Thenesoya Vidina Martín De la Nuez

Thenesoya Vidina Martín De la Nuez

Graduate Student Associate
Thenesoya Vidina Martín De la Nuez

Thenesoya Vidina Martín De la Nuez is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Harvard, where she also works as Coordinator of the Tutoring Center. Born in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, she completed both her MA in Literary Studies and BA in Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She also holds BA degree in Hispanic Philology, and a MA at Harvard University.

Thenesoya’s dissertation focuses on 20th Century cultural production in three insular and Spanish post-colonial insular spaces: the Caribbean Islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, the African islands in Equatorial Guinea, and the Canary Islands. From an interdisciplinary perspective, her work brings different texts together to question historical, dialogic and crisscrossed insular specificities.

Besides her dissertation, Thenesoya is writing a book about Canarian immigration to the US, as part of the cultural project Cislanderus, that she coauthors with photographer Aníbal Martel. The project’s next photo-exhibition will be in New York.

Her academic interests include rhetoric of imperial insularity in Trans-Atlantic territories, displacement, geocriticism, discourses and practices of national and peripheral identity formation, as well as of notions of provincialism, belonging, isolation, fluidity and migration.

She is currently on her Dissertation Completion Year at Harvard.

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