Sylvia Sellers-Garcia

Sylvia Sellers-Garcia

Central America Visiting Scholar
sylvia sellers-garcia


Sylvia Sellers-García is an Associate Professor of History at Boston College. She holds an MPhil in Latin American Studies from St. Antony’s College, Oxford, and a PhD in History from UC Berkeley. Sellers-García’s writings focus on colonial Central America and its place in the larger Spanish empire. Her current project, “The Woman in the Window: A Tale of Mystery in Several Parts” is the contextualized history of a sensational crime that took place in Guatemala in 1800, and it draws on a cluster of related topics: social violence; the history of medicine; gender and sexuality; and early modern policing. Her other publications include Distance and Documents at the Spanish Empire’s Periphery (Stanford, 2013), When the Ground Turns in Its Sleep (Riverhead, 2007), and, as a co-editor, Imagining Histories of Colonial Latin America: Synoptic Methods and Practices (University of New Mexico Press, forthcoming in 2017).

Project: The Woman in the Window: A Criminal Case from Guatemala in 1800

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