Public Policy and Governance

Thomas  Bossert

Thomas Bossert

Lecturer on Global Health Policy; Director, International Health Systems Program, Department of Global Health and Population

Analysis of Current Chilean Health System Reform

Chile has acted as a leader in the processes of health reform since the 1950’s, when it created the...

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Miho Mazereeuw

Graduate School of Design
Faculty Project: Enlace 27/02 Initiative

Enlace 27/02 Initiative

Harvard has been involved in relief efforts in Chile since a few days following the February 27, 2010 disaster. Harvard...

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Mauricio José Romero

Mauricio José Romero

Santo Domingo Visiting Scholar

Project: Democracy and Variation in Regional Elite's Relationships with the Paramilitary in Colombia

Mauricio Romero is an associate professor at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá (Colombia).... Read more about Mauricio José Romero

Martha Santos

Martha Santos

Santander Visiting Scholar

Project: Engendering Slavery: Enslaved Women, Family, and Agency in the Hinterlands of Northeast Brazil. Ceará, 1813-1884

Martha S. Santos is an...

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