton Earls

Professor of Social Medicine
Felton Earls

Active Citizenship through Deliberative Capacity (CADE) – Costa Rica

CADE is an initiative of Omar Dengo Foundation’s Research Department that has been developed to stimulate active citizenship, deliberation, perspective taking and consensus building in elementary school children. The project focuses on the development of critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Through it, the children address real problems that they select from their own communities and agree on solutions that they discuss and implement. CADE has developed its own “preferendum online,” a powerful web-based tool that is used to discuss topics, vote and reach agreements among children from different schools. This project has been developed in collaboration with Harvard Professors Maya Carlson and Felton Earls.

Participating Harvard faculty: Maya Carlson, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Felton Earls, Professor of Social Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health and Professor of Human Behavior and Development, Harvard Medical School

Collaborating Institutions: Omar Dengo Foundation, Costa Rica

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