Cuban Visiting Scholar

Giraldo Alayon Garcia

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Summer 2002

Project: Biodiversity and biogeography of Spiders

Betsy Anaya Cruz

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2012

Project: Productive Chains and Clusters in Cuban Agricultural and Food Exports

Carlos Aragones

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2009

Project: HAART and Quality of Life of AIDS patients in Cuba 

Gisela Arandia Covarrubias

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2000

Project: Comparative Study of Race in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

Miguel Barnet

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2011

Project: Black in Latin America Conference

Enrique Beldarrain Chaple

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Fall 2002

Project: Historical Evolution of Epidemic Diseases in the Americas: 1492 – 2000

Luciano Castillo

Cuban Visiting Scholar, Spring 2010

Project: El cine como historia, la historia como cine- “Páginas de una historia olvidada: La Cuba Sono Film.”

Mauricio de Miranda

Cuban Visiting Scholar
Project: Reform and Reinsertion of the Cuban Economy in the 90's