Flávia Piovesan

Flávia Piovesan

Lemann Visiting Scholar
Flavia Piovesan

Flávia Piovesan is a professor of Constitutional Law and Human Rights at the Catholic University of São Paulo. She also teaches at the PhD Program of the University of Buenos Aires and at the Academy on Human Rights at the American University Washington College of Law. She holds a Masters and a PhD from Catholic University of São Paulo. She was a visiting fellow of the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School; a human rights visiting fellow at the University of Oxford; and since 2007 she has been a fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Germany). She was a member of the UN High Level Task Force on the implementation of the right to development (2009-2012). She was Special Secretary for Human Rights in Brazil and President of the National Commission for the Eradication of Forced Labor (2016-2017). She is member of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (2018-2021).

Research Project: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Implementation, Effectiveness, and Impact of its Decisions in Latin America 

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