Sergio Serulnikov

Sergio Serulnikov

de Fortabat Visiting Scholar
Sergio Seulnikov

Sergio Serulnikov is Director of the graduate program in History at the Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires, and researcher at the CONICET, Argentina. He received his Ph.D. from the SUNY at Stony Brook. He is author of Subverting Colonial Authority: Challenges to Spanish Rule in Eighteenth-Century Southern Andes (2003, Spanish version 2006); and Revolución en los Andes. La era de Túpac Amaru (2010, English version 2013). His current research focuses on the changes in the urban political culture of late colonial Charcas. Some of his publications on this subject include, “‘Las proezas de la Ciudad y su Ilustre Ayuntamiento’: Simbolismo político y política urbana en Charcas a fines del siglo XVIII” (Latin American Research Review, 2008); “Patricians and Plebeians in Late Colonial Charcas: Identity, Representation, and Colonialism” (in A. B. Fisher and M. D. O’Hara, eds. 2009); and “La lógica del absolutismo. Vecinos y magistrados en Charcas en tiempos del reformismo borbónico” (Colonial Latin American Review, 2017).

Research Project: Enlightenment, Urban Plebeian Politics, and Creole Identity in Late Colonial Peru

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