Mariano Siskind

Mariano Siskind

Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literature

Academic Degrees: B.A. in Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina; M.A., Ph.D., in Comparative Literature, New York University

Research Interests: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Latin American Literature; Travel Writing; Histories and Theories of Globalization and cosmopolitanism; Marxism; Psychoanalysis; Critical Articulations of Literature and Philosophy

Cosmopolitan Desires: Latin American Literature and the Discourses of Globalization

Mariano Siskind, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, will devote the 2009-10 academic year to conducting field research and completing his manuscript, “Cosmopolitan Desires. Latin American Literature and the Discourses of Globalization.” The book traces a genealogy of texts on universality and cosmopolitanism, a series of significant instances during the twentieth century when Latin American intellectuals conceptualized the possibility of a Latin American modernity not in terms of particularist affirmations of national or regional difference and specificity, but as a result of assuming a cosmopolitan identity that allowed them to inscribe themselves in the universal field of modernity, and to imagine themselves standing on equal footing with their Western European peers. The book will be a significant contribution to the field of Latin American literature and intellectual history. Upon completing his research, Siskind plans to teach a course on cosmopolitan intellectual genealogies in Latin America, and coordinate it with a workshop on this topic along colleagues from Harvard and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.


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