Central America Visiting Scholars and Fellows

Abby Cordova

Abby Cordova

Central America Visiting Scholar

Project: Living in a Hotspot: How Gang Activity in Central American Neighborhoods Impacts Political Participation

Abby Córdova is an assistant...

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Ricardo Córdova Macías

Central American Visiting Fellow

Executive Director of FUNDAUNGO
Project: Who Votes in Central America?

James Iffland

Central American Scholar

Boston University

Project: Culture and Revolutionary Politics in El Salvador: The Case of Roque Dalton

Camelia Ilie

Camelia Ilie

Central American Visiting Scholar

Camelia Ilie is Dean of Executive Education at INCAE Business School and Chair of the Center for Collaborative & Women Leadership...

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Abraham Lowenthal

Central American Visiting Scholar

Project: Rethinking U.S.-Latin American Relations 

Pedro Mateo Pedro

Pedro Mateo Pedro

DRCLAS Central America Visiting Scholar (spring 2014)

Project: Child Grammar of Chuj Maya

Pedro Mateo Pedro received a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Kansas. His research focuses on the...

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Oscar Pelaez-Almengor

Central American Visiting Scholar

Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala

Project: The Central American Entrepreneurial Elite

Lara Putnam

Central American Visiting Scholar

Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica/United States

Project: Rural Respect: Gender, Authority, and Violence in Twentieth- Century Central America

Antonius Robben

Central American Visiting Scholar

Professor of Anthropology, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Project: Southern Sorrows: Trauma, Memory and Reconciliation in Post-Authoritarian Latin...

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