Cisneros Visiting Scholars and Fellows

Carlos Blanco

Cisneros Visiting Scholar
Director, Blanco & Asociados Consultores
Project: Armed Forces in Venezuela—Military Budget-Making and Officer Remuneration
Isaac Campos

Isaac Campos

Cisneros Visiting Scholar

Project: Narco-dynamics and the Evolution of Mexico’s War on Drugs, 1912-1940

Isaac Campos is an Associate Professor of History at the University of...

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Fernando Coronil

Cisneros Visiting Scholar

Universty of Michigan
Project: Political Transformation in Venezuela

Tatiana Flores

Cisneros Visiting Scholar

Rutgers University
Project: Art and Visual Culture Under Chávez

Oscar Grauer

Robert F. Kennedy Visiting Professor, 2010-2011
Cisneros Visiting Scholar, 2001-2003

Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela
Project: Social Housing as Public Policy vs. Urban Design as Public Policy: Squatter Settlements and...

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José Malavé

Cisneros Visiting Scholar

Instituto de Estudios Superiores, Venezuela

Project: American Business in Venezuela: A Study on the Transfer of Organizational Reforms and Practices...

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