Santander Research Fund for Innovation and Education Systems

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies will award up to 3 competitive faculty grants for research in areas pertaining to innovative models in education, especially those which seek to promote increased access to education for the underserved. Applicants are encouraged towards collaboration with colleagues at other universities within the Santander Universities´ network. Proposals will be considered for awards of up to $20,000.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The applicant must be an Assistant, Associate or full Professor employed full-time by Harvard University in any Harvard Department or School. Applicants from the Harvard Medical School must be an Assistant, Associate or full Professor actively teaching Harvard students at the time of application (undergraduates, GSAS-enrolled Ph.D. students or students enrolled in the two HMS MD programs), and employed by Harvard University. Must be ladder faculty. Final decisions about eligibility will be determined during the review process.

AVAILABILITY OF FUNDING AND REQUIRED REPORTING: The spending period for the Santander Research Fund for Innovation and Education Systems will be from January 1 – December 31, 2019. To comply with Harvard University financial policies, a progress/financial report is required at the midway point of the grant period (June 30,2019) and a final report at the end of the grant period. Grant recipients are required to submit a narrative report (3 pages maximum) and an expense report no later than 45 days after of the conclusion of the project


  1. Application Form (Click or see below)
  2. Abstract (no more than two paragraphs)
  3. Proposal (approximately 750 words)
  4. Detailed Budget (must reflect other sources of funding, if any)
  5. Curriculum Vitae (no more than 5 pages long) for Principal Investigators from Harvard
  6. Letter verifying collaboration from collaborating institution when applicable.

In preparing a proposal, the applicant should remember that DRCLAS is a University-wide center and therefore reviewers may need brief background information to fully appreciate what might be of obvious importance to someone within a particular discipline.

RESTRICTIONS:  Faculty Grants may not be used to cover or supplement faculty salary, research staff salary, student stipends, administrative salaries, indirect costs, or to purchase computer hardware or other office-related equipment. Additional restrictions may apply, at the committee’s discretion.

For questions regarding the application process or the eligibility criteria, please contact Edwin Ortiz, Manager of Academic Services, at (617) 496-1588.

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