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Student Perspectives from the Fall 2015 Cuba Study Abroad Program:


Student Perspectives from Earlier Semesters of the Cuba Study Abroad Program:

Nelia Peña, Social Studies, '12
"I absolutely loved my time in Cuba. I made incredible friends, traveled the island and learned an incredible amount about a life so different from what we experience in the United States. It is not an exaggeration to say that every single day I learned something tangibly new and important, which simply wouldn’t have been possible had I stayed at Harvard." 

Roisin Duffy-Gideon, Social Studies, '12 
"Going to Cuba was truly the best decision I have made at Harvard. I made valuable friendships and took courses we don’t have access to here. And, living in Cuba for four months made me much more flexible, adventurous, and appreciative of all the opportunities I have."

Diane de Gramont, Social Studies, '10 
"Until I heard about the program in Cuba, I didn’t think I would study abroad. I love Harvard. I love my friends... I love my extracurriculars, but nothing could compare to the four months I spent in Havana. I learned much more, both in my classes and outside, than in any other semester, while at the same time having more fun and being much less stressed."

Christina Giordano, Government, '10 
"Studying abroad in Havana was perhaps the best decision of my college career.  Cuba is such a stereotyped country, but there is no better way to even begin to understand Cuba than to actually sleep, eat, breathe and learn there.  It provides a new perspective on the United States, a new perspective on an often misunderstood and confusing country, and a new perspective on your place in it all." 

Harry Rimalower, Visual and Environmental Studies, '10 
"It was unequivocally the greatest intellectual challenge of my life." (Click this link to read Harry Rimalower's entire testimony.)

Morgan Kelly Radford, Social Studies, '09 
"In Cuba, I was the best version of myself that I had ever seen."

Monique Wilson, Social Studies, '09 
"This is the kind of experience you will never get again in your life. To go to Cuba, legally, who knows when that will happen again? Second, to LIVE in Cuba, for four months is probably something you will never ever get the chance to do. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything in this world, so do whatever you have to do and make sure you go."