Remote Winternship Program

Program Overview

DRCLAS partners with several organizations across Chile, Mexico & Peru to provide remote January internship (winternship) opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in various fields. These internships serve as professional experiences and require final deliverables. Students should be prepared to work, mainly in Spanish, in a remote, office-like atmosphere for a total of 75 hours across 3-weeks.

  • A flexibile schedule may be allowed to accomodate timezones, once approved by both DRCLAS and the host organization

The Remote Winternships Program also includes Latin American cultural activities designed to enable the student cohort to engage with critical topics of the region. Activities are administered by DRCLAS staff, with the support of invited guests from the region. 

  • An agenda with DRCLAS-led cultural activities and final presentiation schedules will be provided to all admitted participants.

Program Dates

 January 3-21, 2022

  • November 1, 2021: Deadline to submitt applications

  • November 8 – 11: Students Interviews in Spanish with DRCLAS staff  

  • November 24:  Notification of application status delivery

  • December 3:  Confirmation of participation 

  • December 6 at 12:00pm: Orientation of the program

  • January 3, 2022: First day of the program 

  • January 21, 2022: Evaluation of the program 


The program is open to currently enrolled Harvard undergraduate and graduate students with an intermediate, advanced, or native level of Spanish.

Curiosity, a positive attitude, and an open-mind are necessary for the participant to not only succeed, but to foster a welcoming environment for others as well. The remote nature of this program requires that participants are proactive, responsible, and independent. 

Participants are not permitted to enroll in any other J-term courses or experiences during this program.

Costs & Funding

Program Costs: 

Confirmation Deposit: $40
All admitted students who confirm their participation in the program must pay a deposit to secure their spot, billed directly to the term-bill. 

Stipend: $750
Students who complete the entire program will receive a stipend to enable their full participation. 

Cancellation Fee: $250
A fee of $250 will be applied for participant cancellations after December 6, 2021. No exceptions will be made.

Application Details

  • A completed application form via CARAT
    • Click here for the undergraduation student application
    • Click here for the graduate student application. 
  • 1 personal statement
    • 500-750 words maximum
    • Written in Spanish
    • Must detail at least 1 and no more than 3 organizations/projects that interest you most
    • Should detail your interest in Latin America, & the remote community winter experience
  • Updated resume
  • Unofficial transcript from Spring 2021 semester
    • Serves as proof of current enrollment
    • This may be downloaded as a PDF from my.Harvard


  • Selected applicants will be invited to sign-up for a mandatory remote interview between November, 8th through 11th, 2021 
    • Interviews will be conducted via Zoom with a team of DRCLAS staff
    • Interviews will be conducted in Spanish and will last ~15 minutes
    • Scheduling instructions will be emailed to applicants that are selected to interview
  • Final notice of program acceptance will be sent before the end of November 2021
  • Students are required to confirm/decline participation by early December 


  • Organizations are categorized by their priority theme or area.
  • Many organizations are multidisciplinary- please check options thoroughly! 
  • Students should reference at least 1 and no more than 3 organizations of interest in their application.
  • Staff may offer students a different organization/placement upon applicant review, depending on the best fit for both the studnt and internship partner
  • Students should identify the most important aspects of their placement prior to apply (i.e: country base, field, type of project, etc.)

Remote Internship Partners


Centro de Investigación en Artes y Humanidades Universidad Mayor // Chile

The purpose of the Centro de Investigación en Artes y Humanidades (CIAH) of the Universidad Mayor is to generate academic, critical and multilingual knowledge about the acts of creation, production and dissemination of the arts from a transdisciplinary and decolonial perspective. Likewise, it seeks to serve as a connection between civil society, social organizations, and universities in order to think, write and discuss artistic expressions in the Latin American historical, social and political context.




Social Fabric: Textile art and political commitment in Chile, 20th century.
Research that converges the notions of politics and textiles by resorting to works present in the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum and other private and public collections. 
Intern tasks include:


Digital access to works and documentary material associated with the subject.
Review and documentation of the material



Undergraduate final year students or graduate first or second year students





Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires // Argentina

The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art is one of the country's public cultural institutions that houses modern and contemporary art. From its beginnings, Rafael Squirru's objective was for the museum to become an avant-garde museum, giving place not only to art exhibitions but also to cinema, music, theater, and designs. Squirru positioned the Museum as the home of artists, giving relevance to Contemporary Argentine art. Both objectives have kept growing throughout the administrations from 1956 to the present.

Pre-Texts // Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico

Field: Education, Arts
Spanish Level: Varies

Pre-texts is a transversal pedagogy through Cultural Agents that works like acupuncture by touching a creative nerve. “Make art from this text and reflect on the process,” stimulates cognitive and creative capacities to enhance work in education, public health, enterprise, violence prevention, etc. Pre-texts is an ideal match for students who value the power of community building, creativity, global citizenship, cultural exchange, and education.


- Students who select a Pre-texts internship opportunity will be appropriately placed by member sof the Pre-Texts team at one of their approved sites. - Interns will attend pre-program Pre-texts workshops

- Interns will collaborate with their host organizations on the implementation of Pre-Texts into specific projects detailed by each organization, relating to their mission/needs. 

See more information about Pre-texts here.


Spanish fluency varies by site location

A passion for creativity and innovation in education is ideal.

Business & Strategy

Acción Empresas // Chile

Acción Empresas

We position business sustainability as an essential business vision for the construction of a more egalitarian and sustainable society





AMCHAM // Chile

North American Commerce, Amcham, Chile is a non-profit organization that seeks to support and promote joint activities and collaborative relationships between Chile and California. It also supports the materialization of a series of agreements aimed at strengthening cooperation for the development of human capital, promoting innovation and collaboration in the areas of energy, environment, agriculture and education.


C230 Consultores // Mexico

C230 Consultores S.C. is a specialized public policy consultancy firm with vast experience in Mexico and Latin-America. Since 2009, C230 Consultores has executed over 200 consulting and research projects on behalf of governments, international organizations and private clients, across several countries of Latin America and Asia. C230 Consultores was originally born as the consulting branch of Fundación IDEA, one of the first public policy think tanks in the country.

At C230 Consultores, we are motivated by the mission of promoting the use of evidence in decisions, plans and strategies to achieve social, economic and political objectives within the public and private sectors, focusing on the design and execution of strategies that create value for the society. We pride ourselves on our expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, data collection and analysis, project management, program design, and monitoring and evaluation. Through our team of over 30 full time consultants, we build strong teams of researchers, whose academic and professional backgrounds complement each other, matching economists with strong quantitative and econometric modeling skills with political scientists and sociologists trained in qualitative methods like interviews.

In addition, C230 Consultores has an extended network of specialists that give solid support to specific projects. The solutions we propose can cover all or part of the life cycle of public policy and public and private social programs. In this way, we develop cross-cutting activities in each of these stages, such as training and workshops or the implementation of digital solutions, among others.

Some of the organizations, companies and institutions with whom C230 Consultores has collaborated are: The World Bank Group, The International Finance Corporation (IFC), The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), The Asian Development Bank (ADB), The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The German Development Agency (GIZ), Nesta, The Woodrow Wilson Center, Nissan, P&G, Eli Lilly, London School of Economics (LSE), The Mexican Economy Ministry (SE), The Mexican Communication and Transportation Ministry (SCT), The Mexican Environmental and Natural Resources Ministry (SEMARNAT), Mexican State Governments such as Hidalgo’s, Chihuahua’s and Oaxaca’s and Local Governments such as The Municipality of Zapopan and the Municipality of Los Cabos, among others.



The Violence Prevention and Reduction (PREVI) Activity is a project of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) that aims to strengthen the capacity of municipal governments and communities to effectively mitigate and resolve local crime and violence by shifting the focus away from punitive justice to preventative and proactive civic justice and policing consistent with the Government of Mexico (GOM)’s National Policing and Civic Justice Model. Through this approach, local authorities will build trust with citizens. PREVI’s three objectives are:
1. Municipal authorities, in collaboration with civil society and the private sector, use evidence-based interventions to respond to low-level crimes and community violence that reduce imprisonment and build public confidence in institutions.
2. Reduce likelihood of at-risk youth being imprisoned or on probation for crime and violence.
3. Improve coordination between civic justice courts, municipal law enforcement, and criminal justice operators through shared information and intelligence cooperation.


- Enrolled in a Master program in fields related to our work (e.g. Public Policy, Public Administration, Education etc.)
- Excellent analytical skills
- Fluency level and excellent writing capabilities in Spanish.
- Good working knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
- Experience in the design, implementation, evaluation and analysis of public policies.
- Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods for the analysis or evaluation of public policies.



Field: Business, Technology, Health
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary

Cloudia is a Brazilian startup located in Sao Paulo which builds an AI-powered chatbot focused on automating communications between patients and healthcare establishments/institutions. Cloudia helps patients schedule consultations, replies to the patients' doubts, sends reminders of their consultations, and performs other communication tasks. Cloudia is currently a startup with consistent traction and was accelerated in the past by "Estação Hack" (Hack Station in a free translation), an innovation center created by Facebook in Sao Paulo, in a partnership with Artemisia, a local social impact startups accelerator.



Depending on the student's knowledge and wishes, the summer internship may encompass activities such as:

- Software development using Python, Node.js and JavaScript programming languages.

- Structure, plan and execute an outbound sales strategy, including structuring and recruiting people for the sales team and designing outbound sales processes.

- Help build a dashboard to track growth, structure the growth team and implement new growth strategies, tactics, and techniques.



Majoring in Computer Science (and other IT-related courses), Business Administration, Marketing, Design. No Portuguese necessary.



Field: Technology, Business, Real-estate
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred.

Emcasa is a tech company that operates in the Real Estate space in Brazil as a residential broker. We use technology, data analytics and design to provide buyers and sellers a superior customer experience & to provide agents a platform that increases their efficiency by 12x.


Interns will work on 8-week projects, which will consist of approving the project scope (1st week), diving into the problems to be solved (2nd and 3rd weeks), benchmarking and analyzing in depth potential solutions (4th and 5th weeks), designing a plan (6th week) and starting implementation (7th and 8th weeks).

Examples of potential projects:

  • Data analytics on residential real estate valuation
  • Redefining real estate agents' compensation
  • Growth plan / launching new cities
  • Product roadmap

It's important to note that the intern will work together with Founders & C-level team, so the person needs to have proactivity and initiative to navigate in less structured environments (after all, we're an emerging market tech startup!).

Grupo Promesa // Mexico

Promesa is a social enterprise focused on implementing and developing programs that transform the environmental culture of México. We achieve that goal through strategies applied in schools, companies, homes and organizations of the country.

Environmental: Develop and improve didactic activities for schools and companies online to promote environmental education and awareness.

Global business: Work with the P&L of Promesa for this year and proyections of the next 2 years.

- Develop one project that can be applied on our network of schools and companies
- Explore different ways to spread environmental awareness on schools, enterprises and ngo's.
- Adapt our programs to this after COVID reality.

- Level of Spanish required: Medium
- Preferred Academic Major: Communication, Marketing or Business.
- Interests on environmental education and innovation.
- Computer skills: Advanced

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile // Chile

The Facultad de Química y de Farmacia at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile is recognized as a leading institution in education and research in the areas of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences. The Faculty’s strong record of achievements along its illustrious history is based on its excellence and commitment with the country’s development, which is reflected on its curriculum and research, as well as in its close relationship with industry and the public sector. Through innovative and flexible study programs focused on the students, the Faculty advances chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences critically and rigorously preparing the next generations of scientists. Presently it has 64 faculty members, 21 of whom are women, dedicated to teaching and research.

Internship Description

The intern will be working closely with the Communications Manager to analyze data and create reports about audience engagement with the Faculty’s website. This will include visitor acquisition, visitor behavior, and content efficiency, etc. Using this information, the intern will help with SEO. The intern will also create social media reports for the Faculty’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, and help with social media optimization (SMO). The intern will also complete some administrative tasks as needed.

General tasks:

  • Familiarize with the Faculty’s website and social media accounts

  • Collect and analyze website data using Google Analytics

  • Create audience engagement reports

  • Learn and apply basic SEO strategies (keyword research, link acquisition, and on-site optimization) using information from reports

  • Collect and analyze social media data and create social media reports

  • Assist in social media optimization

  • Complete administrative tasks as needed

  • Attend staff meetings Expectations and responsibilities

  • Demonstrate strong organizational and time-management skills

  •  Report progress updates and meet deadlines

  •  Conduct themselves in a professional manner

  •  Maintain the following work schedule: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:30pm

Intern Qualifications

  • Language skills: Intermediate/advanced proficiency in Spanish
  •  Academic major: Any, as long as the intern demonstrates strong analytical and writing skills
  •  Interests: Marketing, communications, higher education, social media
  • Past work experience: Marketing and communications experience desired
  • Level of education: Undergraduate or graduate
  •  Strong computer skills
  • Knowledge of Wordpress, HTML, Excel, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Analytics, and presentation software highly desired.

Pura Frutta // Argentina

Pura Frutta was created to defy the consumer habits for food products, and therefore motivate a positive change in people life’s quality. We strongly believe that as persons and as a society, we are what we consume. The best and most noble ingredients were already designed by nature. Simple is better. We believe in sustainability and innovation, we hope to improve people’s life with the greatest natural juices ever sold. Our juices are made 100% from fruit, without any colorants, preservatives, flavorings, concentrated juice, or added sugar. We are a young start up with a lot of potential growth, and we are already selling in the main retail stores all across the country. We as well are starting to grow internationally, and currently exporting our juices to Brasil, Uruguay and Colombia. Our factory is located in Neuquén, La Patagonia, Argentina. We produce there because it is where the best Argentinian apple grows naturally, and it allows us to be near our suppliers and preserve the maximum standards of quality. We dream to grow PuraFrutta throughout the world, reach as many people as posible and make them enjoy the benefits and the pleasure of drinking the most delicious and natural juices ever made.

Internship Description

The intern will be committed to the development of a strategic plan for exports, focusing on the different international markets and opportunities. The project purpose is to establish the best options to board North America, Europe and Asia markets, taking into account the most important competitors, taxation in each countries and export opportunities. It involves finding the markets for which our products are best fitted for and have the better chance to end up succeeding. It also involves a critical view about the market status to give relevant feedback for new products development and pricing strategies in order to make the best out of our exports to the whole world.


Sidra Pülku // Argentina

Sidra Pülku

Sidra Pülku is the first Patagonian cider winery led by women. We produce 5 varieties of ciders: pear, elderberry, sweet, dry and natural apple. They have no flavorings or chemical essences. From the fruit to the packaging we do it in our farm in Villa Regina , Don Simon. Our venture was born in 2012 with the aim of adding value to the production of fruit in the Alto Valle, one of the main producing areas of pears and apples worldwide. We work to be the most sustainable cider in the region, respecting five central axes: innovation, quality, local identity, transparency and social commitment.


The Business Year // Mexico

The Business Year is a leading provider of economic intelligence and a publisher of annual trade and investment resources. It is a global media group that has been providing investors, businesses, and governments with first-hand insights into the world’s most dynamic markets for over a decade. We conduct hundreds of interviews a week with top decision makers in the Middle East, Latin America, Central and Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe. Our content is available in printed reports and across an array of digital platforms.

Internship Description

Collaborate with the team in Mexico to design and implement B2B digital marketing strategies for our projects in Mexico and LATAM, while gaining in-depth knowledge of current market trends and business culture in the country. Support the team in daily tasks to produce special edition digital reports on the Mexican economy and thematic digital events that include the participation of high-level panelists.

  • Support digital marketing tasks in the project including the management of social media content, the development of lead-generation strategies, and the promotion of thematic digital events

  • Collaborate with the team to schedule and prepare meetings with leading CEOs and executives of the Mexican economy

  • Establish alliances with other companies or media platforms to strengthen digital visibility of The Business Year Mexico

Intern Qualifications

  • Minimum level of Spanish required

  • Digital marketing experience/interest a must

  • Excellent communication, presentation, networking, and negotiation skills

  • Self-starter, functioning well within a team environment while being capable of working independently

  • Interest in Mexican and Latin American economic trends

  • Experience in basic design platforms and HTML is a plus


WAVE YOUTH BUSINESS IDEAS SA DE CV is a company focused on corporate structuring aimed for family businesses and newly created businesses with a developed MVP and business models that are recurring, profitable and scalable. We create solid foundations to reach your scalability and operability objectives, by offering a comprehensive service that brings together all the areas involved under the same umbrella, facilitating the execution of the tasks of operation, administration, organization, structuring, promotion, financing, commercialization, legal, taxes and software development. Types of companies:

  1. Family businesses

  2. Traditional businesses

  3. Innovative companies with a developed MVP

Internship Description

Students will do their internship in the Trade and Investment Promotion Department, will do activities in a social loan project and will participate in the development of the pension project.

The intern will perform research at supervisor's request analysis and investment strategy in non-common assets with returns equal to or more than the stock market with AAA ratings about the expectations, and responsibilities

  • A student Self-directed and able to work without supervision

  • Ability to look for information about companies the differents sectors on the Internet and obtain information by phone

  • Energetic and eager to tackle new projects and ideas *eager to learn and work with various departments in the company

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to multitask

  • Cope well under pressure

Intern Qualifications

Qualities and skills:

  • Knowledge in Research, Analysis and reports

  • Accounts, fiscal, financial or Investment

  • Critical Thinking

  • Initiative

  • Collaboration

  • Time Management

  • Adaptability

  • Basic level of Spanish

Economics, Finance, Fintech

ASSET Chile // Chile

ASSET Administradora General de Fondos is an entity regulated by the Superintendencia de Valores y Seguros de Chile, with a vast track record managing capital for institutional and private investors, both local and foreign, since 2011.

Internship Description

The student will join the ASSET Chile Corporate Finance team, which currently consists of 3 analysts, 4 associates, 2 managers and 1 executive director. The idea is that the student understands the transactions that are being carried out. Our idea is that you start with an induction process where you understand what the company does, who our main clients are, the industries where we are present, etc. Later, we will have tasks assigned to the student, keeping in mind that these tasks will be minor and will be constantly reviewed by the rest of the team.

Support in the activities that are frequently carried out in the different transactions we carry out. For example, the student will have to carry out

  • research of industries;

  • research of companies that make up the different industries;

  • research of multiples;

  • support in preparing presentations, among others.

Intern Qualifications

Knowledge of finance: have an understanding of the concepts and what each one refers to.

ATIX LABS Blockchain Company // ARGENTINA

In Atix Labs we develop reliable, decentralized solutions. We bring the team. You bring the challenge. We are a software Lab. The ideas are our engine. Guided by curiosity, we experiment, we try, we listen. We react, we adapt, we try again, we improve. Technology is our passion. We base our work on trust and effort.

Intern Responsabilities:

DeFi and How Will It Impact Traditional Finance

Interpreting research specifications and developing a work plan that satisfies requirements.
Conducting desktop research, and using books, journal articles, newspaper sources, questionnaires, surveys, polls, and interviews to gather data.
Analyzing and interpreting patterns and trends.
Recording findings by taking written notes and using appropriate software.
Maintaining and protecting electronic databases.
Anticipating research issues and promptly resolving them.
Writing proposals and delivering presentations.

Fundacion MC // Chile

Fundación Mc exists to transform Chile into a country where each person can forge a better present and future.

Internship Description

The intern will be working in 3 areas:

  • Evaluation of the programs and the achievement of the goals
  • Visiting the program in the fields
  • Reaserch and analitycs

Intern Qualifications

  • High analytics and focus
  • Soft skills and ability to work with diverse teams and different persons
  • Medium/high Spanish, interested in social programs
  • Computer skills are required (Excel)

HAL SmartIA // Mexico

Hal Smartia is a professional services boutique firm that identifies solutions through the intersection of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the context of the global data revolution. The goal of the firm is to accelerate the complete integration between society and digital, information and technological tools. To achieve this goal, Hal Smartia develops affordable, sustainable and useful digital platforms and products in several sectors, such as retail, finance, marketing, agriculture, energy, and mobility. The execution of our solutions considers:

  • Use of analytical tools and data exploitation

  • Automation in the production chain

  • Team with technological and innovation capabilities

  • Investments and collaboration with strategic partners

  • Integration between intra-company technology sectors

Internship Description

The intern(s) will work in one or more of the following projects:

  1. Fintech: the intern will develop a low risk trading strategy using novel statistical analysis and other techniques (i.e. artificial intelligence or econometrics) under the Mexican regulatory framework. The intern will also participate in the design of new income sources for the fintech project, which can create long term value.

  2. Mobility: the intern will develop a pricing strategy for a marketplace of inter-city transportation, performing forecasting and data analysis. In addition, he will participate in the design of indicators that are relevant for the transportation suppliers.

  3. Agriculture: the intern will work on satellite image processing of Mexican crops, using machine learning algorithms. The goal is to create a real time tool for small farmers in Mexico that provides key indicators of the evolution of the harvest.

For either of the projects, the intern task are:

  • Data Analysis

  • Application of novel statistical, econometrical, machine learning and economics techniques

  • Participate in meeting with clients and senior partners

  • Prepare research reports

Intern Qualifications

  • Strong mathematical skills

  • Strong programming skills, preferably in Python, R or Java Script

  • English or Spanish

  • Preferred majors: Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Statistics or other scientific major


Center for Research on Science, Technology and Society at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA)

Field: Technology, Government, Research, Economics
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

The Center for Research on Science, Technology and Society, as part of Ipea, brings together researchers from different areas of knowledge focused on the study of the impacts of science and technology on society, especially in areas related to health, education and sustainability, and their consequences on the population’s quality of life. Our mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge about the social and economic impacts of the scientific advances and the new technologies, developing public policies capable of amplifying their positive effects on people's lives.



Possible projects:

1. Innovation and productivity: research about the impacts of innovation and new technologies on firm's productivity and growth;

2. Health technologies: studies about precision medicine, AI and other technologies that could be useful to improve health and life expectancy.

Interns would work searching and summarizing databases about new technologies, patents, productivity and any other that could be useful in our research projects. Writing small articles for the Center's webpage and reviewing the literature about science, technology and its impacts on health and productivity.



Student majoring in economy, statistics, social sciences, with interest in studying the effects of new technologies on society. No Portuguese knowledge necessary.

Instituto del Fondo Nacional para el Consumo de los Trabajadores // Mexico

The Instituto del Fondo Nacional para el Consumo de los Trabajadores is a financial institution within the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare whose purpose is to provide credits to formal workers of affiliated work centers, according to their debt capacity, to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the workers, thus benefiting their families.

Internship Description

The intern will work in areas related to finance, econometric analysis and modeling, and analysis of credit, commercial and collection processes.

  • Statistical analysis and econometric modeling

  • Analysis in financial matters

  • Information analysis in order to find areas of opportunity for credit, commercial and collection processes

  • Suggest improvements in the assigned tasks according to the analyzed information

Intern Qualifications

  • Statistics

  • Econometrics

  • Economy

  • Credit

  • Finance

  • Processes, etc.

Ministerio de Hacienda // Chile

The Treasury Ministry manages public resources through a modern State at the Service of the citizenry; generating conditions of stability, transparency and competitiveness in an internationally integrated economy that promote sustainable and inclusive growth.


Analyze the control mechanisms and effects of fines on compliance with the tax system in different countries. Intern tasks include:

-Search for information on the different types and levels of fines by type of tax and type of non-compliance for developed and developing countries
-Compare tax evasion and compliance rates in different countries based on the taxonomy of existing fines
-Search for information and compare different mechanisms and levels of control between countries: random sampling, risk polynomials, fraction of taxpayers audited, face-to-face audits, third-party information, etc.


-Abilities to work independently and some knowledge of economics


Verbank SRL // Paraguay

Verbank SRL is a Broker Dealer based in Asuncion, Paraguay, currently being sold to Banco Itau.


The candidate will participate on an in depth study of the Paraguay capital markets system and will explore the market influence on economic democracy and formalization. Although the study is solely focused on Paraguay, the candidate will have the opportunity to compare our capital markets with markets in neighbor countries: Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. The candidate will join an extensive research underway in our company, led by our senior associates. He or she will be given areas of study according to the candidate's ability, mainly on economic data analysis, comparative financial systems and market data. It is expected that the candidate will participate and discuss his or her contributions to the team on a weekly basis, with daily interactions. The first week should be dedicated entirely to get familiar with the main body of research and define his or hers areas of interest.


A serious interest in economics and market finance in Latin America is required. Fluency in Spanish or Portuguese is a plus, but not necessary.


ALBA Systems // Mexico

ALBA is an education innovation startup that exists to help young learners, educators and parents explore nature as a model for learning through play. Our team has 8 years of experience designing toys and activities that help children develop the skills they need to face the world's complex challenges. We are currently building a curriculum around collaboration, adaptability, and creativity.

We believe that learning systems modeled on the natural world can help address today’s most pressing education challenges and tomorrow’s most complex global problems. We envision young learners that participate collaboratively, adaptively, and creatively in their communities by practicing systemic awareness and collective agency.

Internship Description


We are studying nature’s functional solutions at organismic, ecological and evolutionary scales to understand new ways in which we can learn collaborative, creative, and adaptive strategies from a young age. We envision a healthier system of education that lays down bottom-up approaches to solving systemic health issues. In this view, creativity, as all other 21st century skills, must be understood as a cluster of concepts and behaviors that, in context, create possibilities for greater systemic well-being. Accordingly, our curricular design is based on small modules, delivered in series, that explore the problem-solving strategies employed in the natural world through intuitive lessons and games.

Research & Design Project Description: The R&D Intern works with the core team, reporting directly to the Product Manager. The project is an excellent opportunity for someone with a K-12 education background or with a social sciences background with demonstrated interest in education. Alternatively, students fields related to education innovation, science of learning, living systems, curricular design, assessment, impact evaluation, brain mind and behavior, child development, mechanism design and/or systems thinking are welcome to the table. Tasks may include:

- Design and carry out field research on teachers’ experience using our program.
- Report findings with actionable diagnoses for quick iteration of our project
- Review, tweak and iterate our formative evaluation matrix/system/structure/rubric
- Interns with experience in impact evaluation: Design a small-scale impact assessment
- Leverage your knowledge in science of learning, design or field research to influence the way ALBA nourishes healthy learning communities and develops bottom-up strategies for systemic well-being


- Comfortable speaking, reading and writing advanced Spanish and English.
- Demonstrated interest in education: HGSE students and undergrads writing a thesis on an education-related topics are highly encouraged to join! Experience designing impact assessment tools highly desired.
- Comfortable working collaboratively in a self-organizing team: we practice consent-based decision-making, discourage permission-seeking, celebrate dissent, prioritize transparency in power dynamics, and share ownership of our work


Argentinos por la Educación // Argentina

Argentinos por la Educación is a plural initiative with political-party independence, originated in a citizen movement that seeks to contribute to the improvement of inclusion, quality and transparency of the Argentine educational system.The organization's priorities are to make educational data available to foster a public debate based on evidence, to generate consensus among educational policy actors on the state policies that should be developed, and to mobilize citizens. (to promote the values we promote, esto me parece que no va ni en ingles ni en español, es reiterativo y no suma nada)Argentinos por la Educación has the support of over 70 education experts with a pluralistic perspective and has mobilized almost 100,000 people through different campaigns. At the same time, it is one of the main sources of educational news in the country, partly due to the more than 50 technical reports that has been published recently.
MISSION: Transform Argentine education through data, consensus and social mobilization.
-Objective: Promote the use of evidence in the public debate in education. 
-Description: Transparency advocacy. Development of an interactive website bringing together national education data. Academic reports. Journalists education.
-Target population: Society at large.
-Where takes place: Argentina (country level).
-Objective: Develop consensus with the main education public policy education leaders in Argentina about long-term education policies.
-Description: Academic seminars with education experts. Declarations.
-Target population: Society at large.
-Where takes place: Argentina (country level).
Social mobilization:
-Objective: Mobilize and organize parents and citizens in general to promote equity, quality and transparency of education.
-Description: National campaigns such as #InternetEducativa, which was supported by more than 75,000 citizens.
-Target population: Parents from public schools.
-Where takes place: Argentina (country level)

Asociación Conciencia // Argentina


We are a Civil Society organization that for more than 35 years has worked to train committed citizens who can transform the reality in which we live. Conciencia is a non-partisan, non-profit civic association focused on education in values ​​and citizen participation for a more just and democratic society. Founded in 1982, on the eve of the restoration of democracy, since its inception, the objectives were focused on propagating and strengthening democratic and republican values, with the premise that we all have the same rights. With a territorial presence in 20 provinces, Conciencia today has 2,464 volunteers who participate in 46 programs focused on four fundamental axes, many of them pioneers in the country:



Employability: We promote support spaces by providing tools and opportunities to: build life projects, strengthen capacities and skills, and promote educational, social and labor inclusion.

Community: We accompany the process of transformation of the communities promoting the active participation of all its members as subjects of law, strengthening the networks from a socio-community perspective. We work closely to enhance meaningful ties with children, their families and educators.

Sustainability: We promote health and environmental care in children and adolescents, so that they can become aware of the impact that their actions have on their environment. We promote sustainable behaviors that achieve a healthy and responsible world for future generations.

Participation: We promote education in values ​​and citizen participation for the development of a more just and democratic society. That is why we are committed to transmitting democratic and republican ideals so that each one can exercise citizenship not only as a right but also as a responsibility.

Centro Nacional de Evaluación para la Educación Superior (Ceneva

Ceneval is a Mexican organization with over 25 years of experience in designing and administering instruments to evaluate knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies, as well as in analyzing and transmitting their results. All our processes are standardized and follow international norms in assessment.

Internship Description

The intern will support the Research Department in analyzing data from different evaluation instruments (for example, questionnaires, admission or graduation tests) to gather information in order to generate reports that describe the instruments or its examinees. In addition, the intern will get an overview about the processes executed to design, assemble, administrate and grade a test.

  • Collaborate on the data analysis of different evaluation instruments, employing a variety of psychometric and statistical techniques

  • Make inferences about instruments and examinees

  • Give a presentation with a report of the results

  • Work from 9-6 pm

Intern Qualifications

  • Fluent Spanish

  • Psychometrics and statistical background knowledge

  • Interest in education

  • Excel and PowerPoint skills


Field: Education, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Business, Engineering
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary

ChatClass is an ed tech startup founded in NYC with the mission to democratize access to English language education in Brazil, using chat and AI technologies to enhance teachers’ work. WhatsApp highlighted ChatClass as an official case study, the only one focused on education.

ChatClass works with public schools in Brazil and Germany and has launched several projects together with the US State Department and the Brazilian embassy. The team is led by a Harvard computer scientist and HBS MBA grad with professional background at the United Nations and McKinsey in New York. ChatClass has been accelerated by Facebook and Google accelerator programs in Sao Paulo and received funding from Brazilian and Silicon Valley VCs plus a group of Harvard alumni.



Interns can help with:

-Designing digital learning experiences with students and teachers

- Analyzing students and teachers data (depending on technical background).

- Developing tutoring and mentoring programs to inspire students and help them achieve their potential

- Training tutors and teachers to work with technology


Cidadão Pró-Mundo (CPM)

Field: Education, Technology, Computer Science
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary. Basic Portuguese preffered


Cidadão Pró-Mundo is a non-profit organization that promotes, for more than 22 years now, equal opportunities and social integration through voluntary English Teaching. Currently, more than 1,400 volunteers impact the lives of more than 2,500 low-income students in 12 communities in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With a highly organized administrative, operational and governance structure, CPM is recognized as one of the best English teaching NGOs in Brazil.


Internship Description:

The intern will be working directly with a small, but highly professional management team, being able to understand how an organized non-profit organization runs its operation, seeking efficiency and high impact. They will be in contact with many of the +1,400 volunteers and +2,500 students, dozens of partner institutions and the variety of English Learning projects we have.

It’s probable that they will have to focus on one of these projects due to the short duration of the internship. They will be encouraged not only to engage in and support current activities but also to bring in ideas and insights to improve the operation (whether on management areas or more specifically on teaching or English language teaching). As we work with the English language as a tool to reduce social inequalities, it would be a great opportunity for interns that don’t necessarily speak Portuguese but want to get to know Brazil’s social complexities and people that are acting towards its improvement.

Education for Sharing // Mexico

E4S is an international non-profit organization with the mission of forming better global citizens from childhood through the power of play. We team up with teachers and parents to develop social emotional learning skills among our children and youth through a play-reflect-act framework.

Internship Description

Help People and Talent area to strengthen our E4S Wellness program.

1. Generate a diagnostic of the current wellness program.
2. Process the information and create an improvement plan.
3. Partner with other organizations to establish collaborations to strengthen the wellness program.

Intern Qualifications

1. Interest in people development.
2. Fluency in Spanish.
3. Ability to work well independently, and within a team.
4. Must be computer literate.
5. Interest in build strong connections with people


Elige Educar // Chile

Public-private organization that works under the wing of the Center for Public Policies of the Catholic University. We have the support and financing of the Ministry of Education and private partners who share our great cause: to work so that all children in Chile have great teachers and early childhood educators.

FEPAIS (Fuentes Educativas para la Integración Social) // Argentina

We are education for coexistence, a non-profit civil society organization with the mission of actively accompanying schools and other community organizations in the strengthening of social skills such as: non violent communication, conflict resolution, respect for coexistence agreements and use of a language without sterotypes, prejudices or racism.

Internship Description 

"BíoReporteros en red" is the name of an educative web journal for children, from 10 to 14 years old, with articles about Sustainable Development Goals. The intern(s) will work looking for information for the different sections (Science and Tech, Nature, Current affairs, Sports).

  • Look for articles from different world source

  • Write a report with the information

  • Look for the ilustrations or photos

  • This tasks have a weekly presentation time

Intern Qualifications

  • Level of Spanish for writing

  • Interest in learning the tasks

  • Work style


Fundação Estudar

Field: Education, Journalism, Social Entrepreneurship, Business, Third Sector
Portuguese Level: Intermediary Portuguese preferred

Founded by Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Beto Sicupira in 1991, Fundação Estudar is a non-profit organization that invests in the development of high-potential young people who will transform Brazil through work in various sectors. In order to do so, Estudar offers a variety of programs, both open and selective, in three principal areas: Inspiration, Education, and Careers. Through these programs, we support young people in fully developing their individual potential, in their search for the best education in Brazil and abroad, and in accessing compelling career opportunities.


As a Summer Intern at Fundação Estudar, you will be responsible for one of the organization’s strategic projects. Our projects are in the areas of Education & Products, Marketing & Commercial, Community & Sourcing, and Operations. Summer Interns will be allocated based on their profiles and skills. All majors can apply. Portuguese language skills are desired but not required.


We are a non-profit NGO, that we assume with initiative and objectivity a sustainable commitment with LIFE, CULTURE and JUSTICE to influence the permanent improvement of public policies for the benefit of the whole society. We implement in alliance, sustainable and replicable PROJECTS aimed at populations of interest, from the public and private spheres, to strengthen the link between decent and responsible WORK, inclusive, quality and permanent EDUCATION and the effective protection of the ENVIRONMENT, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals - Agenda 2030.


Project: Efficacy of multi-stakeholder actions in Argentina within the framework of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals  - Agenda 2030.
Intern's performance area: Research.
The Argentine Republic made commitments with the international community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the 2030 Agenda. The 17 SDGs pursue 169 goals that the different States implement in relation to their social, environmental and economic conditions. The implementation of this ambitious agenda requires an active commitment of the States in an active process of relations between governments, the private sector and civil society.



Pre-Texts // Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico

Field: Education, Arts
Spanish Level: Varies

Pre-texts is a transversal pedagogy through Cultural Agents that works like acupuncture by touching a creative nerve. “Make art from this text and reflect on the process,” stimulates cognitive and creative capacities to enhance work in education, public health, enterprise, violence prevention, etc. Pre-texts is an ideal match for students who value the power of community building, creativity, global citizenship, cultural exchange, and education.


- Students who select a Pre-texts internship opportunity will be appropriately placed by member sof the Pre-Texts team at one of their approved sites. - Interns will attend pre-program Pre-texts workshops

- Interns will collaborate with their host organizations on the implementation of Pre-Texts into specific projects detailed by each organization, relating to their mission/needs. 

See more information about Pre-texts here.


Spanish fluency varies by site location

A passion for creativity and innovation in education is ideal.

Varkey Foundation Argentina // Argentina

The Varkey Foundation is a global charitable foundation focused on improving the standards of education for underprivileged children. 

Fundación Varkey Argentina is a non-profit organization that designs and implements training programs aimed at school administrators and teachers. Every child deserves a great teacher. Since late 2016, more than 10,000 school educators have been trained in Argentina from different provinces of the country.
Its Educational Leadership and Innovation Program (PLIE) was a case study at Harvard University, highlighted by the World Bank, the OAS, CAF and has achieved a direct impact on different communities in the country.

In early 2020, Varkey launched Comunidad Atenea, the first online collaborative learning community for teachers in all of Latin America. There, teachers share their best practices, celebrate their work, and discuss how to improve students' education. The free platform already has more than 9,000 members and receives visits from more than 50 countries. In the region, in addition, the Foundation promotes, together with other organizations, the Latin American Coalition for Teaching Excellence that advocates for the professionalization of teaching.

On a global level, the foundation awards the Global Teacher Prize each year, an annual prize of one million dollars that recognizes an extraordinary and committed teacher who has made an inspiring impact in their school and community. With ten years to go to meet the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Goal 4 - to provide quality education for all children - the Global Teacher Prize partnered with UNESCO to ensure that teachers are present on governments' agendas.

Vía Educación A.C. // Mexico

Vía Educación is a non-governmental, non-profit Mexican organization created in 2005 with the mission of generating opportunities for sustainable social development through the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of successful educational strategies. Via Educacion’s vision is to unleash the potential of society to transform itself through education. From the very beginning, the organization has worked very closely with schools on teachers’ professional development initiatives. It has also designed different participatory strategies and approaches aimed at increasing and developing citizenship competencies, including but not limited to participation, democratic citizenship, and inter- and intra-personal skills.

The organization’s main objective is to share knowledge and implement best practices related to quality education and social transformation as well, from an interdisciplinary and systemic perspective. It has a professional team of more than 80 collaborators in seven cities of the country, committed to equal opportunities for quality education, the development of communities and families, human rights, respect for the dignity of people and confidence in their transformation potential. The organization counts with the support of a network of national and international experts and researchers.

Vía Educación’s mission is carried out through four main lines of action:

  1. Equal Opportunities for Quality Education - through the training of public-school teachers and headteachers, with a systemic perspective to expand life opportunities of vulnerable children.

  2. Democratic Education - promoting citizen participation, peaceful coexistence and violence prevention.

  3. Education Policy - advocating for reforms that impact the entire population, in cooperation with business leaders and committed citizens.

  4. Social Responsibility - promoting coordinated efforts among citizens, business groups and public officials in order to strengthen our communities. Via Educacion implements programs in formal and non-formal education spaces. These programs are classified as education programs and community programs.

Internship Description

There are two project where we would like to have support. DRCLAS can pick one based on students' interests.

  1. Education and Social Innovation Lab: Via Educacion is transforming its Monitoring & Evaluation area into an Education and Social Innovation Lab that will have three main goals: First, it will offer services of monitoring and evaluation to Via Educacion as well as external organizations. Secondly, it will monitor, observe and study trends and challenges in the education and citizenship participation space, in order to design initiatives that respond appropriately to the challenges of our time. Finally, Via Educacion wants to develop a repository with the latest research, policies and practices in education in Mexico and the world. The goal of this repository is to offer a space that serves to policymakers and practitioners to make decisions that are based on evidence.

  • Conduct research on the most immediate needs of students, schools, teachers, parents in a post Covid scenario

  • Create a benchmark of other social and education laboratories in Latin America and around the world

  • Develop a directory of repositories similar to the one we plan to develop (Ex: What Works Clearinghouse in the US)

  1. Communications and Development: This year, Via Educacion started conversations with organizations and schools interested in implementing some of the programs of Via Educacion in the US. As first steps, the organization opened a fund with the International Community Foundation, and has one senior volunteer in Boulder Colorado leading these conversations.

  • Develop a narrative of the organization and our programs that is clear and attractive for organizations, students, schools, teachers, and different audiences in the US

  • Identify other organizations working in the same arena in the US

  • Developing a ecosystem/stakeholders map with the stakeholders that could benefit from Via Educacion's work and that may be interested in supporting it

Intern Qualifications

  • Curious

  • Open minded

  • Interest in Latin America and Mexico

  • Open to many academic major

  • Interest in research, marketing, communication, education, non-profit management, social entrepreneurship, philosophy

This internship comes with a $400 stipend.

Environmental Science

Ecosystem Modeling & Monitoring Center-Universidad Mayo // Chile

Ecosystem Modeling & Monitoring Center at Universidad Mayo conducts first-line research to understand the dynamics of complex natural ecosystems. We provide science that supports decision-making in this area, promoting resilience and the sustainable management of ecosystems. Likewise, we generate collaboration networks with research organizations in Chile and abroad that allow us to face the challenges in modeling and monitoring ecosystems at a national and international level. Website:

Internship Description

Automatic identification of Chilean mammals in camera trap images: Evaluate tools for the classification of Chilean mammal species from camera trap images

What You'll Do

  •  Identify algorithms and classification tools

  • Evaluate applicability to Chilean mammals

  • Comparison with manual classification

Intern Qualifications

  • General knowledge of Chilean Fauna

  • Knowledge of programming in R

  • Preferably, students with a vocation in Latin America

Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN) // Argentina

The Environment and Natural Resource Foundation (Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales) or simply FARN, is a not-for-profit, non-partisan civil society organization located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its mission is to promote sustainable development through policy, law, and the institutional organization of society. FARN was founded in 1985, only two years after democracy was restored in Argentina. For the last 34 years it has been advocating for environmental sustainability, rule-of-law, and the strengthening public participation, as stipulated in the National Constitution and corresponding legal-institutional framework. Today, FARN occupies a unique niche as Argentina’s leading organization on legal-environmental issues. It must be stressed that FARN has been recognized periodically as one of the most important environmental think tanks in the world . FARN’s activities include research and policy analysis, publications and training, conferences and meetings, community legal advising and environmental litigation. These activities are carried out in diverse local, national, and international contexts. The primary beneficiaries of FARN’s work are public, private and civil society decision makers, as well as disadvantaged populations affected by contamination, deforestation, unauthorized development, access to clean water, and other legal-institutional problems related to natural resources and specific environmental policies. In terms of thematic scope, FARN works to improve policy and governance on a wide range of issues, including water and watershed management, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, energy (promoting renewables), land use change, agriculture and pesticide use, climate change, mining and glaciers, among others. Recent projects also include the drafting of legislation regarding corporate social responsibility, private land conservation, land use planning and public access to environmental information. FARN participates in diverse national and international networks, which bring together NGO’s and other private sector actors, to exchange information and build common ground on issues of shared concern. Lastly, FARN litigates on behalf of individuals and communities whose rights to a healthy environment have been threatened by inadequate implementation of the law. 

Internship Description

Topics in which FARN values assistance are particularly two: first, monitoring of global processes and their implications for Argentine environmental policy, in particular, international biodiversity targets and the new global biodiversity framework post 2020. Interest in human rights based-approaches and gender is welcome. A second topic in which FARN requires help is knowledge on the use of georeferencing tools, particularly GIS as it could contribute to the promotion of a biocultural corridor in the Matanza Riachuelo basin, the most polluted basin in Argentina in which FARN has a work experience of over 20 years.

Activities will include research, summarizing and sistematizing information, writing reports, attending and helping with organizing meetings and preparing minutes.


Center for Genomics, Ecology & Environment // Chile

Center for Genomics, Ecology & Environment at Universidad Mayor links genomic organization, structure and functionality with the complexity of ecological systems. We develop fundamental and applied frontier research in the area of ​​natural, genomic and environmental sciences, in order to understand the functioning of ecosystems and contribute to the appreciation of the country's natural and cultural heritage. Website:


Biocrusts under photobiotic and climate change stress: linking criticality and the functional response of N cycling in endoliths and biological soil crusts of Chilean arid environments (Fondecyt Regular # 1170995). Intern tasks include:

- Data analysis on abundance and functional potential of microbial communities of arid and hyperarid soils. 
- If covid restriction allows traveling to Chile, field work in the Atacama desert to collect soil samples and further lab work to extract DNA.


- Interdisciplinary interest to link ideas from ecology, biogeochemistry and complexity science. 
- Background in theoretical ecology and/or microbial ecology is desirable, as well as some basic understanding of statistics and familiarity with R programming environment (if now, we can teach what is needed). 
- In case of field travel, consider that some sampling sites in northern Chile are above 3,500 masl (medical check-up is advisable).



CEPESP/FGV - Centro de Estudos de Política e Economia do Setor Público


Field: Research, Environment, Government and Urban Planning 

Portuguese Level: No Portuguese Necessary 


FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas) is one of the most important research and teaching institutions in Brazil. The Public Sector Policy and Economy Center, CEPESP, was created in 2006 and is FGV's first multidisciplinary center. The objective of the FGV CEPESP, as well as that of FGV as a whole, is to contribute to the democratic development of the country through knowledge produced by its research. Although the focus is on Brazil, FGV CEPESP dialogues with the knowledge produced abroad, as it recognizes in the comparison with the experiences of other countries a useful way to understand national problems. 

The main research question is the relationship between politics and economics in understanding the restrictions and potential of public policies. In other words, our research aims to assess the influence exerted by institutions (in a broad sense) on public policy decisions. More specifically, the work of CEPESP/ FGV is structured in four main lines of research: Political Institutions; Public Finances; Urban Economics and Transport, and the recent line of Law, Regulation, and Public Policies  



We are currently researching electoral politics, environment and climate change, social networks' political use and urban policies and public transportation. Intern Students may help with literature reviews, data collection and analysis, and other research activities. 



Study interests: political economy, electoral politics, social networks, environment and climate change, urban policies, and public transportation. No Portuguese knowledge is necessary. 

Constitutional Lab, Diego Portales University // Chile

The Universidad Diego Portales (UDP) is a non-profit university based on Santiago, Chile. The Institute for Social Science Research (ICSO-UDP) is the Institute that coordinates all UDP’s research projects in social science. ICSO-UDP has focused on: a) promoting relevant knowledge production concerning the social realm with a comparative perspective, b) disseminating knowledge in order to improve social conditions of vulnerable communities, and c) engaging with social actors in collaborative activities in order to find creative solutions to existing problems. Specifically, several projects have focused on social inequalities (Observatory of Inequalities), institutional change (Constitutional lab), and indigenous rights in Chile. The Constitutional Lab has produced relevant research materials concerning the relevance of constitutional change. Moreover, it has particularly focused on addressing issues of enhancing democratic institutions for broad social participation, promoting social rights, and including indigenous peoples’ recognition at the constitutional level. The Constitutional Lab has also promoted direct engagement with communities through workshops, seminars, and summer schools open to all sectors of society and free of charge. After the social disruption of October 18, 2019 the Constitutional Lab has played a relevant role promoting active civic engagement, as the debate on the constitutional process become crucial.

Internship Description

Contexto is a project funded by the Ford Foundation and carried out by the Diego Portales University, in collaboration with three other Chilean non-governmental organizations, that seeks to promote participation and transparency in the Chilean Constituent process. Specifically, Contexto aims to empower citizens to actively participate in the process; promote informed and massive participation, with a particular emphasis on youth, women and indigenous peoples; generate debate based on truthful and reliable information on the process and constitutional content; and ensure the transparency of the constituent process, monitoring its different facets and stages. Activities carried out include training on the process and mechanisms of participation; production of didactic materials and simple briefs on constitutional content and debate to inform the population; the organization of national and regional debates on the process and its role in democracy-building; and an observatory to monitor public discourse, identify disinformation, and maximize transparency and access to information for the public during the process.
  • Production of a brief in English about the Chilean constituent process, citizen participation and transparency
  • Assistance in the organization of online debates and discussions on the process, liaising with US organization working on Latin America
  • Participation in team meetings and help with general project coordination

Intern Qualifications

  • Good understanding of and skills in written and spoken Spanish
  • Interest in Latin American politics


Inova - MPRJ

Field: Human Rights, Education, Early Childhood, Technology, Health, Environment, Urban Planning, Government, Public Policies, Research, Design
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred

Inova_MPRJ is the government innovation lab of the Rio de Janeiro's Public Prosecutor's Office. Our purpose is to explore daring ideas, evaluating their impact before the institution decides to scale them up. To address sustainable public solutions, we work mixing different and complementary tools, such as data science, design thinking, storytelling, and evidence-based public-policies. Our team is composed by designers, economists, lawyers, and data scientists.


We work following a multidisciplinary approach to solve government challenges that vary from administrative issues to health, education, and environment issues, for example. The student will help us to do applied research, project management tasks and/or impact evaluation.

Our interns work with Research; prospecting; management tasks; writing; establishing international network...


Students must be Interested in innovation and public policies.  Possible fields of study are: economics, data science, public policy, design, law, public administration, government. At least a basic level Portuguese is preferred.

Instituto Nacional Electoral // Mexico

The National Electoral Institute (NEI) is the autonomous public institution responsible for organizing democratic elections, guaranteeing the exercise of the political-electoral rights of citizens and promoting the democratic development of Mexico

Internship Description

There are two projects available for the interns to choose:
1. Ranking the quality and reliability of the information of one roll record in the Electoral register Have preventive and corrective indicators that reflect the quality and reliability of the electoral roll records and the registration and update procedures. Determine and classify the variables and data to be used. Perform statistical analysis and data mining on the Big Data platform. This internship is ideal for anyone who is looking garner experience in determine and classifying different variables using millions of data to be used and support statistical analysis.  Responsib ilities include:
• Identify the sources of information.
• Perform statistical analysis.
• Identify ranges in which values move.
• The principal responsibility will be elaboration of graphic and control boards which allow executive consultation.
• The intern will receive individual tutoring and will have the opportunity to attend meetings by senior managers who will present results. 

2. Comparative studies of inclusion policies in Latin America The National Electoral Institute, is looking for a capable and enthusiastic intern wishing to conduct comparative research of the policies and actions put into practice the electoral institutions in Latin America in terms of inclusion of citizen priority attention groups, in order to be able to apply affirmative actions and good practices to implement public policies that reinforce political rights and democracy in Mexico. You will work under the mentorship of the Technical Unit for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination. Responsibilities include:
• Assist in research, policy documents, internal research notes, public policies and initiatives carried out in other countries and institutions.
• Research and document relevant experiences for internal discussion.
• Contribute to the watch of affirmative action strategies and measures and strategic actions to promote the inclusion of citizenship and the political violence against women based on gender during the elections in Mexico.
• Help with the elaboration of the Final Report of the elaborated research, including the preparation of meetings, background research, data entry and internal reports.


Intern Qualifications


1. Ranking the quality and reliability of the information of one roll record in the Electoral register Qualities
• Current enrollment in a program of undergraduate or graduate studies.
• Capability to work with Statistical data, Database information, presentation of data information. • Interested in the electoral process.
• Interested in population data.
• Proposes creative ideas, elaboration of presentations.
• Spanish verbal and written communication skills are required, including excellent editing skills.
• Experience in the electoral process and population data.
• Preferably knowledge Big Data, phyton, SQL Server.
• Research and analytical skills preferably.
• Mature judgment, strong integrity and the ability to maintain strict confidentiality are required.

2. Comparative studies of inclusion policies in Latin America Qualifications and experience
• Current enrollment in a program of undergraduate or graduate studies.
• Strong Spanish verbal and written communication skills are required, including excellent editing
• Excellent research and analytical skills required.
• Well organized
• Demonstrated interest and commitment to human rights and political-electoral rights are required.
• Mature judgment, strong integrity and the ability to maintain strict confidentiality are required.
• You must have at least an intermediate level of spoken Spanish, in reading and writing / Fluency in spoken, reading and written Spanish will be essential.

Ministry of Public Work and Communications // Paraguay

Ministry of Public Work and Communications

In charge of Public Work, Transport, Energy and PPP Projects


Research on Logistic Corridors in Landlocked Countries. Harvard Kennedy School - Economy Department. Intern tasks include:

- Diagnosis of the logistic matrix
- Actual need of the sector
- Action Plan to cover the gap


Economics concentrators preferred

Municipalidad de Lima // Peru

Local government that represents the neighborhood, promotes the adequate provision of local public services and the integral, sustainable and harmonious development of Lima Province. Currently, the MML is preparing its climate action plan in partnership with C40 and in accordance with the provisions of the Paris Agreement of the UNFCCC.



Depending on their profile and interests, the student can preference the following projects:

  • Environmental Sustainability

    • Working under the Climate Action Plan of Lima Province in the Sub-management of Environmental Strategy and Climate Change of the Management of Services to the City and Environmental Management

    • Provide assistance in the final stage of elaboration of the Climate Action Plan of Lima Province before its approval in March 2021. With special emphasis on the final review of the implementation phase (actions and strategic objectives).

  • Corruption Management 

    • Developing an academic proposal as a result of research on successful examples of fighting corruption within public adminsitration 

  • Social Development Management

    • The line body responsible for the promotion and improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable population and / or at social risk in the area of ​​its competence, the social reintegration of children and adolescents in a situation of risk, the protection and promotion of people with disabilities, older adults and families in situations of poverty and extreme poverty, the promotion and management of plans, actions and interventions in Public Health in the Cercado de Lima, of the Food Programs , as well as activities related to Marriage Acts, within the framework of current legal provisions. The specific programs in which the internship would be: - Lima Te Cuida: Territorial intervention in response to the Covid 19 pandemic. - Inclusive Lima: Comprehensive intervention to improve services, environments and promote the inclusion of people with disabilities. - Lima Infancia: Program focused on building a city that is friendly to early childhood. Promoting Early Childhood Development.


  • High proficiency in Spanish
  • Interest in public policies, environment, social management, or corruption, as applicable
  • Interest in topics related to sustainable cities, urban management, social inclusion and human development in Latin America.
  • High social sensibility for the work in benefit of vulnerable populations problematics
  • High communication skills with different stakeholders


Poder Ciudadano // Argentina

Poder Ciudadano ( promotes the strengthening of democracy through citizen participation, transparency and access to public information.

Internship Description

The project they will be working on is called "IMPACTAR" (IMPACT). It´s a project aimed at strengthening the integrity system of the Buenos Aires Province through the increase and incidence of the participation of civil society organizations in the construction of democratic, inclusive and sustainable public policies.


Programa Nacional de Lucha contra la Impunidad (PRONALCI)

Programa Nacional de Lucha contra la Impunidad (PRONALCI). 

The mission of the National Program to Fight Impunity (PRONALCI) is to strengthen the search for justice for victims of serious violations of essential rights through support and comprehensive advice that facilitates access to information and their empowerment. In addition, intersectoral work is promoted and the generation of minimum standards of good care practices and uniformity of protocols for the implementation of policies aimed at guaranteeing a comprehensive approach to crime victims.


Within the framework of Law 27589 on ALTERNATE CAPITALS OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC and the guidelines of Law No. 27372 of Rights and guarantees of persons who are victims of crimes that frames the actions of the Program. Since PRONALCI is a Federal Program , the intern will undertake the survey of the institutions (governmental and non-governmental), resources and policies directed to the accompaniment of victims of crimes against life, in the alternate capitals defined by the aforementioned Law.




Asociación Civil Rincón por Nuestro Sueños // Argentina

Rincón por Nuestro Sueños is a non-profit Civil Association whose main objective is to work with children and adolescents with vulnerable rights who have been separated from their families by court order. For this purpose, in 2009, we created the Rincón de Nuestro Sueños Coexistence Home.

These children we host are going through particular emotional circumstances and need psychological and psychiatric treatment, making it difficult for them to feel included in similar homes in Bahía Blanca and the area. Thus, we work side by side with mental health services as a preventive measure for their care in which children can avoid hospitalization in a psychiatric institution, and serve as a bridge for those children who have obtained a medical discharge but are not in a position to reintegrate with their family, and need the protection of their rights.

In our home, these children live as long as necessary, until the problems for which the judicial measure was taken can be solved, another family is assigned to them, or they turn 18 years old. We work alongside other organizations to provide these children a second family, guidance if they turn 18 years old, and "self-worth" strategies, which allow them to sustain themselves and obtain the necessary means to guarantee their future.

Our home does not have health professionals dealing with treatment; however, the work coordinated with mental health services is daily. In this sense, in cases where it is necessary, we hold two weekly meetings, in which the Mental Health Matrix Team of the Municipality of Bahía Blanca, the treating psychologists, the therapeutic companions of each child, the caregivers of the home, and, whenever possible, youth psychiatrists for the promotion and protection of the rights of children and adolescents.

Our association is supported by a municipal subsidy and a collaboration agreement with the Children's Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires, plus a few individuals' contributions. This situation establishes a particular fragility since the contributions fluctuate according to the opinion of the government in power. This is why obtaining resources from private individuals would provide a certain stability to the home and the young people living with us. 

Internship Description

The intern is expected to get involved with the Rincón de Nuestro Sueños team to become aware of our characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, to further develop strategies for the social positioning of our home, and of this way to generate ties with those who are outside the childhood system itself to expand the alternatives for raising private funds. In addition, the intern will help us brainstorm strategies to improve the successful graduation of children in our home and accompany them in the development of "self-worth" strategies, which allow them to sustain themselves and obtain the necessary means to guarantee their future.

The intern will:

  • Hold interviews in virtual support with members of our team and home workers, children living in the home, municipal authorities of the System for the Promotion and Protection of the rights of boys, girls, and adolescents, professionals from the Municipal Mental Health Matrix Service

  • Aid in the fostering of relations with the companies that collaborate with the home

  • Collaborate in the development of a characteristic profile, according to the data collected

  • Make contributions to design strategies for positioning and disseminating the activities carried out by Rincón por Nuestros Sueños

  • Collaborate in the design of new graduation alternatives to accompany the children in developing “self-worth” strategies

  • Provide ideas and strategies for the design of a fundraising strategy. In this sense, beyond the possibilities at the local level, the ability to collect information, share it, and collaborate in the design and strategies to access contributions from individuals, companies, or organizations outside the scope is important. All relevant information, regulations, and knowledge of specific laws needed will be provided.

Intern Qualifications

  • -Advanced knowledge of the Spanish language

  • Management of digital communication tools

  • Predisposition to communicate with children, adolescents, and adults to exchange experiences, impressions, and information

Centro de Bioética de la Universidad Catolica de Cordoba // Argentina

The Bioethics Center of the Catholic University of Córdoba has a recognized track record in promoting ethical and bioethical reflection, both inside and outside the University. The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the Center for Bioethics. Link to the Center: 

The intern can choose between different lines of the Center:

Strengthening of research ethics at the Catholic University of Córdoba. This project aims to: develop a guide and evaluation form for research projects from an ethical perspective and adapted to the context of the Catholic University of Córdoba.

Development of good practices in health research and management. This project aims to: propose improvements in the research and management tasks of the Reina Fabiola University Clinic.

Support for the Open Science program at the Catholic University of Córdoba. This project aims to: develop the phases and methods for accessing open research data at the Catholic University of Córdoba.

Promotion of business ethics, in conjunction with the Business School of the Catholic University of Córdoba. This project aims to: prepare a guide to good practices in business ethics based on comparative studies.

Support for the project to develop ethical standards in Artificial Intelligence. This project aims to: develop ethical standards of transparency and justice to be applied in the design of Artificial Intelligence, particularly in public policy processes.

Support for the development of the open anti-corruption Chair. This project aims to: outline content, implementation methodologies and expert teachers for the development of an open anti-corruption Chair at the Catholic University of Córdoba.




Centro de Investigación en Sociedad y Salud - UM // Chile

Centro de investigación en Sociedad y Salud - Universidad Mayor 

The overarching mission of the Society and Health Research Center is to advance well-being at the individual, social, and institutional levels in a context of global demographic, epidemiological, technological, and environmental change. To pursue this mission, the goals of the center are to conduct world-class interdisciplinary research with real-world implications, train new researchers, and disseminate evidence to broad audiences.
Our research strengths are grouped into three clusters: (1) social and life-course determinants of health and aging, (2) social relationships and cohesion, (3) and institutions and regulation from a cross-national and comparative perspective. To study these issues, we use mixed methods and embrace the new opportunities arising with an era of big “cells to society” data.


The project seeks to study the moderating effect of alcohol and other substances on the association between the transition to retirement and depression in older people. The focus of the study is a comparative analysis between 20 to 25 countries, which have longitudinal questionnaires about old age, retirement and health. The data will be harmonized and studied through a three-level mixed model, considering variables that change over time and variables that do not, at the individual and country level.
This project will be carried out at the Center for Research in Society and Health of the Universidad Mayor. Intern Tasks:

- Support with preliminary data analysis
- Harmonization of data between countries
- Support with literature review
- Learn to drive mixed and multilevel models
- Learn about the different questionnaires of each country


- Use of Stata and excel
- Academic Writing
- Intermediate to high written English
- Preferably from the area of ​​social sciences, epidemiology, and the like.

Fundacion Brincar por un Autismo Feliz//Argentina

Our goal is to ensure the highest quality of life for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder – ASD – throughout their lifespan by providing parents and families, teachers, health practitioners and their communities the required training to improve their education, cultural experiences, recreational and work opportunities for full inclusion in society. 
Autism is a complex lifelong neurological disorder that affects the alarming number of 1 in 54 children, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Argentina lacks official statistics on ASD, but approximately 700,000 people are considered to be on the spectrum. Almost 50% of the country’s population lives in poverty conditions and is excluded from the private insurance health system, leaving families with ASD in an extremely vulnerable condition given the intensity of treatment required. People with ASD end up left out of educational, social, and work opportunities. Brincar provides for them what the government so often cannot.

The intern's project willbe the development of our free virtual library BIBLIOTECA BRINCAR

PANAACEA // Argentina

PANAACEA: Programa Argentino para Niños, Adolescentes y Adultos con Condiciones del Espectro Autista - We are an NGO with the mission of helping to improve the quality of life of people with developmental disorders and their families. We work on research, assessment, intervention and awareness

Research project: a study on effectiveness of cannabis oil for irritability and self injury in autism spectrum disorders.

Programa Cumelen Proyecto Terapéutico // Argentina


The CUMELEN Program focuses its attention on the care and preventive area and it is through its care structure that it responds to the demands of people and their families who have problems with drug use and other addictions.

Our goals:
Provide a process of detoxification, rehabilitation and social inclusion from the psychosocial and pharmacological intervention framework.
It offers spaces for orientation, analysis and advice to family groups of users and organizational entities, stories such as universities, the State, the educational field, among others.
Coordination and monitoring for users based on social, family and work reintegration

Our values
Each person in treatment has a particular process that responds to their needs, for this a treatment plan is worked on, which is adapted to the modifications that are presented according to the dynamics of the user's process. The user has duties and rights that make him participate in the construction and reconstruction of his therapeutic process. The accompaniment interventions and perspectives are interdisciplinary.
The program will be added to the social and institutional processes according to its perspective, allowing to enjoy the growth in the field of intervention and research from the influence of various actors.


Tecnologico de Monterrey // Mexico


The Global Health Initiative – led by Tec alumni and professors –- has gathered support and enthusiasm across the public health and medical community in Mexico to formalize the first Global Health Institute (GHI) in Latin America. The Tecnológico de Monterrey (aka the Tec) is uniquely positioned to launch the first GHI because of its innovative educational approach, network and connections to the global health field, and world-wide reputation of excellence and entrepreneurship. The Tec ranks first in Mexico amongst all education institutions. In our approach to launch and design the GHI, we are using Marketing Research and Community Organizing frameworks along with a diverse array of research and implementation methodologies and projects that go from semi-structured interviews, surveys, to community organizing and design thinking.
In addition, we are also generating new and innovative research portfolio on the following areas:
1. Primary Healthcare Delivery and Financing Models
2. Non-communicable Chronic Diseases
3. Migration
4. Climate change
5. Tuberculosis eradication GHI Vision
To achieve health equity through training, research and community organizing and serve as a model for Global Health in Latin America. Individuals and communities, regardless of their geography or socioeconomic status, should have effective access to integrated and high-quality health services, a necessary condition for living a productive and healthy life.

GHI Mission The GHI aims to close gaps in health equity through a multidisciplinary approach:
• Multidisciplinary Training
1. Deliver high-quality academic programs and courses that are multidisciplinary, innovative and adapted to the needs of the student
2. Provide immersive experiences and practicums that prepare them as agents of social change to address the social determinants of health and promote equity in health.
• Social Impact Research
1. Generate new knowledge and applied practice through disruptive research and consulting in strategic areas, with emphasis on the implementation of projects and the provision of health services to people with chronic degenerative diseases.
2. Develop new technologies and health products that follow an equity approach.
3. It analyzes public health policies with a vision of systems and based on a perspective of equity and human rights.
• Strategic Partnerships
1. It carries out participation activities that promote equity in global health, through community organization and service, and public events.
2. It promotes, links and coordinates a global network of institutions working for health equity to share best practices, collaborate on large-scale projects and create a support network. Currently we are in the formation phase; the Medical School Dean as already approved the project.

Internship Description


Current projects (subject to change):
1. Mixed methods analysis on the impact on healthcare access by the new health reform recently issued by President AMLO (creation of INSABI. Nov, 2019)
2. Develop contents for a global health certificate at Tec de Monterrey
3. Quantitative study on the economic impact of vaccination gaps in Mexico
4. Quantitative study on the relationship between non-pharmacological interventions in the states of mexico and the burden of COVID-19
5. The influence of the Rockefeller Foundation on the political economy of the Mexican Healthcare System New research projects are expected to be developed in the coming months.
6. Proposals from students are also welcomed.


The duties depend on the research topic selected. But in general terms:
- Carry out qualitative and/or quantitative work, data processing, analyzing and leading process for publication submission.
- Perform qualitative and/or data analysis and writing findings.
- Coordinating diverse stakeholders interested in collaborating with the GHI A possible deliverable for a research projects it may be a first draft of a peer-reviewed paper for publication.
- The intern will be acknowledged accordingly in the authors’ list.

Intern Qualifications

  • The Global Health Research Intern must be passionate about global health and problems that transcend borders. Likewise, they should see the value of the new generations to influence the future of the country. In addition, having some basis on qualitative and quantitative methods to perform research in global public health would be desirable, however, not necessary.

  • Fluency in Spanish is required.




Field: Technology, Health, Research, Business, Engineering

Portuguese level: Basic Portuguese necessary


TissueLabs is a platform for creating organs and tissues in the lab. We offer consumables and equipment which, together, create the most advanced microenvironment for cell and tissue culture in the world. Our products allow performing state of the art research, from drug discovery to organ fabrication.



The position will be focused on establishing new partners, customers, and collaborators in the United States. Currently, TissueLabs has offices in Brazil and Switzerland. The students taking part in this internship will help the company to start operations in North America. An intern here will work with Business Development, Marketing, Research


Experience with scientific research, marketing for scientists, and hard sciences business are a plus.



Field: Technology, Health, Mental Health, Social Entrepreneurship
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary

Vitalk is a social impact startup that utilizes technology to make mental health affordable for everyone in Brazil.

We are a VC-backed digital health company focused on educating and monitoring under-served populations in Brazil using AI-powered virtual health assistants. While we've previously worked in the areas of maternity and chronic diseases, we are now focusing almost exclusively on our new product for Mental Health called Vitalk. Vitalk consists of a virtual health assistant that converses with users on a variety of topics, such as depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, relationships and other issues. Vitalk also counts on a team of psychotherapists who provide chat-based therapy to users. The idea behind Vitalk is to make mental health more available for low- and middle-income patients; our offering has been shown to be just as effective as in-person or video-therapy, but it is 5X less expensive.

We sell Vitalk programs/services to both Private and Public sector and B2C. We've won awards from Grand Challenges Canada, Google.Org, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We even have some clients in the US. We are now focusing on scaling our innovation both within and outside Brazil.



Potential projects an intern would work on are: creating new evidence-based mental health interventions to be used in our app; helping us in our expansion into other Latin American countries; helping us publish research based on user-collected data; other tasks to be determined. Work with product management team or projects team.

Interns would be responsible for: Online research, writing, basic data analysis.

Human, Women & Gender Rights

Cadal // Argentina

Cadal works for the global defense and respect of human rights, focusing on individuals who suffer severe restrictions on their freedoms and promoting international democratic solidarity in collaboration with activists and civil society organizations. Everything we do has the same purpose: to generate a fairer and freer society.

Internship Description


Students will be able to choose the project in which they will be collaborating, based on their profiles and interests.

- Observatory of International Relations and Human Rights: we monitor the foreign policy on human rights, the international relations of the autocracies and the internal situation both in closed societies and in countries where there is an erosion of the democratic institutionality that curtails civil and political rights and electoral transparency. More information:

- Defense of Freedom of Artistic Expression: through an alliance with Freemuse, violations of freedom of artistic expression in Latin America are monitored, documented and made visible. More information:

- Monitoring of democratic governance: the political, economic and institutional performance of Latin America and other developing countries is analyzed. With this objective, publications and multimedia content are produced, events are organized and public policy proposals are formulated. More information:

- Promotion of Political Openness in Cuba: its objective is to carry out regional and international advocacy actions in favor of political pluralism, with special emphasis on the recognition and support of Cuban democratic colleagues. More information:

- Václav Havel Institute: aims to keep alive the legacy of the first president of the Czech Republic in the promotion of Human Rights, international democratic solidarity and the Memory on the totalitarianisms of the 20th century. More information:


Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc. // Mexico

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc. (CDM) supports Mexico-based migrant workers to defend and protect their rights as they move between their home communities in Mexico and their workplaces in the United States. With our binational, multilingual staff and geographic reach we have grown in response to increasing needs for its advocacy and services and seek to overcome the border as a barrier to justice.


Internship Project:
The elegible intern(s) will work with our legal, outreach and communications teams in the execution of our FIFA United 2026 campaign. The campaign aims to position migrant workers rights issues as a crucial topic for the organization of the FIFA World Cup to be held in Mexico, United States and Canada. We will document current patterns of abuse and rights violations in industries and cities where the games will be held, develop know-your-rights materials for workers, work closely with local and federal authorities to improve working and recruitment conditions for migrant workers, develop a media campaign to inform the general public, and work with civil society organizations to push for protections across industries and geographies.

Internship Tasks:

- Work with the legal team to analyze rights violations by industry and geography;
- Assist with the logistics of workshops, trainings and events with stakeholders;
- Follow-up on news, events and announcements regarding workers rights, related to the World Cup and other previous sporting events;
- Conduct virtual outreach to workers to gather input for the campaign; and
- Other activities as needed.

Intern Requirements:

The elegible intern(s) must be fluent in Spanish, since all internal communications and meetings are held in Spanish (it doesn't have to be native, but students should be fluent enough to communicate with other members of the team). Law students and/or students interested in a career in public service would greatly benefit from working with an organization that provides both legal services as well as does policy advocacy work. Prior experience in labor rights and social justice is desirable.

Chiapas Enea // Mexico

Chiapas Enea is a civil association that works specifically with women from indigenous communites in the Southern zone of Mexico, in Chiapas. The organization is dedicated to strengthening. The organization is dedicated to strengthening training processes for women both in their ancestral knowledge and in new knowledge for their empowerment.

Internship Description

The intern will be working in the area of communications and publicity, consulting in both marketing and advertising strategies, as well as dissemination strategies for a better development of the association's processes.


  • Create a marketing and advertising partnership strategy for the work that is being developed in the association
  • Create an advisory strategy in communication and dissemination so that the association has a greater impact
  • Advise on design and advertising programs for the projects required by the association
  • Develop project-strategy for work in the area of communication and dissemination of the organization

Intern Requirements

  • A high or medium level of Spanish
  • Knowledge of marketing and advertising
  • A/V skills
  • Knowledge in broadcasting and advertising
  • Desire for approach and knowledge of Latin American cultures and especially the indigenous cultures of Latin America
  • Respect for Latin American processes in matters of cultural difference
  • Creativity 

LADH Liga Argentina por los Derechos Humanos // Argentina

Argentine League for Human Rights.  Foundation 1937
The Argentine League for Human Rights is an association that was founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in an assembly held in the halls of the newspaper Crítica on December 20, 1937 and is “unanimously recognized as the first historical experience in the matter of grouping of renowned personalities and activists in defense of constitutional legality in the country. 
It is currently known as the Argentine League for Human Rights.


Igarapé Institute

Field: Human Rights, Technology, Urban Planning, Public Policies, Research, Justice and Security, Security and Conflict Prevention, Migration and Refuge, Climate Change
Portuguese Level: Basic or Intermediary Portuguese preferred

The Igarapé Institute is an independent think and do tank devoted to evidence-based policy and action on complex security, justice and development challenges in Brazil, Latin America, and Africa. The Institute’s goal is to stimulate debate, foster connections and trigger action. Based in the South, the Igarapé Institute undertakes diagnostics, generates awareness, and co-designs solutions with public and private partners, often with the use of new technologies.

Key areas of focus include (i) drug policy, (ii) citizen security, (iii) building peace, (iv) safer cities and (v) cyber security.

Ministerio de la Mujer y Equidad de Genero // Chile

Its mission is to create policies, plans and programs that benefit women and work to eliminate any type of gender discrimination, making Chile a more equitable country.

Mujeres 2000 // Argentina

We are an NGO made up of professionals and university students, mostly volunteers. Since 2000 we have been working in vulnerable neighborhoods in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, promoting initiatives of women, youth and families that promote the development of their potential. Our website is



Institutional Development Area. The role of the intern will be to collaborate with the assembly of projects to present in international grants.


- Research of grants to which the organization is applicable

- Investigation of the requirements to apply

- Collaboration with the area coordinators to collect the necessary information

- Assembly of the projects under the review of the executive management

- Collaboration in an annual presentation strategy for International Grants





- Advanced written and oral Spanish
- Interest in setting up social impact projects
- Good writing skills
- Commitment
- The desire to work as a team


Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos // Chile

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights seeks to draw attention to human rights violations committed by the Chilean state between 1973 and 1990. Its mission is to allow dignity for victims and their families, stimulate reflection and debate and to promote respect and tolerance in order that these events never happen again.

Internship Description

During the last months, the museum's education department has developed a program of free virtual courses for the community. In the context of the constituent process that is being developed in Chile, we have decided to generate a basic course about constitution and human rights, to apply during 2021.

What You'll Do:

  • Collaborate with the department of education, in the design of the course project "human rights and constitution" creating inputs for course content

Intern Qualifications

  • Open to undergraduate and graduate students

  • High level of spanish

  • Students related with social sciences or pedagogy

  • Experience with team work and investigation

Museo de Sitio ESMA - Ex Centro Clandestino de Detención, Tortura y Exterminio // Argentina

The Museo Sitio de Memoria ESMA is a decentralized body within the scope of the Human Rights Secretariat of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation. Through the application of the most modern museographic techniques and research works, its purpose is to disseminate and transmit the events that occurred to the victims of State terrorism, which occurred in the physical environment of their detention, as well as its antecedents and consequences. (Decree 3311/2015).



Radio Cooperativa // Chile

Radio Cooperativa

We are a means of communication with more than 80 years of experience and a serious informative commitment. National, political, soccer, cultural news, and more


The student will join the work of a daily news program. Its mission will be to incorporate global issues into the news schedule of a radio newscast and its digital news site, through interviews, analysis, translation and adaptation of content.
The intern will be tasked with exploring new ways of distributing and analyzing content through networks. Intern tasks will include:

Search and propose global content for a daily news program.
Conduct interviews with professors, analysts and experts on topics that are part of the international news agenda and adapt those interviews to a massive local audience.
Produce and transfer content from English to Spanish.
Propose ways of distributing audio content, in radio and digital formats.


Interest in the media and its role in social life.
Interest in new forms of content distribution in the digital environment.
Interest in learning about the processes in a country like Chile, which faces a series of important public policy reforms, after years of economic stability and persistent inequality.
Management of Spanish intermediate level. The student will have opportunities to communicate in English and Spanish, and will have support in the development of content that requires greater command of the Spanish language.


Departamento de Derecho, Universidad Nacional del Sur // Argentina

The intern will work at the Department of Law of the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, in the Province of Buenos Aires ( The university was founded in 1956 (, and the Law degree at the university was created in 1995.
The main programs of the Department of Law, which are important for the training of human resources in Argentina, are the following: [1] Master in Law (director, Matías Irigoyen Testa: -law/); [2] Specialization in Criminal Law; [3] Specialization in Family, Childhood and Adolescence Law; [4] Specialization in Business Law; [5] Law College Degree; and [6] Degree in Public Security.
In addition, the university offers several research projects as part of its courses, some of which are directed by Dr. Matías Irigoyen Testa, who participated in the Remote Summer Program 2020. These are important for analyzing regulations in Argentina and on a global scale, per the different problems studied in each Research Project. 


Directorio Legislativo//Argentina


We are a nonpartisan and independent organization that for 10 years has been promoting the constitution of autonomous, flexible, democratic and independent spaces, through dialogue with various actors from the public, private, academic and civil society sectors. The starting point of our work arises from the recognition and appreciation of the political and social plurality of Latin America.



Facultad de Derecho, Universidad Católica // Chile

Facultad de Derecho, Universidad Católica

The Faculty of Law's mission is "to train professionals in the legal field and upright people who are motivated and willing to live their professional practice in a dimension of service to people and society. In addition, it will contribute to the generation of knowledge through the development of quality research open to dialogue between faith and reason, seeking to exercise leadership and influence in the national and international legal debate from an academic perspective ".


Join a research plan on constitutional processes compared to the experience we are living in Chile.


Good understanding of written and spoken Spanish
• Majors could include social and political sciences, journalism
• Interest in Latin American politics
• Good writing style

Fundación Acción Restaurativa Argentina//Argentina

Fundación Acción Restaurativa is a civil society organization focused on restorative justice developments, applied to adolescents and young people who are in conflict with criminal law or have committed crimes. The restorative models that we develop are victim offenders, restorative circles for discharge, and we have started a process of restorative routes from North to South America, which has been enhanced with the support and dissemination of the members of different restorative plans, programs and projects that have been developing in a region affected by violence and in particular by the pandemic.

World Justice Project // Mexico

World Justice Project works to promote criminal justice and rule of law reforms in Mexico.

Internship Description

The Criminal Justice Reform Intern (CJRI) is a research assistant position that will mainly focus on carrying out literature review research on comparative international criminal justice policies related to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in diverse countries using official and academic documents. The intern may also evaluate quantitative data derived from government statistics and large-scale surveys on the use of ADRs.

Overall Responsibilities and Expected Results:

  • Carry out literature review research from official and academic documents concerning specific criminal justice policies

Specific Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Review international academic and policy literature regarding criminal justice policies focused on measures that limit or prevent time in prison, such as bail and ADRs. The work will entail: bibliographic searching, compilation, review and synthesis, as well as written and oral communication of main findings.

  • Contribute to identification, selection and presentation of international governmental data to be included in WJP’s compilation indicators on characteristics and performance of criminal justice institutions such as police department and prosecution offices. Expected routine activities

  • Deliver weekly notes on the reviewed literature.

  • Participate in WJP meetings (virtual/electronic/phone): internal general and ad hoc, with government officials and independent experts.

Intern Qualifications

  • Major in a field related to public policy or criminal justice institutions. At least three semesters completed.

  • Excellent reading, strong oral and proficient writing skills.

  • Ability to read and communicate in Spanish is strongly preferred.

International Relations

Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI)//Argentina

The Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI) is an independent think-tank and publisher in the field of foreign relations in Argentina. Since its inception in 1978, CARI has provided a nonpartisan forum in Buenos Aires for world leaders, policymakers and experts to discuss issues of international and global significance.
CARI’s proposal consists in deeply studying the main global challenges and the road that Argentina must take in order to face them. For such purpose, major players in the various public and private sectors have the opportunity to establish dialogue with their peers domestically and worldwide on the most relevant international issues for Argentina. CARI produces reliable papers, supplies updated information, conducts pluralistic debates, and provides a forum of discussion to the Argentine society in order to exchange views on the latest developments in the international arena with outstanding personalities both from Argentina and foreign countries.
In its capacity as a private association, CARI finances its activities by resorting to a great variety of public and private sources, individual and institutional members, domestic and foreign funds, mainly NGOs, political foundations, and international organizations.
CARI conducts two types of activities. On the one hand, it holds academic sessions in the form of lectures, seminars, or round tables. These events are announced on our website and participation is open and free of charge.
On the other hand, CARI organizes private activities in the form of Committee meetings or Workshops where participation is restricted to CARI’s members or local and foreign guests who are invited to attend because of their expert knowledge or positions of responsibility. Such type of private events are held under the so-called “non-attribution” rule, best known as Chatham House Rule.
These two local activities are supplemented by several international initiatives of a different kind. 


Instituto de Investigación Ciencias Sociales Universidad Diego Portales // Chile

International Organization for Migration (IOM)//Argentina

Established in 1951, IOM is a Related Organization of the United Nations, and as the leading UN agency in the field of migration, works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants.

Empowering the South American Diaspora as Agents for Sustainable Development. Under the guidance of the Lead Researcher, support the development of a regional analysis of diaspora engagement policies and practices in South America.

Social Impact

AMIA Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina//Argentina

Argentine Israelite Mutual Association: Organization of civil society that brings together the Jewish community of Argentina and aims to maintain and make present Jewish values ​​in the country through the different programs that it implements.

America Solidaria // Peru

América Solidaria works based on the main needs of children and young people on the continent. They promote a network of volunteers working together with the communities to overcome child poverty in America. 


Project 1: Improving Students' Life Skills:
• Deliver workshops for students on life skills through the methodology of “learning-by-doing,” with a component where the participant share lessons with their family and friends.
• Help students develop life plans in coordination with long-term volunteers

Project 2: Promoting Leadership-Oriented Pedagogical Practice
• Deliver workshops for teachers on personal leadership and teaching to promote leadership through the methodology of “learning-by-doing”.
• Help carry out team-building and strategic planning exercises in coordination with long-term volunteers.

Project 3: Strengthening Leadership Practices for Staff and Management
• Deliver motivational and leadership-building exercises to all staff at the different schools.
• Model exercises and strategies for reconnecting with students and their interests Teacher Training and Team Building (1 volunteer, Spanish Required)
• Assist with workshops and activities for teachers to model new methods of increasing their own motivation and energy levels

Project 4: Engage family members in exercises Support for Children’s Activities
• Assist with preparing games and exercises for children with special needs
Project 5: Work with the long-term volunteers on evaluating the success of activities and exercises Translation Spanish-English
• Translate internal and communications documents into students' native languages
Project 6: Production of an English-language institutional brochure for América Solidaria Peru Communications and Social Media
• Manage social networks from content production to the analysis of the interaction with the target audiences of América Solidaria Peru
• Visits to field projects to record photographic, audio-visual records and testimonies
• Produce graphic and audiovisual materials to use in campaigns to be published in the different channels of communication with the different audiences of América Solidaria Peru
• Evaluation of the call for professional volunteers, recommendations to improve the outreach campaign
Project 7: Production of a manual of best practices for América Solidaria Peru Fundraising Support
• Support in the production of América Solidaria Perú Marathon to raise money for projects
• Support in the production of América Solidaria gala to raise money for the execution of projects.
Project 8: Performing arts:
In the creation and development of recreational and artistic programs with children and adolescents from different parts of the country.

Preferred concentrations: psychology, education, sociology, business, communications, graphic design, anything art related
Interest in working with children of all ages, working in a social environment, teaching, languages, multicultural understanding.

Passionate about learning about the Peruvian culture


Ashoka // Mexico

Ashoka identifies and supports the world's leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new paradigms to build a "world in which we are all changemakers."

Internship Description 

Project 1:  
Activating Social Ecosystems in Central America and the Caribbean Project of the Social Ecosystems Department in Ashoka Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. In this project we are looking to map out the current social ecosystem and identify key partners that aligned to Ashoka's vision to create a world in which "Everyones a Changemaker".

- Snowball Mapping with current partners and social entrepreneurs to indentify the current ecosystem of the region

- Identify funding projects to promote social entrepreneurship and Ashoka's vision locally

- Online research of local social entrepreneurs

- Create a visual map of the changemaking hotspots in the region

Project 2: 
Ashoka identifies and supports the world's leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an "everyone a changemaker world." Ashoka also has a global community of committed leaders (called the Ashoka Support Network) who share, support, and advocate for Ashoka’s values and vision, while unleashing their own potential as changemakers.

Please find the ASN brochure here: For more information, please visit

We are looking for a proactive person that would like to support the global team leading the coordination and integration of the staff members that work directly with the Ashoka Support Network in Ashoka. The objective is to interchange best practises among Ashoka colleagues on how to engage and grow the network of business leaders (Ashoka Support Network) worldwide. Among your tasks:

- Support the global ASN Team in their daily work

- Design new engagement paths for ASNs

- Update lists of ASNs in Salesforce

- Create documents incl. powerpoint

- Research of events where potential ASNs could be recruited

Intern Qualifications

- Fluent Spanish required

- Interest in Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Social Ecosystems and Systems Thinking

- Interest in understanding social ecosystems in the region

- This opportunity is focused in Social Studies based students but is open to other academic majors that are interested.

- We are looking for disciplined, and detail oriented individuals that passionate to learn and are active participant in proposing new ideas.

- Diligent.

- Creative

- Proactive

- Likes to promote new ideas and initiatives



Non-profit Civil Association, whose mission is to work with children and adolescents with violated rights, who by court order have been separated from their families. For this purpose, in 2009, we created the Rincón de Nuestro Sueños Coexistence Home, and as of 2021, it has been recognized as specialized in young people suffering from emotional disorders.
Our main characteristic is that those we host are going through particular emotional circumstances, with psychological and psychiatric treatment, which makes it difficult for them to be included in similar devices in Bahía Blanca and the area, working in this way, side by side. with mental health services, being a preventive measure for their care, avoiding hospitalization in a psychiatric institution, or serving as a bridge for those who, having needed some restrictive measure, have obtained a medical discharge, but due to their fragility they do not They are in a position to reintegrate with their family, or with any other device for the protection of rights.


Center for Economics and Social Policy (CEAS) // Chile

The goal of the Center for Economics and Social Policy (CEAS) at the Universidad Mayor is to accomplish rigorous, relevant, and innovative research in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment focusing on pressing matters such as inequality, economic development, and social well-being. Website:

Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social COES // Chile

The organization is the Technological Society and Human Future Center of the Universidad Mayor. The research project is led by Carolina Stefoni and academics from other universities and cities work.


The intern must work on a research project on Venezuelan migration in Chile and Latin America. It is a project in which more than 10 researchers from different universities participate (researchers, master's and doctoral thesis and research assistants) and its objective is to analyze the trajectories and routes of Venezuelan migration in the southern region and the development of the migratory industry . It is a project funded by the national research system (FONDECYT)


Knowledge of the language: average understanding of Spanish.

Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario (CLAYSS) // Argentina

Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario (CLAYSS). CLAYSS promotes service-learning as an innovative pedagogy that employs a holistic approach to encourage the development of relevant competencies. This is a response to both the educational challenges of the 21st century and the needs of local communities. The mission of CLAYSS is to identify and enhance comprehension of regional peculiarities, with the aim of constructing more democratic, just, and egalitarian societies.CLAYSS was created to support students, educators, and community organizations in the development of prosocial educational or service-learning projects. The latter are an opportunity for children and young adults to apply what they learn by serving their communities, and continue to learn throughout the process. Participating in these out-of-school activities allows them to simultaneously acquire new knowledge, explore new topics, and develop skills for life, work, and civic engagement.


Fundación 99 // Chile

Fundación 99. We live in a highly segregated society where our family name, gender, race or birthplace defines a good part of our fate. Inequality gaps are not only significant, but have become extremely polarized, thus increasing the concentration of wealth and social tension. In a world reaching historic levels of development, there is still 800 million people who live with less than 2 dollars a day, 175 million children who do not have access to early education (UNICEF, 2019), and at the pace we are going, we lack 99 years to level the field between women and men in political, social and economic matters (WEF, 2020). This is not about some people winning while many others suffer. We all lose with inequality.  A highly inequal structure prevents social cohesion, increases tension among individuals, makes societies burst and makes sustainable development impossible to build. We believe the best way to achieve sustainable social development is by reducing inequality and we do this by intervening from three specific areas: education, public spaces and infrastructure and local economic development in developing countries. We coordinate these three areas horizontally with gender equity, inclusion and community engagement. In order to do it we focus on the most vulnerable population, particularly in rural areas, where 46% of the world population live today (WB, 2020). 
For us, it is not about the good and the bad, nor that some are the problem and the rest just need a solution. We think both the problem and the solution are part of an indivisible phenomenon to which we all belong and must work collaboratively as a society, so that the 1% concentrating approximately 26% of the world’s wealth understand their responsibility with the remaining 99%. That is how Fundación 99 was born; because we can all build a better society if we have the chance to develop with the qualities and tools we have, however, despite we all have the skills, we do not have the same opportunities.


Fundación 99 is a non-profit organization based in Chile. We are focus in reducing inequality gaps in 3 areas: education, public spaces and infrastructure and local economic development.The intern will be working close to the executive director in the strategic development area. The intern will take leadership in the following products:

Product 1 (20%): Mapping different donors / funding that might be aligned with our goals and describe potential opportunities. In order to set expectations: the delivery can be an Excel with the list of the donors/funds, time, strategic areas, scope.

Product 2: (30%): Review and feedback to our covid strategic plan for 2020 in terms of education.

Product 3 (40%): Elaboration of local economic development plan.

Product 3 (10%): Review (not translate) our English website


1. Language skills: Fluent in Spanish and English
2. Social interests in gender issues, education, local economic development, urbanism and rural areas.
3. Social commitment, non-profit expertise
4. Familiar with social investment, corporate social responsibility.
5. Collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.

Fundacion Convivir // Argentina

Fundacion Convivir is an institution founded on June 27, 1985, to develop its activities on prevention, research, and clinical and community treatment of people who use drugs and face social suffering situations. The institution's lines of action are health, education, and citizenship, and they work from a perspective of promoting rights, taking into account cultural and gender diversity. 

The student will carry out his / her internship sharing the activities of the community devices "Women in movement - MEM" and "Networks in the Community for Social Integration - RCIS". Both are addressed from Community Treatment, a comprehensive approach to various situations of social suffering (problematic use of psychoactive substances, HIV, street situation, violation of rights, etc.). It is made up of a set of actions, instruments, practices and concepts organized in a dynamic whose main objective is to improve living conditions of people, groups, communities and networks that live in contexts of high vulnerability and extreme social exclusion. Addressing situations of social suffering implies transcending disciplinary conceptions, considering local cultures and individual subjectivities, to think about the intervention, no longer in a way exclusive, on populations and individuals, but on systems of relationships, which produce behaviors and cultures that generate suffering. It is based on the implementation of a work methodology, through activities related to prevention, basic care, education, medical, psychological and work resources framed in an articulation of community networks.
MEM is a project that aims to comprehensively address situations of social vulnerability with women living in Villa 21-24 and Núcleo Habitacional Zavaleta (Barracas, City of Buenos Aires - Argentina).
RCIS is a relational device to reduce or eliminate the impact of drug use in the community setting, aimed at the entire community. It takes place in the Rodrigo Bueno neighborhood in Costanera Sur of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires - Argentina, a context of great social vulnerability.


We are a non-profit foundation, whose purpose is to provide an effective solution to the individual who suffers from various severe problems such as addictions and the consequences that they cause. This Community provides assistance in Comprehensive Treatments in Addictions and / or Associated Pathologies, Substance Use Disorders, Abuse and Consumption of Psychoactive Substances, Alcohol and Behavioral Disorders, formed by an interdisciplinary group of professionals highly specialized in addictions, doomed to turn the individual into an active subject and protagonist of his life.

Fundación Paraguaya // Paraguay

Fundación Paraguaya (FP), founded in 1985, is a non-profit organization based in Asunción, Paraguay that has over 450 employees in 25 offices across Paraguay. FP works to achieve its mission “to develop and implement practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions for the elimination of poverty and the creation of a dignified environment for each family,” through extensive community outreach in four main programs: microfinance, entrepreneurial education, self-sustainable high schools, and the Poverty Stoplight program. FP programs have national and international outreach. FP reaches 70,000 microfinance clients, 155,000 people through entrepreneurship education, 122 graduates from self-sustaining schools, and more than 258 organizations and businesses implementing the Poverty Stoplight.

The Poverty Stoplight is a metric and methodology that enables families to assess their levels of poverty and to carry out personalized strategies to overcome their specific deprivations. The Poverty Stoplight defines what it means "not to be poor" across 6 dimensions: Income & Employment, Health & Environment, Housing & Infrastructure, Education & Culture, Organization & Participation, Interiority & Motivation.

The Poverty Stoplight' Research Team is in charge of producing evidence about the methodology and metric. The intern will support the team in developing a strategy and research design for a Return on Investment (ROI) study for the Poverty Stoplight. Hundreds of companies around the world are implementing the Poverty Stoplight. In order to learn more about the Stoplight's impact in the private sector and support the program's scale-up plans, evidence needs to be gathered on the benefits that arise for companies implementing the tool. The intern will work closely with the Poverty Stoplight research team and the Global Poverty Stoplight team on this project.


Grupo Promesa // Mexico

Promesa is a social enterprise focused on developing programs dedicated to transform the environmental culture of Mexico. We achieve this goal through different strategies applied on companies, schools and NGO's.

Internship Description

Environmental: Develop and improve didactic activities for schools and companies online to promote environmental education and awareness.

Global business: Work with the P&L of Promesa for this year and proyections of the next 2 years. IT: Program and make improvements to the online platform of Promesa.

  • Develop one project that can be applied on our network of schools and companies

  • Explore different ways to spread environmental awareness on schools, enterprises and ngo's.

  • Adapt our programs to this after COVID reality

Intern Qualifications

  • Intermediate level of Spanish

  • Passionate about environmental education and awareness

  • Promote positive change

  • Undergraduate or graduate level students

  • Preferrably past experience on environmental field

  • Experience on coding (only for the IT internship)

Makesense // Mexico

Since the beginning of the pandemic we adapted all our formats to virtual events and programs. The intern will be working remotely on two main projects we designed for our online community of citizens, social entrepreneurs and organizations:
1). Makesense TV, online platform for our community to share knowledge and connect around social and environmental issue
2). Re_action, online guided volunteering program to engage citizens to design solutions to the negative consequences of COVID for the most vulnerable populations in Mexico and the region.
Additionally, in Makesense we value curiosity, so the intern can be involved in any other program(s) we will be running during their internship if they wish to.

Internship Responsibiliities:
- Content curation on makesense TV
- Follow-up of speakers and participants in both programs
- Community management and development for both programs
- Support in virtual facilitation for both programs
- Support in partnerships development for both programs

Intern Qualifications: 
- Proactive
- Interested in social and environmental innovation
- Experience using social media and digital platforms
- Intermediate level of Spanish




Field: Social Entrepreneurship, Government, Public Policies.
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred


Repú is a non-profit, nonpartisan, and non-corporate association that relies on data and analysis to invest in qualification, recognition, and network-building for excellent people working within the Brazilian public sector. Our goal is to build capacity and increase effectivity of public services in Brazil.


This internship position is an opportunity for research on government labs/institutions, actions and initiatives aimed at the improvement of public service all around the world. We would like to find the best practices in human resources in governments from other countries, map initiatives and specific public policies that can be replicated by local governments in Brazil, whether at a local, state or federal level. This intern can also get involved in several of the tens of projects that Repú supports in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and all around the world. The interns will be free (and encouraged) to propose ideas and projects to be implemented and/or funded by Repú, as well as partnerships with other organizations and governments all around the world.

Interns will work with desk research; project/program/portfolio management; engagement with international stakeholders to negotiate partnerships and look for opportunities of cooperation; stakeholder mapping and management; strategic planning for a new School/Centre of Governance etc.


Tierra // Mexico

Tierra is a data analysis platform that focuses on mapping crime and violence in Latin America. By helping companies, government, and regular citizens navigate and make more informed decisions about risk, we are trying to help make the world a safer place.

Internship Description

The intern will be working with Tierra's data science team on the development and testing of a machine learning model to predict crime counts in the state of Mexico.

  • Using a published whitepaper as a reference (and with guidance from the Tierra data science team), attempt to replicate results by developing and testing a machine learning model to predict crime counts in the state of Mexico

  • Daily check-ins with the Tierra data science team to discuss progress, obstacles, etc.

Intern Qualifications

  • Required: Proficiency and interest in statistical modeling and machine learning

  • Required: Proficiency in Python

  • Required: Own a computer that runs either macOS or Ubuntu and have a strong internet connection

  • Required: Be based in the United States or Mexico and be comfortable with remote work

  • Preferable: Working proficiency in Spanish preferable but not required

  • Preferable: Final year undergraduate or graduate student

World Justice Project // Mexico

World Justice Project works to promote criminal justice and rule of law reforms in Mexico.

Internship Description

The Criminal Justice Reform Intern (CJRI) is a research assistant position that will mainly focus on carrying out literature review research on comparative international criminal justice policies related to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in diverse countries using official and academic documents. The intern may also evaluate quantitative data derived from government statistics and large-scale surveys on the use of ADRs.

Overall Responsibilities and Expected Results:

  • Carry out literature review research from official and academic documents concerning specific criminal justice policies

Specific Responsibilities and Activities:

  • Review international academic and policy literature regarding criminal justice policies focused on measures that limit or prevent time in prison, such as bail and ADRs. The work will entail: bibliographic searching, compilation, review and synthesis, as well as written and oral communication of main findings.

  • Contribute to identification, selection and presentation of international governmental data to be included in WJP’s compilation indicators on characteristics and performance of criminal justice institutions such as police department and prosecution offices. Expected routine activities

  • Deliver weekly notes on the reviewed literature.

  • Participate in WJP meetings (virtual/electronic/phone): internal general and ad hoc, with government officials and independent experts.

Intern Qualifications

  • Major in a field related to public policy or criminal justice institutions. At least three semesters completed.

  • Excellent reading, strong oral and proficient writing skills.

  • Ability to read and communicate in Spanish is strongly preferred.


A3E Consultora Eléctrica // Chile

Solar energy and panels: Popular electro-mobility powered by solar energy.


Asociacion Sustentar//Argentina

Asociación Civil Sustentar is a Non-Profit Organization working locally and regionally in Latin America and the Caribbean. It gathers a community of independent professionals with a multidisciplinary profile, shared values and common vision. Sustentar specializes in capacity building, technical assistance and strategic coordination between actors to promote comprehensive and sustainable development. 
The mission of Asociacion Civil Sustentar is to promote sustainability, equity and respect for the environment in the process of decision-making, both for the public and private agenda. The vision is to be a leading factor in the contribution of sustainable development in Argentina and Latin America based on a systemic and multidisciplinary approach, promoting synergies with related organizations. 

The work focuses on the areas of Sustainable Development and Climate Change, Sustainable Mobility and Resource Efficiency. Within these areas, it provides technical assistance to government and private sector organizations, participate in regional and international spaces of cooperation and facilitate courses and workshops.

Cascos Verdes // Argentina 

We are a social organization that works for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through environmental education. 

Project: We want to join and apply the United Nations Global Compact Network. And for that purpose we must carry out an investigation of what the conditions and implications are, if there is something that we must incorporate into our management and present the documentation that is required . The project would be led by the Executive Director. 


. Research from the Global Compact website
. Understanding of requirements and conditions
. Project assembly, establishing times and steps
. Application to the global compact
. Tracing




Centro de Estudos em Sustentabilidade - Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Field: Education, Environment, Government, Public Policies, Research, Business
Portuguese Level: Basic Portuguese preferred


The Center for Sustainability Studies (FGVces) of the Business Administration School of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EAESP) bases its activities in formulating and following-up public policies, building tools for self-regulation and the development of strategies for business management towards sustainability, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. This action takes place through: i) formal and informal education; ii) applied research and publications; iii) workshops, debates, mobilizations and public engagement; and iv) communication and exchange of experiences and information that can disseminate concepts and practices around sustainability in all its dimensions.



This internship allows the student to:

i) Integrate a team of researchers who are currently working with climate policies, carbon pricing instruments in Brazil, and communication strategies within the public policy process.

ii) Take part in meetings and working groups, with different stakeholders, discussing pre-compliance strategies and public policy design for climate change in Brazil.

iii) Support the drafting of papers, surveys, reports policy and communication briefs about all stages of policy-making for climate change in a developing country.



Preferably (but, not restricted to) majoring in Economics, Sustainability, Business or Government. Basic Portuguese preferred.

Corporación Amigos de los Parques de la Patagonia // Chile

Amigos de los Parques is a network of people united around the conviction that National Parks are a development option and the soundest conservation strategy for long-term protection of our ecosystem. Parks conserve the biodiversity and landscapes of Chile, are a source of national pride and prosperity, and provide settings for recreation, spiritual renovation and scientific research, stimulating economic dynamism in the areas around them. National Parks connect us to the vitality of the natural world, and their beauty speaks to the plenitude of life, motivating us to reflect upon the harmony between ecology and society. Amigos de los Parques is a network that emerges out of a desire to nurture and build the public value of National Parks and foster the role of civil society in their protection. We believe that a more robust national park system is our best option to conserve our natural heritage, guarantee access to this public good and significantly contribute to the economic development of neighboring communities through conservation-related tourism.

Internship Description

Public Policy. Environmental Philanthropy. The challenges conservation in Chile face include a precarious national budget for park administration and management, tax barriers to philanthropic contributions, and a complex institutional framework. The current regressive and burdensome Chilean tax law is a strong disincentive for environmental philanthropy. Taxes are applied to those who want to make a donation, and there are no tax benefits to encourage charitable giving. On 2019, Amigos de los Parques, with a group of more than 40 NGO’s created the Environmental Philanthropy Network with the aim to magnify the public value of national parks and foster the role of civil society in their protection. Through the support of Weeden Foundation, the Network has achieved its firsts steps and “Advocacy for Environmental Philanthropy Regulations: new challenges” aims to consolidate the Network to conduct technical, legal and political work to establish mechanisms to foster individual donations; allow donors to monitor and manage their donated funds; and communicate the importance and purpose of environmental philanthropy.

What You'll Do

  • Comparative analysis of legal frameworks of incentives for environmental donations, main aspects of different philanthropic cultures. Associated cost or loss of Chile as it does not have an environmental donation law

Intern Qualifications

  • Ideal training in one of these three areas: law, administration and business or public policy

  • Ability to analyze and review data compared 

  • Preferable use of Spanish language

  • Closeness to the international conservation agenda


Being part of an organization that is leading the critical change in expanding conservation, activism and defense of Chile's natural heritage.

Escuela de Construcción en Tierra ECoT // Chile

Escuela de Construcción en Tierra ECoT

It is a non profit organization dedicated to earthen construction and heritage that involves constructive and non material heritage as a part of the Chilean memory, culture and identity.


The inter will be involve in the department of communication, adapting non digital material about Chilean earthen construction and heritage, for the virtual dissemination of them. Intern tasks include:

- Recompilation of information about Chilean earthen construction and heritage.

- Organizing the information

- Proposing different ways and means of virtual dissemination for different expected audience.


A good level of Spanish is required, with some approach to architecture, construction or arts, with some experience in manage virtual platforms such as instagram, facebook and some experience in edition softwares such as InDesign and Photoshop. Initiative, proactive capacity and autonomy are required.

FUNDACIÓN Fuentes de Educación para Integración Social//Argentin

A social organization that works on Education in Sustainable Development (ODS 4.7, Agenda 2030).

Ladera Sur // Chile

Chile's main communication medium on nature and the environment, where it works together with a multidisciplinary group of professionals, NGOs, institutions and companies. Our purpose is to inform, educate and inspire people to provide them with the necessary tools that allow them to make informed decisions and opinions on these issues. We believe that in this way we can make people change factors and thus contribute to the care of our planet.
More information at and @laderasur on social media 

Ladera Sur is a platform about: nature, environment, landscape, science, outdoor life, travel and more. Our purpose is to bring nature closer to people. Here you will find useful and entertaining content, as well as products and services. 


The internship would take place in the Commercial Area where marketing and sales projects are developed. We need someone to do an analysis of the communication distribution channels that the media has and look for possible improvement strategies (eg: each of the social networks, web platform, database, etc). Also an analysis "out", investigating references from similar media in the rest of the world and investigating new areas of content and business. Intern tasks include:

It will depend on the time and the abilities and interests of the student, but their assignments will be part of the following projects:
- Statistics analysis
- Audience analysis of information distribution channels
- Strategies development
- Research of new markets
- Search for references around the world


- Proactive and independent
- With an interest in communications
- That is sociable and knows how to work with people
- Knowledge of excel
- Ideal if you have knowledge in digital marketing

Reporte Social // Argentina

At ReporteSocial we like to present ourselves as a sustainability "think tank" and strategic consultancy that works to inspire transformative business leadership to contribute to a global Sustainable Development agenda. We are a group of young independent professionals passionate about analyzing, studying, creating, and putting to practice ideas, opportunities for improvement, and processes that help manage companies' sustainability. We consider the relevant issues and concerns of their industry, the expectations of its stakeholders, and the local context of the country and region. We do this through three pillars:

  1. Sustainability management in companies: As external corporate sustainability consultants, we work with our clients to incorporate the best sustainable practices in company management, following the most widely used international guidelines and standards.

  2. Research and academic dissemination: We work on research and study of the evolution and impact of sustainability in the world and our country, thus disseminating best practices. We share our classroom experience to integrate responsible management in the education of future and current entrepreneurs.

  3. Dissemination in the media: We publicize the concept, scope, and benefits of corporate sustainability, informing society in general about the progress and changes that this issue is generating in the world and our country. We do it through the "CSR News" Program on Radio Cultura de Buenos Aires, as well as in conferences, articles in newspapers, and magazines.


Urban Planning

Arquitectura 911, S.C. // Mexico

Arquitectura 911, S.C. is an award-winning firm in Mexico City led by two Harvard GSD Graduate working in architectural, urban design and planning projects.

Internship Description 

Our work includes research, cultural, institutional, housing, mobility projects and mixed-use master plans in various cities in Mexico. We don't certainly know in which project the interns will participate, it depends on the projects that we'll be working on by the time the internship stars and we'll make a match with the capacities and interests of the intern. We can a offer a variety of projects in our main 3 departments: architecture, urban planning and mobility. Responsibilities include: 

  • Get involved in the creative process of the project

  • Working with assigned team deadlines and milestones

  • Follow the work schedule to properly accomplish the finish product

  • Communicate the progress with the team 

  • Assist on creating design development or construction documents

  • Investigate different needed information for the project

  • Prepare blueprints, detailed drawings, and scale drawings established with guidance of the team leader or senior architects

  • Prepare project graphics and illustrations 

Intern Qualifications

  • Desirable basic/intermediate level of spanish

  • Undergraduate in Architecture, Urban planning, Masterplanning, Design or relevant field

  • Softwares: AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, Revit

  • Initiative, proactivity, design sensitivity and creativity, excellent communication, passion to learn, positive attitude

Stipend typically offered.

COMPASS // Chile

Compass Group Asset Management: Investment specialists in Latin America

Internship Description

What You’ll Do: 

  • Analysis of the Residential Income Market in Santiago

  • Construction of hedonic rental price models.

  • Real Estate Fund Study

  • Information analysis

  • Search for relevant bibliography

  • Interaction with external entities that provide market information

Design Lab School of Design, Adolfo Ibañez University // Chile

The School of Design of the UAI (Design Lab), contributes a training in applied creativity, unique in Chile and highly innovative in the region. Here you learn by doing, because we believe that our world today requires thinking responsibly and creatively about the way we interact with each other and with the environment, from the extraction, creation and use of resources and materials to the coexistence of our species with other species, in cities and in increasingly fragile and vulnerable natural environments.

Internship Description

  • Research work editing for publication and exhibition at Venice Biennale 2021

  • Production of diagrams and graphics Drawing (vector) editing : Image editing, Text writing, and editing

  • In general, work related to editing research documentation to compile in a publication format. The work is already advanced, and edits must continue editorial direction of previous work

Intern Qualifications

  • Knowledge of Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office is needed, CAD software also desired, preferably Rhino

  • Personality: flexibility to work in a team, proactivity, desire to learn

Fundacion Amulen // Chile

Fundación Amulén is a non-profit organization that focuses on the development of vulnerable communities through clean water, improving lives by better access, use and management of this basic natural resource.

Internship Description

The intern will support with short term tasks that the Research and Proposals Department (R&P) Department require. Some of the tasks expected are listed below:

Benchmark studies:

  • Review novel technology in the WASH ecosystem like treatment plants, water from air production, among others

  • Review methodologies of other NGOs related to community work like diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring, etc.

Data Analysis:

  • Extract data and information from platforms and data base.

Examination of case studies:

  • Review, analysis and comparison between different study cases regarding wash interventions 

Intern Qualifications


  • Interests: Environmental and social problems, poverty reduction, development, sustainable development goals, draught and climate change

  • Computer skills: Spreadsheet, powerpoint, word. Not required but a plus: Geographic Information System, Statistical analysis (R, stata, pyhton tools, etc)

  • Language skills: Intermediate spanish proficiency (reading abilities are the most important)

Ministry of Housing and Urbanism // Chile

The Ministry of Housing and Urbanism (Minvu )'s mission is to contribute to the construction of socially integrated, connected and happier cities; recover environments to transform them into friendly and inclusive spaces; and promote access to adequate housing. The Minvu unites the territory, the cities and the neighborhoods, improving the quality of life of all the people who live in Chile. The Minvu unites the city.


Review international cases of early response of cities to COVID-19, their recovery processes and their impact on urban life. Intern tasks:

Develop a comparative analysis of different areas in which cities are moving forward in their recovery plans and their comparison with Chilean cities.


- Proficiency in English.
- Intermediate level of Spanish.
- Proficiency in statistical analysis and statistical softwares.
- Studies related to social sciences.

Oficina de Resiliencia Urbana (ORU) // Mexico

ORU (Office for Urban Resilience), an urban design and applied research practice that has specialized in resilience and climate-sensitive landscape infrastructures. ORU started operations in 2013, in Mexico City, and is formed by a team with more than ten years of experience in the academic, public and private sectors, as well as in various multilateral organizations. Their collaborative approach brings together high-level professionals in multiple fields of knowledge such as sociology, geography, hydrology, geology, data analysis, resilience and landscape, among others, which has contributed to successfully implement a wide array of urban design projects.

ORU explores the urban-environmental dimension at different scales and contexts. Its specialization has allowed it to contribute to strengthen a culture of multi-scale, multi-temporal and multi-stakeholder planning, obtaining with this the implementation and gradual and progressive development of processes of urban resilience in cities of different scales and complexities, from regions, to small, medium and large cities.

Internship Description

ORU is currently working in multiple projects with multilateral organizations such as the InterAmerican Development Bank or the World Bank. We're also working together with the Government of Mexico City in urban planning, design and resilience. Depending on the expertise of the intern, we will assign her/him to one of our key projects.

Intern will support ORU's development team on analytical research, writing, mapping, data analysis and visualization, urban design, landscape or planning strategies.

Intern Qualifications

  • Collaborative and eager to collaborate with a young team of enthusiastic professionals

  • Excellent written skills (English is excellent as some of our clients are international organizations

  • Spanish is also preferable, but not required).

  • Skills for working on data analysis and urban-territorial diagnostic

  • Design skills either with landscape, urban design or planning focus

  • Mapping and geographical analysis with use of Geographic Information Systems with platforms such as QGIS (geographer or designer)

  • Data analysis with programs such as python, excel or R would be a great fit to our team (economist)

  • Interest or experience in policy making related to climate change and resilience

  • Use of design programs such as Rhino, Adobe Suite is a good fit, but not an impediment

Secretaría Desarrollo Urbano Ciudad de Buenos Aires//Argentina
In the Secretariat of Urban Development, public policies are designed and implemented to improve the quality of life in the City. For this, actions related to the areas of housing, infrastructure and services are planned. Our primary responsibilities are:
Design the policies and implement the plans for urban planning of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
Design and implement policies that, through strategic planning, promote the transformation of urban quality conditions in specific areas of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and that promote the integration of neglected areas.
Develop policies and actions in common with other jurisdictions linked to metropolitan problems, with the intervention of the Ministry of Government.
Implement urban development plans and projects through the concertation of public and private interest.
Understand the planning and design of public policies for habitat and housing, infrastructure and services, in coordination with the competent areas.
Propose the cataloging and develop urban and construction regulations for buildings and areas that deserve patrimonial protection and keep the registry


C Minds // Mexico

C Minds is a women-led action tank that works in the intersection of new technologies, society, and the environment, with a strong focus in Latin America. It achieves this by designing digital policies and ethical frameworks and deploying initiatives that harness artificial intelligence (“AI”) to advance sustainable development goals. C Minds seeks to future-proof communities, governments, and companies in light of the accelerated digital transformation by contributing to more inclusive and human-centered public policy and advancing the debate around ethical tech. This is achieved by collaborating with international organizations and all levels of government, from federal to state and municipal, to co-design and implement pioneering strategies that place people at the center of the conversation.

C Minds is part of the initiative fAIr LAC Jalisco, alongside the Inter American Development Bank (IDB), the Technological Institute of Monterrey (ITESM) and the Government of Jalisco. This initiative seeks to promote the responsible adoption of Artificial Intelligence for social good. At the same time we are part of the regional fAIr LAC initiative, from the IDB, a partnership between the public and private sectors, civil society and academic institutions, designed to influence public policy and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the promotion of the responsible and ethical use of AI. Within the initiative C Minds, through it's AI for Good Policy Lab Area is in charge of documenting and strengthening the methodology of the project, focusing on the ethical adoption of AI based systems, and the adoption of different tools developed by fAIr LAC, as well as producing public policy and data governance recommendations, in close coordination with area specialists, stakeholders and the working group that forms fAIr LAC Jalisco. The intern will take part in researching, documenting and strengthening the different deliverables related to the projects. The specific project will be determined based on the intern’s skills and interests.

More about the AI for Good Policy Lab here:


1. Research in the fields of Ethical AI, Public Policy, Data Governance, Tech for Good and others of interest to the project.

2. Strengthening, translating and coordinating the peer reviewing of different deliverables focused on recommendations on public policy and regulation frameworks.

3. Documenting the challenges and learnings of the different projects within fAIr LAC Jalisco



1. Experience in social development projects involving the application of technology
2. General understanding of AI
3. Background in International Relations, Government, Social Impact or Law
4. Driven and curious
5. Team player

Centro Implementación Políticas Públicas para Equidad//Argentina

CIPPEC is an independent nonprofit organization that works on better building public policies. We promote policies that would make Argentina more developed, more equal, with the same opportunities for all and solid and efficient public institutions. We want a fair, democratic and inclusive society, where everyone has the possibility to grow.

- Technological change, which cannot be taken for granted in the developing world and requires specific policy actions to take place in an extended and inclusive manner.
- Skills which, in emerging societies, require innovative approaches that go beyond the contents of the formal curricula and need to address problems such as infrastructure, teachers’ skills, and financing.
- New forms of work (e.g. platform economies) that require the whole institutional frameworks to be updated to capitalize the benefits and mitigate the risks that are specific to developing countries.

Global Edtech Impact Alliance // Mexico

Global Edtech Impact Alliance is an Education technology ecosystem for LATAM.

Internship Description

Build education projects (consulting, network building, social media, project mgmt, research), responsibilities include:

  • Research

  • Analyze tools for community building

  • Coordinate activities

Intern Qualifications

  • Good communication skills in English and Spanish

  • Research methods

  • Social media

HAL SmartIA // Mexico

Hal Smartia is a professional services boutique firm that identifies solutions through the intersection of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the context of the global data revolution. The goal of the firm is to accelerate the complete integration between society and digital, information and technological tools. To achieve this goal, Hal Smartia develops affordable, sustainable and useful digital platforms and products in several sectors, such as retail, finance, marketing, agriculture, energy, and mobility. The execution of our solutions considers:

  • Use of analytical tools and data exploitation

  • Automation in the production chain

  • Team with technological and innovation capabilities

  • Investments and collaboration with strategic partners

  • Integration between intra-company technology sectors

Internship Description

The intern(s) will work in one or more of the following projects:

  1. Fintech: the intern will develop a low risk trading strategy using novel statistical analysis and other techniques (i.e. artificial intelligence or econometrics) under the Mexican regulatory framework. The intern will also participate in the design of new income sources for the fintech project, which can create long term value.

  2. Mobility: the intern will develop a pricing strategy for a marketplace of inter-city transportation, performing forecasting and data analysis. In addition, he will participate in the design of indicators that are relevant for the transportation suppliers.

  3. Agriculture: the intern will work on satellite image processing of Mexican crops, using machine learning algorithms. The goal is to create a real time tool for small farmers in Mexico that provides key indicators of the evolution of the harvest.

For either of the projects, the intern task are:

  • Data Analysis

  • Application of novel statistical, econometrical, machine learning and economics techniques

  • Participate in meeting with clients and senior partners

  • Prepare research reports

Intern Qualifications

  • Strong mathematical skills

  • Strong programming skills, preferably in Python, R or Java Script

  • English or Spanish

  • Preferred majors: Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Statistics or other scientific major


Center for Research on Science, Technology and Society at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA)

Field: Technology, Government, Research, Economics
Portuguese Level: No Portuguese necessary.

The Center for Research on Science, Technology and Society, as part of Ipea, brings together researchers from different areas of knowledge focused on the study of the impacts of science and technology on society, especially in areas related to health, education and sustainability, and their consequences on the population’s quality of life. Our mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge about the social and economic impacts of the scientific advances and the new technologies, developing public policies capable of amplifying their positive effects on people's lives.



Possible projects:

1. Innovation and productivity: research about the impacts of innovation and new technologies on firm's productivity and growth;

2. Health technologies: studies about precision medicine, AI and other technologies that could be useful to improve health and life expectancy.

Interns would work searching and summarizing databases about new technologies, patents, productivity and any other that could be useful in our research projects. Writing small articles for the Center's webpage and reviewing the literature about science, technology and its impacts on health and productivity.



Student majoring in economy, statistics, social sciences, with interest in studying the effects of new technologies on society. No Portuguese knowledge necessary.




Field: Technology, Engineering

Portuguese Level: No Portuguese Necessary

Founded in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 2015, Poatek is a software engineering boutique that hires the top 1% to build software solutions for our clients. With offices in Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo, Miami and Lisbon, we are well prepared to receive interns from all parts of the world, and as part of your summer job, you will have the opportunity to work on different software projects using cutting edge technologies with a mentor to help you with any questions.



Poatek is a flat organization that allows flexibility when it comes to knowledge areas. The internship will be mainly based in software development with projects in machine Learning, NLP, AI, RPA, Front-end and Back-end.

At Poatek, we will challenge you to:

– Design and program applications for mission-critical systems, delivering high availability and fast solutions.

– Write well-designed, testable, and efficient code in areas such as web and mobile development.

– Contribute to the different phases of the development lifecycle.

– Learn how to use AI and Machine Learning to solve complex problems.



Your qualifications:

– Currently studying Computer Science or other related field.

– Have some experience in designing and developing applications using different back and front-end technologies.

– Drive to learn and investigate new trends and technologies.

– Passion for innovation and software quality.

– Desire to help us to create social and economic impact in Brazil.

– Good communication skills in English; no Portuguese needed!

Yalo // Mexico

At Yalo, we aspire to help major global brands delight more than a billion people each day through the power of instant messaging. We’re focused on emerging markets like Latin America, India and Southeast Asia -- markets in which mobile consumers spend 85% of their time on messaging apps. Now, we’re marrying the omnipresence of messaging with the strength of AI to help businesses know their customers well, engage with them directly, and serve them better than ever before.

Internship Description

We're looking to improve our selection process by creating a new interview structure that reflects modern research on behavioral / performance / visualization type of questions or assessments. This may apply to tech or non-tech roles.

  • Review cutting-edge interview techniques

  • Gather UX (hiring managers) insights - focus groups or surveys

  • Identify which new techniques would make sense to implement

  • Consolidate results of the intervention (small group of hires)

Intern Qualifications

  • Intermediate to advance spanish would be a must (will interact mostly in spanish)

  • Any notion in Human Resources or Talent Acquisition

  • Interest in gathering data and generate insights

  • Highly empathic and willing to interact with business leaders to better understand their talent needs


Contact Rachel Murray-Crawford, Assistant Director of Student Programs