through the surface of the pages ..: Featuring Brazilian contemporary artists

Curated by Júlio Martins, this exhibition featured the work of Brazilian artists: Amir Brito Cadôr, André Mintz, Berna Reale, Bruno Cançado, Cao Guimaraes, Carolina Cordeiro, Cinthia  Marcelle, Daniela Seixas, Fabio Morais, Gui Castor, Jimson Vilela, João Castilho, Júlia Panadés, Lais Myrrha, Marco Antonio Mota, Marcos Brias, Marilá Dardot, Marina de Botas, Michel Zózimo, Pablo Lobato, Paulo Nazareth, Raquel Stolf, Rivane Neunschwander, Sara Lambranho, Solon Ribeiro, Vitor Butkus, Yuri Firmeza

According to the Argentinean writer Alberto Manguel, the page has a veiled existence-- lost amongst its sisters-- between the covers of a book. Nevertheless, beyond frame or content of what it intends to communicate, the artists’ efforts demonstrate multiple possibilities of unveiling the page as a significant instance.  This exhibition gathered works by Brazilian artists who address the poetic dimensions of the page, in terms of scale of reading and affection and the formal space where the contents and senses are projected. It seems hard to imagine, but pages have preserved most of the stories that we know and manifold information that brings us closer to the world and to our experiences, like a child holding a world map and grasping the Earth’s dimensions in their tiny hands. Pages indeed have the capacity to hold different space-times in themselves and to make them inhabitable to the reader’s perception. The interwoven texts and images are disposed through the surface of the pages and can configure poems, scientific theses, notes, love letters, diary confessions, dictionary entries, musical notations, maps, calendars, and reports; in short, diverse intensities of the language are supported by the pages.  However, the artists’ investments in this support go beyond the page’s function, amplifying and making a page’s material and symbolic attributes relevant.      

Júlio Martins is a curator and an art historian. He is currently the Traveling Curator of Rumos Artes Visuais – 2011-2013, at Instituto Itaú Cultural (São Paulo). From 2008-2011 he was Chief Curator of Inimá de Paula Museum (Belo Horizonte). Since 2003, he collaborates with the Center for Experimentation and Information of Art (CEIA), at the Rijks Akademie Artist’s Initiative (RAIN) in Amsterdam. In 2009, he participated in Programme Courants du Monde at the Maison des Cultures du Monde (Paris). Since 2003, he writes regularly about modern and contemporary art for books, catalogues and publications on art. Selected exhibitions curated by Júlio Martins: "Inimá: um dialeto cromático" - Inimá de Paula; "savoir-forme" - Stéphane Vigny, "Iluminuras" - Marco Antonio Mota, "O que pode a expiração" - Pablo Lobato, "Walking Papers" - Marcos Brias; "Campos da ação noturna" - Carolina Cordeiro. JM lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

This exhibition was made possible by the generous support of the Brazilian Government, the consulate general of Brazil in Boston and the Brillembourg, Brodsky, and Lemann Endowment Funds.